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Laurent Lefour - Labuisiere



by Stefan Mertens





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The national winner Chateauroux old birds (B15-1072151) hatched last year in a real pigeon family as both Laurent as his wife race pigeons each on their own loft. Not that they don't help each other out taking care of each other pigeons, but a little bit of competition when the birds have to fall isn't that bad to keep the fancier motivated. And the Lefour family has something with Chateauroux…last year the lady of the house (racing with name Deman – Lefour) won the 2nd National Chateauroux against 18,769b old birds. Their 2nd national had an average speed of 1,494.75 m/m, while the 1st national from Van Cleuvenbergen Gerard had a speed of 1,494.88 m/m. That really had to suck losing with 13 m/m…And now Chateauroux anno 2016, clocked at 13h02 for a distance of 429km, had to be very anxious, the minutes/hours before Laurent could be sure about his national victory. Realizing that the north of Antwerp has to race more than 130km further and knowing that the wind was in favour for the back end of Belgium. Nevertheless they did it … the champagne corks could be shot into the steal blue sky…and you know what the best part is of this national victory …the father of this 1st national Chateauroux 2016 is the 2nd national Chateauroux 2015!


Who hasn't been here can hardly believe it but the lofts of Laurent aren't in his backyard. No…via a small road we have to climb rather steeply about 100 meters to get to the lofts of both Laurent and his wife's'. You have to be more than in top condition as a fancier to take care of the birds over here as this road is being taken more than once daily. Also the fodder and baskets full of pigeons have to pass through this 'passing' and speaking of pigeons…they have enough…as they house together about 600 to 700 pigeons.

Their colony is built up through the years with birds from Deno-Herbots, Geenen-Peeters, Roossens Marc, Gaie Gebr., Bourlard and son, Seegmüller Heinz, Derouck Luc, Charles Andre and Nihoul Roland & Guy.


The national Chateauroux winner is called "Bébère". He is a late cock from 2015 but during one the first races of the season of 2016 he stayed behind. He was taken care of by a 'non-pigeon fancier' and luckily this man contacted Laurent to report this 'lost son'.  "Bébère" got a month obligated rest and was raced further onto the small distance races. The week before Chateauroux he raced the national La Souterraine or his first national experience.

Before Chateauroux "Bébère" was being raced onto pecked eggs. 'But' starts Laurent his story 'his nesting position surely wasn't the motivation to get this amazing result. Don't ask me why, but during the entire week there was strife with a blue cock that wanted to get into his box.

"Bébère" was truly furious with this intruder and apparently this anger was converted perfectly into a national victory.' And indeed…even when we went onto the loft to take pictures, this blue loft mate tried more than once to get into the box of "Bébère" to see if he couldn't attack.

"Do you know what I think is great' Laurent continues 'well, our winner is also the second fasted of the entire national platoon. The proof that fanciers who live at the front end of Belgium can win also with a tide south western wind!

Laurent…big congratulations!
Stefan Mertens

































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