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Anthony Maes - Waregem

by Stefan Mertens





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Waregem: Anthony and Chantal Maes from Waregem…why am I not surprised that this husband-wife combination wins this national victory! That there is more class in the Industrielaan in Waregem is something we've been noticing since a few years now. They got famous thanks to a.o. their flying miracle 'Pappillon' (3002971/13). As a summer youngster 2013 she could only take her chances fully in 2015. And how…In the preparing short distance and middle distance races she already noted down 2 top 100 results (Clermont WVOU: 64th against 8,382b. and Fontenay WVOU: 79th against 9,261b.). But what she managed to pop out of her head was really amazing. In 4 weeks of time this flying miracle managed to celebrate twice a provincial victory and this next to a second and fourteenth place.

  • 17/05/15 Tours provincial 5,697 b.: 2nd (0, 0351%)
  • 30/05/15 Bourges I provincial 2,365 b.: 1st (0, 0423%)
  • 06/06/15 Chateauroux I provincial 3,078 b.: 1st (0, 0325%)
  • 13/06/15 Guéret provincial 1,769 b.: 14th (0,7914%)

When you can experience this in a pigeon career you are on a pink cloud for a while. But then you might realize very quickly that this is really exceptional. This is what Chantal and Anthony realized fully. Agreed, letting 'Pappillon' race further could have made her immortal. But then again, they wouldn't be the first to see a phenomenon die on the fields of honour. Everything was weighed up against each other and a wise decision made it. 'Pappillon' could go to the breeding loft hoping that she would produce even big phenomenon hided up in her genes that could see the day light. 


And yet we can't say that the colony of Chantal and Anthony is based on this one phenomenal performance. There is more than one crack to be found in Waregem. One of these exceptional cracks is "Sero Sero" (3079100/13 – 3rd provincial ace pigeon great middle distance 2015). "Sero Sero" is the living proof that beauty and top performances can be combined perfectly. Read and enjoy his impressive palmaris:

1      National Argenton                  21,644b.    Fastest old and year birds    496 km    2016    
1      National Argenton                     9,255b.    Old
4      National Chateauroux            21,515b.    467 km    2014
28    National Chateauroux          25,126b.    467 km    2016
31    National Argenton                   12,187b.    496 km    2015

Aside these national top ratings this fantastic cock won also next provincial top prizes. And each time on other races than above, so no doubles!! 

3      Provincial Gueret                   1,769b.    515 km    2015
6      Provincial Tours                      1,416b.    435 km    2015
7      Provincial Tours                      5,697b.    435 km    2015
23    Provincial Fonteany              9,261b.    308 km    2015
39    Provincial Argenton              2,644b.    496 km    2016

Father of this amazing bird 'Staf junior' is a son of 'Staf' who crowned himself 3rd provincial ace pigeon middle distance. Mother is 'Katy'. She is an offspring of a very special breeding couple at Anthony and Chantal namely 'Superkweker 806' x 'Sonja'.

The female 'touch' of Chantal

Anthony and Chantal are a very strong duo who aims for the top of Belgian pigeon sport full of passion. In fact, their aiming is being translated in their breeding strategy. Provincial winners are being placed always on the breeding loft. Next to that they search for the best of the best from the greater middle distance in their own region. Standing still is moving backwards, and they don't hear a message in that saying in Waregem. In 2007, after the renovation of their house, Chantal and Anthony started off with this slogan. First in a restored barn, there are several meters of pigeon lofts added. At the moment they have 40 widow cocks and another 20 hens next to them.

Accomplished with the breeders and about 100 youngsters yearly everybody knows that this is a time consuming hobby. This is not evidence anymore, surely not knowing that Anthony runs a wholesale in fruit and vegetables. This means very little leisure.  Luckily Anthony can rely on Chantal who has the pigeon craft I her fingers. Daily Chantal works about five to six hours to have everything in an optimal condition and to give the feathered friends an optimal care. Anthony is Chantal very grateful; it wouldn't be possible without her.

His old strain was formed with pigeons from Jacques Catteeuw - Deerlijk, Andre Debeuf - Woumen, late A. Bouckaert - Gits and from the Gebroeders Lesage - Rumbeke. Since 2007 the loft was being complemented with pigeons from late Roger Degraeve - Voormezele, from Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn - Wortegem-Petegem, from Chris Debacker - Beveren-Leie, from late Frans Parmentier - Wevelgem. Also some pigeons were bought at Gaby Vandenabbeele.

Chantal and Anthony…congratulations with this marvellous national triumph…enjoy it fully!
Stefan Mertens

































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