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Saudoyez - Tertre

by Stefan Mertens





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1st National Argenton 18,363 year birds – Fastest of 31,939 pigeons

Tertre: In the neighbourhood of the better known St. Ghislain is one of the first villages where the pigeons, who fly into the country from a national race, can land on the landing board. If you have an early pigeon clocked as Kevin Saudoyez and see it noted on the registration sites as 1st national, you have to have steel nerves and be able to wait long to make sure this national victory is a fact. Luckily for Kevin no other Argenton racer could beat the speed of his blue hen (B15-1014621) with a distance of 461km she was clocked at 14h 55min and 21 sec., good for an average speed of 1,298.28 m/m … no other of the 31,939 Argenton pigeons did better!

But also the other 12 Saudoyer pigeons that were basketed for Argenton did more than good. Have a look at the national result: 18,363 year birds: 1 (2nd signed) – 40 (1st signed) – 56 and 8 prizes of the 12 per 4 national!

Pure class ….


Kevin: "My national winner went super motivated into the basket. I race my old and year bird hens on total widowhood and on Montluçon her cock died on the field of honour. I looked for a new partner and very exceptional she could mess around for 3 hours with her new love. This had to motivate her extremely well as her arrival was one out of the books…not a cm wrong and no second lost!

SINCE 2008

Pigeon sport was for me and my family a total unknown sport. It was my brother who came home in 2007 with two lost pigeons. In the garden some boards were put together and the first 'pigeon loft' was born. My father told the story to his colleague at work, Derouquiere Olivier, and he gave 6 late youngsters and a sputnik. The pigeon germ could start doing her work.

In 2008 I filled out my first loft list and I got 21 early youngsters from Olivier to race with. I'll never forget my first race…it was St. Quentin and I won immediately the 1st and 2nd prize! That year I got 3 x 1st prizes.
In 2010 the step towards the longer middle distance was taken. The first national race I entered was Bourges. I won the 27th and 64th national with siblings. These two pigeons are the base of my current colony. Reinforcement was looked for and found at a.o. Danny Le Turcq, Damien Baert, Flasche and a few others but especially the input of the pigeons of the Van Gestel brothers was a hit in the rose.


My system is a mixture in between total widowhood and sliding doors. I started of the season 2016 with 36 cocks and 36 hens. The cocks live on a loft with boxes and the hens live on a loft with chapels. A sliding door seperates both parties. Before basketing one week the door is open and the other week it could be kept close. If they do come together they stay together sometimes very long and sometimes very short. We work with a lot of variation.
As well cocks as hens train twice a day for 45 minutes. If necessary the flag is shown. In a matter of feeding I use the mixtures of Colombi (a local producer). In the beginning of the week it is 'depuratif Dussoussoit' (low protein) and the feeding up is done with 'weduwschap Baert'. Side products are being given frequently and are all from the gamma of Beyers. Medically, I trust on vet Van Renterghem. I go on consult every month. Only on his advice a cure is being given or not, but I can say that I had to cure very little this season.

Also about 120 youngsters are weened. They have to get the necessary experience in their birth year. For the hens it is – if possible – four national races and the young cocks have 2 national races on their program.

Kevin… enjoy your national victory and who knows what's coming next…congratulations.

Stefan Mertens



































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