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Jos Daans

by Stefan Mertens





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Jos Daans (Schriek) wins with Black Magic Argenton national year birds


One basketed, one shot, one victory

You have to accomplish it, basketing one pigeon and winning the first national. This is what Johny Daans from Schriek did with his Black Magic. This yearling cock with ring number BE15-6071012 left 4,587 year birds behind on the national race from Argenton. He did it at a speed of 1,284.87 meters per minute.

Well yes, it must be said that Black Magic isn't just a pigeon. He is a wonderful pigeon in hand, firmly built, a strong back and a very powerful eye. He has it all to get top results, but in between the possible can and will are a lot of efforts necessary both from pigeon as fancier.

On fathers' side he carries the blood from Frans Vervloesem from Putte x a touch of Heremans-Ceusters in his veins.  His mother is a hen from Frans Wouters from Putte with the blood of the pigeons from Leon Engels (nephew from Jos and Jules). Leon Engels is a neighbour in the best sense of the word and pigeons are being exchanged on a regular base.

With a loving wink to father Jos

With a lot of emotion explains son Johny (46y) that he is taking care of the pigeons. On the 5th of July his father Jos has passed away when he was 76 years old. He was a very perfervid fancier, was still very narrowly involved and passionate about the results from their birds.  Johny still lives in the parental home and the cooperation with father was intense. After the passing away from their mother about three years ago, father Jos suffered a difficult time. He lost his faithful mate which made life for him less rosy. It is so painful that he couldn't experience this wonderful moment of winning a national victory anymore as it would have done loads of good for him.

It is a true hobby, but one with a lot of passion and input

Luckily they are still the bigger part of our pigeon heritage, the true hobby fanciers, the once without the big ambition, but even though very driven. One like them is Johny Daans. Not big, simple and enjoying the true sport.

He has a limited colony of 13 breeding couples and 10 widow cocks at the beginning of the season. This team has been put down to 7 in the meanwhile. About 45 young birds are being bred (from the breeders but also the first round from the widow cocks are being raced) whereof due to the known heavy races about 20 are still on the loft. Where did we hear it before that the losses have an average of 50%?
The focus is on the middle distance and greater middle distance. With a limited team as his he can't afford too many follies. On a very healthy and entirely Eastern directed attic loft, there isn't a lot necessary to keep the pigeons healthy.

The strains from the colony exist out of Frans Wouters from Putte, Leon Engels from Schriek, Alex Dockx and Frans Vervloesem from Putte, all friends from father Jos.

Approach and caring

The pigeons are being fed very well. This doesn't mean that they are being fed heavy, but always enough. There is always some food left over in the troughs. Johny feeds racing mixture from Beyers and before basketing they get candy and peanuts as extra.

On our question how it works with supplements and medical caring, Johny points out in one direction namely to Raf Herbots. He believes and follows blindly the advice of Raf and is utterly satisfied with it. The things I don't know, I don't do and ask for advice to the specialist, is the slogan from Johny!

The birds train twice a day and he likes to keep them as quiet as possible at basketing. That is why he doesn't show their hens but only the motivation of a nest dish is being used.

Black Magic isn't ephemera

It wasn't a lucky shot for the dark chequered top pigeon from Schriek.
Last year he flew a.o.

  • Soissons       20th     611b
  • Soissons       7th      758b
  • Soissons       3rd      385b
  • Soissons       4th      265b
  • Soissons       1st      264b

This year he 'practiced' his form by getting a 250th national spot on Bourges against 10,173b to win the big lottery last Saturday national on Argenton. A genuine top racer!
This is a pigeon that everybody dreams of and one that without a doubt wanted to honour his bosses Jos (posthumously) and Johny.

































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