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Platteeuw - Rumbeke

by Stefan Mertens





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Rumbeke: One who knows Kurt a little bit…just knows! If the weatherman or weather woman forecasts Eastern wind during a weekend with a national race, an unlimited desire starts to come up with this roguish West-Flemish pigeon fancier to basket as much pigeons as possible.  Kurt dares to take some calculated and sometimes uncalculated risks…but the highway to success is also for the daredevils!

Also for Chateauroux he couldn't keep himself calm and basketed with exception of one pigeon with a broken paw, his entire racing team of 190 year birds. In that team of 190 year birds he had no less than 134 late ones from 2015! Yes, you read it correctly…134 late ones who haven't seen a release point from up-close.  Kurt: "I know how it feels to win against thousands of pigeons as we won before the 1st National Gueret (2010) and the 1st National Argenton and I know myself…when the wind is in our favour I want to go for it with my entire team. We know that we took a huge risk in putting these unexperienced pigeons in the race, but seen afterwards we can't complain at all. National against 29,591 year birds we can see our name at the following spots: 1-5-21-47-77-149-217-219-246-288-309-351-378-418-494 and so on… In total we won 46 prizes per ten and 73 prizes per four. For those who are curious about empty boxes…well of the group of late birds 38 were short on Friday evening when we visited him.



Last year, Raf and Kurt sold all their old and year birds. Only the youngsters of 2015 were kept. These were strengthened with a round of late youngsters (bred in September) from Rony Calus (Heist-aan-zee). Kurt tells "guaranteed that no one ever heard of the name Calus, but the man is a real strong fancier to compete with". The round late youngsters got our rings and hereby our national winner "Emmanuelle". "Emmanuelle" (B15-3115969) is a small hen full of character that is raced on total widowhood. Before Chateauroux she went to Arras, Clermont and Fontenay. Normally they had to race more races, but due to the difficult preparing period it wasn't possible.  
As an arrow out of a bow she came out of the right direction, but then she spilled about 2 minutes at the gutter of the loft. These two minutes seemed to last forever. Kurt couldn't tell whether she was especially motivated but when we took a picture of the national winner in her box together with her cock we saw another hen waiting really closely next to the couple in love…who knows there was some jealousy in the game?


Just 3 minutes and 14 seconds after "Emmanuelle" "Elza" flew into the loft. Good for the 5th National. "Elza" is one of the hens who had raced as a youngster and did have the necessary experience.


Kurt still follows his own system as before and the Platteeuw mixture (Van Robaeys) has an important role in it. It is a very oil rich mixture that can be fed royally.
Raf and Kurt, congratulations and see you when you're up for number 4!

Stefan Mertens

































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