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Jan & Tom Iwens


by Stefan Mertens





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Jan and Tom Iwens (Sint-Katelijne-Waver) win Argenton National young birds

For many middle distance and greater middle distance racers Argenton national is an important one in their agenda. It is a top race within the national races which grace the months of July and August on the distances between 300 and 600km.

It became a very nice race with a normal course. Finally summer does what it has to do. According to the predicted wind the head prizes would be in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Brabant. When the pigeons came to the north of France, the wind in Belgium was Western wind.

The Akelei in Sint-Katelijne-Waver only had two birds basketed. Jan (61 years old with his birthday on the 12th of August) and his son Tom (32 years old) are fanciers with the small basket who made their first steps towards the middle distance races only a few years now…and what a fantastic result!

With the knowledge and experience of the short distance game

Jan is the son of Albert Iwens from Bonheiden. Albert used to be one of the best short distance racers from the area. That is where Jan learned the tricks of the short distance game and the art of motivation and feeding. He is very proud about his short distance results from the past and illustrates it as follows 'on the short distance races you can win a buck once in a while, I only had to add money 2 years in the 25 years of racing, all the other years I always closed up with a huge profit'.

As Jan is a motivated and passionate fancier, son Tom is it even more. Every spare minute goes to the nursing of the colony and in the racing season he even loses some weight due to the intensity in the way he practises his hobby! It is a true family happening at the Iwens's. Tom lives on a 2 minute bike ride from his parents and can be find more than often on the lofts. With a huge motivation they decided a few years ago to find their luck on the middle distance and greater middle distance races.

The base of their strain who mainly won their stripes on the short distance races from father-grandfather Albert Iwens were being accomplished with birds from top racers out of the neighbourhood namely Vervloesem from Rijmenam and Vaneynde-Goovaerts from Putte. Two top lofts out of the region where everybody knows they have top quality on the lofts. This accomplishment was a hit in the rose. There is also one hen from Jan De Belser that is doing extremely well. And also recently reinforcement was found at Andre Roodhooft, but no results are known yet.

The short distance game taught them how to motivate and feed the pigeons. On the short distance races they fed really light and this was adjusted in function of the extra kilometres. At homecoming the pigeons get ½ diets and ½ moulting mixture n°5 from Vanrobayes (which exists of an important amount of corn). At basketing the pigeons get an extra with garlic oil, brewers 'yeast and some proteins.
Medically everything is being kept very limited. In the early days they cured during 2 days against tricho, this curing globally has been replaced by yellow drops at home coming or the day after. They don't cure against head diseases as their experience is that this is harmful for the form. The attic- and garden lofts are being tested and adjusted thoroughly by now so they don't suffer much from 'thick heads'.

A small basket…full of quality!

It is not large-scaled in Sint Katelijne Waver, at the contrary, everything is manageable and clear.  Quality above quantity! The breeding loft exist of about 18 couples, this season they raced with 9 widow cocks (2 old and 7 year birds) and during the season a severe selection is being made. The youngsters' team exist of 80 young birds where, as with many, had to be dealt with a lot of losses. The intention is, race a small team of hens on widowhood in the season of 2017. A loft (that is now the loft of the 2nd round youngsters) will be foreseen for them.

The winner youngsters national (BE16-6113416) was extremely motivated!

This foul blue chequered hen was extremely motivated. She didn't have that much experience (2 x Quievrain, 2x Noyon, 1 x Souppes and the week before Argenton again Noyon) but nevertheless she left all other young birds national behind her. The youngsters are being raced on sliding doors and last week on the race from Noyon her partner didn't get home on time. In the meantime, fiery as she was, she was made with another cock and didn't give a single glimpse anymore to her former partner. She was madly in love with her new partner and before basketing it was love-pur-sang when they saw each other. Jan and Tom did notice it and they exploited it for 100% in function of the basketing. So she got home as a lightning to get the top podium nationally, again is the proof that the eye of the fancier is very important to get the best out of the pigeons.

Her father is a direct pigeon from Patrick and Rene Vervloesem from Rijmenam out of the strain of Trikkie and the Olympic Flipper. Her mother is a hen out a combination Vaneynde-Goovaerts x Vervloesem.
It doesn't have to be pointed out that this victory gives for both Jan and Tom a very big boost in their motivation. Everybody dreams about a national victory, but in between dream and reality there are a lot of obstacles. And no need to say they enjoy it Sint Katelijne Waver!

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

































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