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by Stefan Mertens



Gerard & Stefan



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Comb. Reedijk-Jongekrijg from Puttershoek (NL)
National champion young birds!

Seldom seen such a unique conflux between old glories and young blood! Do you think the name 'old glories' for the brothers Janssen from Arendonk badly chosen? The combination Gerard Reedijk- Elly Jongekrijg from Dutch Puttershoek thinks it is!  For every "Janssen"- lover names like; "De Afgekeurde", "Blauw Kweekduifje 77", "Geeloger", "Groten Donkeren", "Klamper", "De Vos", "Jonge Merckx", "De Raket", "Victor" and "Schoon Duivin" sound as music in their ears. The "Janssen" strain lead to miracles in pigeon sport and not only in the past.  When you see the combination Reedijk-Jongekrijg achieving a unique double by becoming national champion youngsters 2015 as well with the nominated as the non-nominated you just must have SUPERB pigeons! The "Janssen"- pigeons were pimped by Gerard Reedijk to a modern version; therefor he crossed this 'historical pigeon strain' with the current dominant strain of the Verkerk-pigeons. Everybody knows that Gerard and Bas Verkerk from Reewijk (NL) have fast pigeons. And as it was a match made in heaven with the 'Janssen' strain is something the competition knew very quickly. The "Verkerk"- pigeons which came to the breeding loft in Puttershoek were the best you could find in Reewijk. This is how offspring of next couples moved to the loft of Gerard and Elly; son "Houdini" x "Kate", daughter "Revenge" x "Diddl", daughter "Olympic Sponge Bob" x "Estelle", son "Bulldozer" x "Zita" and "Adele". Completed with a sniff of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele (through Koen Minderhoud) a 'kind' of pigeons arose who deserve the predicate EXCELENT for sure.

"Bono, NL2411761/99", the pigeon with the golden genes!

Emphasizing on living, I could call "Bono" a living legend! Despite his youthful age of 17 years, he still does what he needs to do on the breeding loft. What an amazing dynasty of winners this bird produced? In almost all the top pigeons from the combination Reedijk-Jongekrijg his pedigree is intertwined. It is "Janssen"- blood above in his pedigree, when you have a closer look you can see that 'Bono' is an inbred to the "Afgekeurde" from the Janssen brothers. The list of successful offspring is becoming a huge register.

Children "Bono"

Le Mans  1st/ 239*
Blois       1st/ 258*
Bourges  8th/ 977
Peronne 15th/5,592

05-1441789, "Gerelly",  G&S Verkerk
Creil          1st/9,187*
Chantilly 18th/6,762
Argenton 49th/6,709

Ablis        1st/  295*
Orleans  10th/1,006
Duffel    26th/3,710

Peronne           17th/3,331
St-Quentin      17th/3,326
Creil               36th/4,587
Bourges NPO 64th/8,579
Morlincourt  10th/1,757

Strombeek  1st/ 304*

Grandchildren "Bono"

06-1112764, "Olympic Danica"    ("Starlight" x "Daldina")
1st Pigeon champion LD Union Hoeksche-Waard '08
3rd Prov  Pigeon champion LD  '08
2nd Category LD Olympiad Dortmund 2009
Bourges       1st/    106*
                    2nd/    725
Blois            3rd/  4,776
Bourges       3rd/  1,153
NPO           44th/12,905
Sezanne      11th/ 1,696
Moeskroen 15th/  2,620
Ablis          19th  /4,277
Creil          20th/16,296

05-1441727, "Akira" (do "Luka" x do "Yara")
Bourges     1st/    218*
                  1st/  1,153*
NPO        14th/12,905
Chantilly   5th/  2,236
Strombeek 19th/3,663
Creil          22nd/  3,659

05-1441774, "Bomberman" (son inbred" Bono" 04-297)
Blois                 1st/ 132*
                         2nd/ 1,002  
Blois NPO        5th/10,927
Creil                  1st/    319*
                          1st/  2,632*
Pommeroeul     3rd/  1,811
Peronne             7th/  1,278
Creil                 8th/  2,492
Mariembourg 19th  /2,608

06-1112899  (daughter inbred "Bono" 04-297)
Harchies          1st/   514*
                        3rd/  4,036
Harchies          3rd/    611 
Peronne         11th/29,149
Peronne         54th/22,662

07-1861292, "Destiny" ( "Starlight" x "Daldina")
Chateauroux               1st/ 120*
                        NPO 13th/8,191  
Creil                          6th/2,664
Moeskroen               12th/2,620
Chantilly                  24th/2,562
Nijvel                       25th/3,396
Pommerouel             36th/4,549
Strombeek                37th/3,743
Blois                         85th/6,814

06-1112714 (do Inteelt "Bono" 04-297)
Bouillon             1st/ 184*
 Creil                 5th/3,659
Peronne            5th/  3,636

07-1861219 (son inbred "Bono"04-299)
Chantilly            1st/ 324*

Pommeroeul    1st/ 513*
Ablis               2nd/  399
Duffel             3rd/  628

07-1861246 (son 05-709 is son "Bono")
Strombeek       1st/ 501*
Chantilly         9th/2,562

08-1583756 (son "Daldina")
2e Pigeon champion Union Hoeksche-Waard
Creil              1st/ 226*
Ablis          14th/2,029
Creil           16th/2,338
Strombeek  21st/4,103

08-1583760 (son 05-5531111 daughter "Bono")
Creil   NPO        3rd/9,977
Strombeek        15th/2,202
Pommeroeul    17th/2,329
Orleans NPO 103rd/12,039

09-1228001, "Butterfly Blue" ("Starlight" x "Daldina")
Blois                  1st/ 132*
                          1st/ 659*
           NPO       8th/6,814  
Peronne             2nd/2,345
Tours                 4th/1,130
Strombeek         6th/3,607
Strombeek         7th/2,197
Nijvel                7th/1,472
Mantes la Jolie 14th/1,552
Creil                 18th/3,549
Pommeroeul    16th/2,172
Strombeek       18th/2,172
Nijvel              39th/4,647
14e Nat ace pigeon middle distance Master Award 2011

09-1228008 (son 05-5531111 daughter "Bono")
Ablis            1st/ 301*

09-1228051 (daughter 05-5531111 daughter "Bono")
Nijvel             1st/ 618*
Fastest Prov     38,057
Creil                4th/1,440
Nijvel              6th/3,396
Peronne           8th/2,827
Nanteuil        16th/3,337
Creil              38th/3,960

09-1228062 (son "Victor" x 04-299 daughter "Bono")
Peronne          1st/ 337*
Pommeroeul  5th/2,476
Creil            12th/2,511
Nijvel          14th/2,421
Strombeek   22nd/4,036
Ablis           19th/1,889

09-1228063 (daughter "Victor" x 04-299 daughter "Bono")
Creil                1st/503*            
Morlincourt     1st/ 341*
Strombeek     25th/4,036

09-1228085 (daughter inbred "Bono" 04-297)
Peronne     1st/ 586*
Nijvel       15th/3,396
Charlons en Campagne 31st/4,322

09-1228126     (daughter 08-745 son "Bono")
Strombeek          1st/ 535*
Strombeek          6st/3,462

10-1724703 ("Luka" x "Irma")
Creil                 1st/ 412*
Morlincourt      3rd/1,941
Strombeek      13th/2,311

10-1724725    (son 05-709 is son "Bono")
Peronne            1st/ 216*

11-1778414 ("Starlight" x "Daldina")
Peronne              1st/ 524*
Pommeroeul     16th/3,119
12e Nat  ace pigeon youngsters Master Award 2011


Greatgrandchildren Bono

06-1112729, "Bumba" ("Shadow" x "Lou Lou")
Blois                1st/ 109*
                        1st/ 980*
          NPO      1st/8,770*
Creil                7th/16,296
Blois  NPO      8th/ 9,545
Mariembourg  5th /2,608
Oudenaarde     6th/ 4,226
Oudenaarde   26th/4,226

06-1112752,  "Sunbeam"
1e Pigeon champion middle distance Union Hoeksche-Waard
Peronne           3rd/45,004
St-Quentin      5th/ 1,134
Peronne          6th/  1,278
Pommeroeul 13th/  1,811
Strombeek    14th/  2,687

06-1112753, "Spyro"
Peronne          1st/ 464*
Vierzon          1st/  160*
Peronne           5th/1,278
Menen           13th/2,620
Peronne         26th/4,443

07-1861268, "Fair Lady" (daughter: "Olympic Danica")
Bourges                   1st/ 101*         
             NPO           9th/ 8,579 
Peronne                    1st/ 491*
                                4th/ 3,505 
Chateauroux NPO 24th/ 8,191
Chantilly                 8th/ 2,562
Orleans                    1st/ 167*
               NPO       61st/10,660 

08-1583676 (from son "Luka")
St-Quentin      1st/  3,326*
 Prov  fastest of 26,744*

08-1583698 (son "Bumba")
Sezanne          1st/ 430*
10-1724696, "Tinka" (son "Victor" x granddaughter "Bono")
Morlincourt           1st/ 393*
                    NPO 5th/9,275  
Pommeroeul         1st/ 493*
Nijvel                   4th/1,268
Peronne                5th/1,797
Creil                   13th/2,641
Morlincourt        14th/2,793
Mantes la Jolie   37th/3,919

10-1724697,  "Tika" (son "Victor" x granddaughter "Bono")
Vierzon                1st/ 212*
Pommeroeul         1st/ 589*
Nijvel                   2nd/4,647
Pommeroeul       13th/3,473
Nanteuil              20th/3,337
Pommeroeul         7th/ 945
15e Nat ace pigeon middle distance Master Award 2011

10-1724749 (daughter "Bumba" x "Fair Lady")
Mantes la Jolie   1st/368*

11-1778518 (grandson inbred "Bono" 04-297)
Strombeek 1st/ 573*

11-1778521 (daughter of son "Victor" x "Butterfly Blue")
Sens    1st/245*


The "Teletext Pair"

This title can be worn by "Starlight 1184211/03" and "Daldina 1441887/05". With FIVE children who made it onto teletext this is more than justified. A Dutch fancier know how hard it is and if it happens with five children from one couple this surely is amazing.

  • "Olympic Danica", 3rd NPO Blois 4,776 b.
  • "Butterfly Blue", 8th NPO Blois 6,814 b.
  • "Yuna", 12th Nat. Châteauroux 13,512 b.
  • "Hopeful", 4th NPO Ruffec 4,133 b.
  • "Isa", 1st NPO Sens 3,109 b.

In the pedigree of this superb couple you will find unavoidable 'Bono' ("Daldina" is a daughter). "Starlight" again is a "Janssen"-product. In fact this couple shows a clear view on how the 'strain' Reedijk-Jongekrijg is built. The best from "Janssen" and always "Bono" is in it somewhere!

Top on speed and long distance

It surely isn't easy to race 'everything', but Gerard and Elly just like to do that. They love the rush of the speed and middle distance races to the kick of the homecoming of a long distance bird. On the breeding loft the two disciplines are separated, 28 breeding couples for the program races and 16 for the long distance. Because the youngsters performed very well last season they have 12 couples more than normal, 43 couples at the moment. They are being raced on total widowhood and race from the first until the very last race. Every week there's a race on the program, weather it is a short or long distance race doesn't make any difference.


Especially the young pigeons had a great season in 2015 with two national titles as a reward. Gerard and Elly breed every year about 150 youngsters. The training of the youngsters is an important chain in the racing system. They are being trained very young, end of April, and are driven a lot. Until the start of the season they are taken away twice a week at about 45km. Once the races with the youngsters started they only have to do this extra flight on Wednesday.
It is remarkable that young pigeons don't be separated and that they are raced on the nest. As long as they don't have a nesting position they train once a day, as soon they have a nest they train in shifts. The cocks train in the morning and the hens in the afternoon. The darkening occurs from end of March until the longest day, from 18h until 8 o'clock.

The system of success

One who needs to fly a lot of kilometres has to be nourished well. During the racing season Gerard's athletes eat a very variated sports mixture. He mixes different brands together; Beyers, Versele-Mariman and Zoontjes. To keep up the necessary fat reserves they give rather a lot of candy. In the evening, after a normal feeding, they get a sized portion candy extra. Aside the normal side products, grit and minerals, they get yeast with amino acids once a week.
Gerard and Elly lean on vet Vincent Schroeder for the medical side; his products are being used as well.

A few nice results


26-07, Peronne  237 km,  2,260 b 27-28-30-38-41-46-48-64-66-71-80-82- … 57/34
01-08, Morlincourt 271 km, 2,510 b 1-2--5-10-11-12-13-14-15-22-23-24-25-29-41-43-64-93-…  57/31pr   
08-08, Nanteuil  322 km, 2,250 b2-6-8-9-14-20-22-31-33-36-37-38-45-51-55-56-57-71-76-93-…   55/38pr    
16-08, Pont st Maxence,  311 km 1,661b 2-4-7-9-10-12-22-23-27-30-34-36-43-48-52-53-60-70-82-87-89-…  57/33pr   
22-08, Pont st Maxence 311 km, 1,619b 8-20-26-45-51-52-84-87-89 …  50/23pr    
29-08, Troyes 391 km, 938 b 1-6-18-19-26-27-58-71-72-74-78-83-99-…    30/14pr     
06-09, Duffel 78 km, 1,255 b1-2-7-15-17-18-21-26-27-28-33-36-40-41-42-49-50-52-61-67-75-80-86-96-…   48/37pr  
Sens 1,099 b1-2-6-16-17-34-36-37-38-57-93-…  48/19pr 

Old birds

Duffel, 4,375 b, 5-6-7-8-9-10-12-27-28-31-42-… 50/44pr
Bourges, 1,358 b, 1-3-4-11-14-27-38-41-49-… 40/31pr
Ruffec, 777 b, 2-4-6-9-19-22-24-34-… 30/19pr

It is obvious that the combination Reedijk-Jongekrijg didn't sit back and relax eight years after achieving the title of 'The best fancier National competition WHZB 2007'. What they perform weakly is of a 'Champion League' level but the best thing for this sympathetic couple is the fact that their friends and top fanciers Gerard and Bas Verkerk do wonderful with their pigeons.

Congratulations for the achieved results and championships.
































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