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Everaert Frederik - Zwijnaarde


by Stefan Mertens





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Zwijnaarde: We found a very happy Frederik when we went over to congratulate him with his 1st National victory. 'I dreamed about this so often but never thought I would really experience it' were his first words. 'I should win with only 8 seconds difference…it almost can't be any more exiting.'

Indeed, in the category of the year birds we had a millimetre sprint between Frederik Everaert and Bert Vanden Berghe. The national winner from Frederik reached an average speed of 1,265.8037 m/m while the top bird from Bert did 1,265.1152 m/m and was beaten with a few seconds.


Frederik Everaert originates from Aarsele, at the border of East- and West-Flanders. He admits that he had the luck in getting the confidence of some people and to learn a lot from them in a matter of pigeon sport and these are Noël Lippens (Aarsele), Antoine Van Landuyt (Vinkt) and Eric Vermander from Oekene. He could get anything out of these strong colonies and he also got advice on the subject of handling and caring. It is these top strains that make it in Zwijnaarde. Bloodlines that also work very well are these from the family Bourlard (Harveng) and Vandenabeele Gaby (Dentergem).

The former years Frederik already got some nice results in the national rankings just as:

1° General Champion Belgische Verstandhouding – Entente Belge 2012
1° Provincial Champion Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2012 with 1° + 2°
Prize of honour Norman-Vercauteren-Van den Broeke 2012 (B.V.-E.B.)
3° Champion Long distance O-VL 2012
3° Champion Long Distance 'Fondclub Eeklo' 2012
5° Prov Ace bird long distance KBDB 2012
5° Nat Ace bird long distance Belgische Verstandhouding – Entente Belge 2012
1e Interprovincial Blois old birds and so on…


To race pigeons with a very busy butchery isn't evidence. Frederik, 45 years young, awakes every morning at 4 o'clock. He tries to give a correct care to his pigeons during his busy day job.

The colony exists of 21 old birds and 35 year birds. Normally about 100 youngsters are being ringed but last year he had many young cocks and now he has about 15 year birds more than in a normal season. A loft youngster was being sacrificed for the extra year birds and that's why they have about 50 youngsters less in regards of the other years.

The pigeons train twice a day as from the end of May. They have to fly one hour with closed windows and have to go inside afterwards directly (no playing). Before the flying (in the evening) the birds get food so the pigeons train more, according to Frederik.

In the morning they are being fed heavily. They get a mixture of 3 kinds of mixtures (2x Vanrobaeys and 1x Versele). In the evening they get a bit lighter food (Gerry Plus & Beyers Vandenabeele). He took over this feeding system from Noël Lippens.

The day before basketing they get whatever they want in the morning and between 12h and 16h they get Bordeaux corn. They can eat as much as they want. When achievable they fly once more in the evening, just before basketing and get again a sports mixture so they can go into the box well fed.

The hens were shown seldom before basketing. This year they did it again and apparently this was good for their motivation.
Frederik gets his medical advice from Eric Vanmeirhaeghe and Vincent Schröder. Every three weeks they get something against tricho, or the product of Vincent Schroeder of Flagyl. Also so the form drops from Eric Vanmeirhaeghe are being given to the pigeons. Aside that they get Sedechol, liquid brewers' yeast from the Roman brewery and during the winter period  'sulphur flour' on a regular base onto their food. No true panaceas…
The way Frederik talks full of passion about his hobby and the fact that he is very driven, he really loves to do this, and off course the wonderful birds that live there, really stroke us during our visit. Quality makes it on a long term is a quote that he uses for both his butchery and his hobby.


The national winner is a beautiful blue cock. Average type, perfectly built…a pigeon we all like to have in our hands. And if we have a closer look at his pedigree he can't deny being offspring of very successful breeding lines. 

Whether he was motivated in a special way? Frederik 'honestly…I wouldn't know…I didn't do anything special. I often motivated a pigeon before a race but I got always slammed in the face.'

Frederik…congratulations with your 1st national victory!

Stefan Mertens

































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