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Team De Jaeger

by Stefan Mertens






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Team De Jaeger Freddy (Knesselare) nested themselves definitely at the top in 2015 with the 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance and several other titles!

We all saw it coming, the trinity from Knesselare worked their way slowly but sure to the national and international top of the pigeon sport. Freddy had proven this more than once in the past with several titles and victories.
But he was looking for something more, for a constant in the results. He wanted to invest time and money in this. Due to some health problems it became harder and harder to take care of the pigeons all by himself so he looked out for help in the daily tasks and looked out to strengthen his loft with other pigeons.
And this is how Team De Jaeger aroused.  Freddy (65 yr.) supervises, coaches, leads and especially enjoys the results. He is the guy that delegates and gives faith and this with his companions Frank Morren (60 yr.) and Marijn Laureyns (53 yr.). Frank makes sure that the administration is kept correctly and helps if necessary with the treatment of the breeding pigeons. And he represents their loft on different events and celebrations. He makes sure that everybody knows their loft and pigeons and is the contact for many within the trio.

Marijn has been the full time loft manager for this colony since a few years now. By attracting Marijn, Freddy assured himself of a manager on a top level. Marijn is no man of words, but of deeds. A lot of experience certificated with a large amount of top achievements that he accomplished in his own loft and especially punctuated with a winners mentality. Knowledge and experience and a lot of mordant united in one person. With result! Marijn functions on his best in lee and takes care on a determined way and with a clear vision for a perfect treatment of the racing team.

The standards are set high

The standard is being set high in Knesselare, not from an eternal endeavour but because they want to have as much fun as possible and to enjoy winning top prices. No effort is being saved to achieve this. They invest in good pigeons, in a beautiful and functional loft and in the best treatment possible.
The team is extensive using about 60 breeding couples whereof a large part can multiply themselves in the breeding boxes using about 210 year birds and old birds (160 widowers and about 50 widow hens) and about 300 young birds. In full season there are about 800 pigeons in Knesselare. A lot, yes, but also the selection is severe here. Everyone takes off with similar chances but a sharp knife makes the selection. With a large racing team like this, they can test and select enough and even then there are a few surprises… The ambition is to shine from 300 km to 1.000 km and therefor they need a broad based team.


Warrior was in 2015 the best long distance pigeon of the country!
With a palmares as his you are worth carrying the name 'Warrior'. A beautiful blue cock born in 2011 (BE11-4096909) was already a decent racer the last few years with a nice palmares, he was an 'October youngster' and lost like this already one year. He is brother of 4th National Bordeaux and had the potential in becoming a top pigeon. But in 2015 he was in an amazing shape and was motivated in a very special way with exceptional results as outcome:

  • 3rd National Jarnac              3,879 b
  • 7th National Libourne          5,024 b
  • 8th National Montauban      3,990 b
  • 3 x top 10 national races
  • 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2015

It was an exceptional season for Warrior who is residing on the breeding loft in Knesselare now.
His genes are made out of other top pigeons:

  • His father is Mr Tulle or the winner of the 1st National Tulle in France. This pigeons has both on fathers- as mothers side the noble blood of Casaert in their veins.
  • His mother is top breeding hen Anja (direct Marcel Aelbrecht – Lebbeke) and is a daughter of father Bak 17 and the strain of the Perpignan. She already became mother of several top birds on the loft of De Jaeger.

Fury gets 2nd in the ace pigeon competition extreme long distance year birds.

Warrior wasn't the only one who scored high, but year bird Fury (BE14-4214432) delivered a top season with achievement of becoming 2nd Ace Pigeon KBDB extreme long distance. He won underneath results:

  • Vierzon      Club        348    17

                                Int.Prov.  3573   187

  • Agen         Club         52     1

                             Prov        611     2
                             Nat.       2767     2

  • Libourne    Club        194     2

                             Prov       1448     3
                             Nat.       5890     7

His origin is likewise top. He is a 100% product of the loft of Marc and Geert Pollin from Snellegem who became the best loft in 2015 of Belgium (and of Europe?) with 4 National victories.

  • His father is the scaled Mortifer or a son of the long distance celebrity Mortifer with on mothers side the Nai – strain.
  • His mother is a daughter Joske (co-breeding Mortifer x Sedna Jos Thoné) coupled to a daughter from Cruyf.

In the ace pigeon rankings he is beaten by New Belgian Pride known as the top year bird from Marc and Geert Pollin….a family party!


A year full of honorary titles and medals!

They didn't get stuck with the two above titles. Logic when a team is in shape and the quality is present; a few other excellent pupils know how to end at the top. This regularity in achievements results also in several titles on national and international level. Underneath an anthology to dazzle:


  • Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old
  • Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance YL

7          Champion Extreme Long Distance YL

  • General champion
  • Champion Extreme Long Distance Old
  • Champion Longer Middle Distance Old


1          General Champion
3          Criterion AZEN
5          All-Round Championship
5          6-days
3          ACE PIGEON  European Championship MIRA


  • Honor Champion Old
  • General Honor Championship


 1         Ace Pigeon (O) Long Distance
 2         Ace Pigeon (YL) Great Long Distance
2          Best Old Pigeon - Great Long Distance (3 races)
6          Best Old Bird - Long Distance - 5 races
8          Ace Pigeon (O) International Races (3 prices)
8          Best Perpignanp Pigeon 2014-2015

IFC 4000

  • National Champion 2015 (10 pig.)
  • General National Champion 2015 (1&2)
  • International Champonship (1&2)
  • International Ace Pigeon (3 races)

6          International Ace Pigeon Barcelona & Perpignan 2015
9          Super trophy International Championship
12        International Championship (10 pig.)


  • Ace Pigeon (O) Extreme Long Distance (3 prices)
  • Ace Pigeon (O) Long Distance (3 prices)


7          Superstar Series Long Distance Belgium
7          International pigeon-competition Long Distance


2          Ace Pigeon Long Distance (O)


1          Ace Pigeon (O) Long Distance
4          Old Birds Mid Fond
6          Fancier of the year
9          Championship Middle Distance YL


1          General Champion
1          Long Distance
3          Long Middle Distance
3         Short Middle Distance

  • Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old
  • Ace Pigeon Speed Youngsters
  • Ace Pigeon Middle Distance
  • Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Old

6          Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young birds


2          Ace Pigeon Old
2          Ace Pigeon Belgian National Long Distance trophy

  • Ace Pigeon Jan Breydel Marathon
  • Ace Pigeon Pieter De Coninck Trophy YL
  • Champion Jan Breydel Marathon Old
  • General Ace pigeon championship O - YL & J
  • Champion Pieter De Coninck Trophy YL


3          General Champion

  • Small long distance
  • Long Distance


4          Great Long Distance
10        Small Long Distance
3          Champions League (O)
10        Champions League (YL)
13        National Marathon


  • Champion YL
  • Champion Mid Fond O & YL
  • International Championship
  • Marathon
  • General Champion


5 Ace Pigeon (O) Long Distance


The base of this success colony heads back to the old race of Freddy De Jaeger where with a lot of top results were set. This strain was complemented with pigeons of former Roger Florizoone, the top purchase from the Tulle (Fr), Marc & Geert Pollin, Jos Thoné, Marcel Aelbrecht, pigeons from Marijn, and not to disdain the super blood of the colony of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem. 

When we visited, Gaby was present and Freddy emphasized the importance of this investment. Years before Freddy headed to Dentergem to get some 'Bliksem-blood' and with very strong results. Additional, this strain crosses in very good with other pigeons what lead in a boost of the results. A few other purchases are being crossed in at the risk that we now forget a few important names….

Some home-garden- and kitchen remedies

We fall in cliché's when asking questions…. There are no secrets according to Freddy, you have good pigeons, you make them healthy, test them and select severely. The difference can be made by getting a true craftsman as Marijn who has that bit sharper observation, motivation, and accompaniment than others have and you become a champion!

  • Veterinary Wim Boddaert does the medical accompaniment and visits (preventative) weekly.
  • The feeding is very important. The main used brands are Versele and Matador but within this range there is a strong variation as the needs of the pigeons. There is a relatively light feeding with heavier feeding the last 5 times.
  • The treatment is punctual, neatly and above all based on a very strong observation of the behaviour of the pigeons in group and individual. Marijn tries to 'read' the teams and pigeons separately and to get out the best of them.
  • They use Sedochol, a lot of tea and a few other known products as side products. But especially observing the health preventative and intervene before it is heavily needed.

Yes, wow, you have to come to a bit from all these results and top achievements. There are too many to sum up in one report. This reportage had the goal to light up the ace pigeons and the broader results in the year rankings from this colony. We are at the front eve of the season of 2016 and are warned, Team De Jaeger will be ready!

































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