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De Mesmaeker - St. Ulriks

by Stefan Mertens





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St. Ulriks.Kapelle:  With about 20 provincial victories Clement De Mesmaeker is a fancier with the necessary references on his list of honour. Clement is a fancier who can lead his colony perfectly to the 'high days'. High days of top condition and pigeons in top condition can achieve a lot. This is how he won a month ago (25th of June 2016) the 2nd National Argenton against 13,549 old birds. Beaten with a few seconds of winner Vandenheede Freddy and Jacques (Zingem) against an average speed of 1,270.31m/m while the '156/14' from Clement raced against 1,270.17 m/m home. That Clement was very disappointed was no surprise.

Luckily "Wout" (B14-2160178) has made it all up for Clement with a marvellous victory from Chateauroux and believe it or not but once again this victory was a millimetre sprint.  "Wout" wins with an average speed of 1,299.45m/m while his strongest component, the old bird from Henderickx-VD Bruel, noted a speed of 1,298.05 m/m!


Clement: "I started the season with a group of 30 widow cocks, with 10 year birds and 20 old ones. My widowers live on two lofts and every week one of the two lofts are thrown into the game. Normally I only race them once every fortnight but if it fits into the program or whether the weather conditions allow it, I dare to give those two weeks after each other a national race. You have to feel this as a fancier.

Half December everything was coupled and could raise a couple of youngsters. After that the winter period came. On the 1st of April the hen came back onto the loft, could lay an egg and once the 2nd egg was in the nest dish, everything was taken away and the widowhood started. 

My cocks train twice a day and they get the mixtures of Beyers on the menu. At home coming they get the race mixtures and can eat their belly round. Afterwards this is being switched with the Vandenabeele mixture. The last two feedings they get Super Widowhood. Only when they predict 'heavy weather', the last three feedings are Super Widowhood. The feeding always happens in a mutual trough…see eat is eat.  I also give peanuts the last day before basketing.

In a matter of side products I use Zell-Oxygen (Herbots) + Optima Forma (Vandercruyssen). I also provide them with honey and I prepare with joy fresh tea.

Medically I clear all the pigeons at the start of the season from any diseases. They were cured shortly against Tricho, head disease and coccidiosis. Since then nothing was given anymore seen the good results.

The base of my colony is on one hand my old strain which is based on the pigeons of Lou Wouters ('S Gravenwezel) and Dolf Nevens (Denderleeuw). Then I got some reinforcement from Louis Van den Eynde (Brussegem) and Van Elsacker-Jepsen (Schilde). And the last few years I'm very successful with the pigeons from Deno-Herbots (Leefdaal). They truly gave a boost to the results.


In a matter of motivation, I don't do anything special with the widow cocks. At basketing only the nest dish is being given upside down and that's it. The widow boxes are in a slight U-form so the widow cocks can glimpse in each other's box. This might give some motivation. Also there's a shelf in front of the boxes so they can't only look into each other's box but also run into it easily. The cocks won't lose their box out of sight for half a second because they fear that another cock is going to take it.

Whether the national winner was motivated in a special way? Well…on Wout's loft there were a few cocks that had to stay home and half an hour before basketing I closed the boxes of these homestayers. They only had one option to sit and that was on the shelf in front of the box of the other loft mates. Did 'Wout' found his motivation in this…who knows?


Every year I breed about 100 youngsters for my own use. These are being raced according the system of sliding doors as many do. The hens race the entire national program while I'm more careful with the cocks but if they don't have this one in their wings, I won't panic. I've got enough proof with some top cocks that only raced a few short distance and middle distance races.
Stefan Mertens

































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