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Michel & Didier Debuquois



by Stefan Mertens





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Mr Libourne

Roger Barcelona






























































Michel and Didier Desbuquois, impressive 2016 makes pigeon world shiver!

By Stefan Mertens

In the same breath we talk about 'Barcelona' and 'the Desbuquois brothers'. The list of honour is impressive, the fame even more. As well on their own loft as on other lofts there are amazing Barca racers who managed to end up at the top list of this iconic race. With their 'Roger' Michel and Didier managed their selves in 2006 with the summit of every long distance racer. Willy Verbruggen followed in 2011 with 'Julius', another 100% Desbuquois. But aside this, the list of top prizes is even more grotesque. Nevertheless the two brothers looked out for a new challenge. A few atypical solutions of their beloved Barcaclassic made them think. There has to be more in pigeon sport. A few years ago a new challenge came along, breeding birds that can race from 300km until 1,000km at the top! But just entering a race to play a bit is not their game, they want to win. Winning the 'Entente Belge' is their ultimate goal. The list of honour that they are assembling is showing that this dream is becoming reality within the next few years.

Olympiad giant 'Bolleke Watten Junior'

Their 'Bolleke Watten Junior' (2155132/10) was the start to the top of long distance racing. In 2015 this amazing pigeon succeeded in winning the 1st Olympiad marathon category E Belgium. The bird got a fantastic palmaris, read and enjoy:

  BORDEAUX 2011   808 KM

REG.         6       245 b
PROV.      8       728 b
NAT.     128     6,217b
INT.       177    11,444 b

  • LIMOGES  2012   612 KM.

REG.           11   417 b
PROV.        28  1,008 b
ZON.          98   3,986 b
NAT.        897 13,781 b

  • CAHORS  2012   754 KM.

REG              4    208 b
PROV.          5    701 b
ZONE.       27   2,731 b
NAT.       114   8,348 b

  • SOUILLAC  2012  711 KM

REG.            6     148 b
PROV.         11    647 b
ZONE B       42  2,447 b
NAT.          663 7,760 b

  • PERPIGNAN  2012   918 KM

REG.            2  133 b
PROV.         6   736 b
NAT.         85  6,661 b
INT.        137 16,893 b

  • BOURGES 2013  457  KM

REG.          14   277 b
PROV.       261  1,776 b
ZONE B    502  3,803 b
NAT.      1,935 19,655 b

  • MONTELIMAR 2013 718 KM

REG.           1   132 b
PROV.      10   566 b
ZONE       22  1,752 b
NAT.        78  5,952 b

  • MONTAUBAN 2013  807 KM

REG.           2   112 b
PROV.        3   367 b
ZONE         9  2,016 b
NAT.        28  6,772 b

  • LIBOURNE  2013  755 KM

REG           1   102  b
PROV.       1   545  b
BU     .       1   602  b
ZONE        8   2,215 b
NAT.      103  6,658 b

  • SOUILLAC  2013  711 KM

REG          3    115  b
B.U.          4     348  b
PROV.      4     301  b
ZONE.     22  1,459 b
NAT.     132   5,282  b

  • TULLE     2013    635 KM

REG          33  161 b
B.U.        107   573b
PROV.      90   488 b
ZONE     331  2,271 b
NAT.    1,011  7,350 b


The heritage of this one is one without saying. It is a 100% Limbourg-pigeon who is offspring of 'Bolleke Watten' on fathers' side, an amazing racer on his own who never missed once in his entire career and managed to get into the top 100 national 3 times. He is also father of 'de Libourne' who flew a 14th national on the eponymous race. On mothers' side we see a daughter of 'Lucky 85', the 1st national ace bird KBDB in 2006.

Magical blend of own tribe mixed with the 'Limbourg' strain

This is the first pillar of their success: Erik Limbourg. The input of 'Bolleken Watten', 'Beauty '85', Eagle Eye, 'Lucky 848', … meant all a gigantic hit in the rose. Put the iron strong base of the Desbuquois pigeon with it and you have gold on your loft! 'Roger', 'Julius', 'Maximus', 'Nadal', 'Channel n°5', 'Larisa', ... form the strong holders and are also the red line in their strain. The offspring proved their golden value on Barcelona. Now they also show their breeding value on the present long distance pigeon, where especially there the crossings prove themselves phenomenal. Let us oversee 2016 to show the superiority of their brigade.

2016, grotesque in all its facets!

Michel and Didier work with two pigeon platoons, one for the long distance, the rest go to Barcelona. They race the classic widowhood. End of February the pigeons are being coupled and may  breed. At this very moment the tenors are being trained until about 50 km. When the eggs are being left cold, the hens disappear from the loft and the season can take off. Michel and Didier train their pigeons in 3 weeks to get to Vierzon. 1x Noyon (180km), 1x Soupes-Sur-Loing (320km) and on the third week there's already a Vierzon on the agenda. After this the birds are being raced every fortnight and their matchless season could start off. 18 first prizes, 6 'poulidor' prizes, 5 provincial victories, 1 zonal victory and as cherry on the pie a national palm. Add a third primus inter pares at the Bruges Barcelona club and everybody realizes what a unique season we're talking about.  

'The Bleu Cahors' paves the path...

The first highlight was taking care of by 'The Bleu Cahors' (2237077/14). The birds were released on Friday with a predominant Eastern wind. Everybody could predict the winners to be at the Western side of the country. And this seemed to be true. 'The Bleu Cahors' took care of an amazing performance to clock at 17h52'26". He took the first place locally (1/255b), the first place provincial (1/620b) and the second place zonal against 3,328b. When we have a look at the pedigree we see a first successful product of a combination of Erik Limbourg x brothers Desbuquois. The father is 'Atos', a full brother of Olympiad bird 'Bolleke Watten Junior'. The mother is 'Coco', a daughter of the national Barcelona winner 'Roger'. 'Coco' on her turn has the blood of 'Nadal' and 'Chanel n°5'.

'Maxiem' leader of a super result on Agen

A second highlight followed two weeks later on Agen. Michel and Didier composed an elite team with yearlings and the confidence was big. The quality and form of the birds never has been this good and it became an absolute hit. The first two provincial birds and 6 pigeons against the 18th prize took care of a huge surprise in Flemish-Brabant. National they had the 11th and 19th against 2,932b. Primus of the loft was 'Maxiem' (2060065/15), again a crossing of the two headlines on the loft. Father is 'Mannequin', a full brother of 'Maximus'. 'Maximus' raced extraordinary and managed to get 3 times a spot in the top 50 national on Barcelona and Perpignan. With a 3rd place primus inter pares 'Maximus' had placed the cherry on the pie. The mother of 'Maxiem' has next to the blood of 'Roger', the blood of 'Eagle Eye' running through his veins.

'Lorenzo' and 'Maximus' defy an extremely heavy Barcelona

The week after the kings' race of the year followed, Barcelona. With a delayed releasing and weather and wind that weren't in favour of the pigeons, we got a difficult course. It was very difficult for many birds to reach the home front. Something we had to endure just one more time too much this year. But let's get back to the hunks that weren't impressed by the circumstances. Michel and Didier signed with their 'Maximus' (2155035/10) present for a fifth time already. This took care, as mentioned before, for the 3rd primus inter pares at the Bruges Barcelona club. For the top result they had 'Lorenzo' (2237075/14). With a 16th national against 7,577b he showed himself to be made off the right stuff. And now the proof that we effectively are dealing with all-round pigeons, because the pedigree show once more the magical blend of Limbourg with Desbuquois.  More so, the father of 'Lorenzo' is a half-brother of Olympiad 'Bolleke Watten Junior', with father 'Bolleke Watten'.  Mother is a daughter 'Larisa', a very good long distance racing hen at Michel and Didier.

'Mister Libourne' puts the cherry on the pie.

The moment of the year followed later that day, at 15h48'57" to be exact.  Next to 'Lorenzo' and 'Maximus' two other Barca-guys made it home. But also Libourne was heading home. Suddenly, a red pigeon arose at the horizon with big pulls. As a king he made his round of honour to strike down onto the loft. 'Mister Libourne' (2060093/15) took care of a lot of tension. This had to be at the top of the race as there wasn't a pigeon clocked faster yet. An hour later the relief came…1st national Libourne was theirs to claim! The victory has a history. Seen the weather conditions there was uncertainty about the pigeons being basketed. The form was fantastic, but they didn't want to lose this amazing platoon in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. Finally 6  'foxes' were basketed, it would have been a pity not to race them. A big party followed that Sunday with all the visitors of the day.  Back to the national winner,  'Mister Libourne'. A miracle in your hand, just as many birds at the loft of Michel and Didier, but also one with a fantastic heritage. Let us have a look at the grandparents of this giant. Number one is 'Joost', the giant that took the international victory on Perpignan home at Joost De Smeyter. A giant that turned out to be an amazing breeder as well, witnesses the many offspring. Number two is 'Chenoa', who gave the brothers Bras a 2nd international Olympiad victory with a gigantic palmaris. Number 3 is 'Pedro', who managed to enter the top 30 three years in a row on Pergignan at the brothers Desbuquois and seemed to have the right genes to make it as a wonderful breeder. Number 4 is 'Beauty '85', a miracle breeding hen who is putting as a daughter of 'Lucky 85' one after the other top pigeon onto this world. A mouth-watering pedigree, especially knowing that a brother of this one also took care of many different top 10 national quotations. Actually the season could stop for Michel and Didier after this Libourne. They couldn't do any better than this.

And again there is 'The Bleu Cahors' ...

But that didn't take into account their 'The Bleu Cahors'. After the provincial victory on Cahors he went to Jarnac. And yes, bingo again. Again a provincial victory on the loft in  Kapelle-op-den-Bos and again a party could follow. A hero with a double provincial victory in one year, not everybody can say this. Another 4th zonal against 2,234b and national the 28th against 4,162b will make the statistics of 'The Bleu Cahors' even more impressive.

'Marcius' ends up the season just as it started!

The season was heading to the end and all arrows could be placed onto Perpignan now. A race that followed really smooth with early birds in the entire country. And yes, again Michel and Didier were awake. 'Marcius' (2237216/14) became the fifth provincial pigeon. The final pedal of an impressive trail. Who doubted the knowledge of both brothers was being answered in a phenomenal way.  'Marcius' has again the gold strains of the brothers Desbuquois mixed with the strain of Erik Limbourg.

Caring of a top loft

The quality of birds is of utmost importance, they have to do it. Because when Tom Boonen and Greg Vanavermaet didn't have the class and talent to win, then every care is of inferior importance. But there are some factors who determine the success. First of all there is the food. Since last year they started giving the 'premium' range of Vanrobaeys. A hit in the rose. The feeding can be adjusted with much more finesse onto the needs of the pigeon. The main ingredients are 'Relax' mixture and a few days before basketing 'Dynamiek' mixture. They also use a lot of corn as supplement. Very important for Michel and Didier is that the pigeons stay eager during the feeding. This is a criteria for the feeding. As second factor the introduction of the  'Pro-Bel-Fly'-gamma is being put forward. It was an extra factor in the recuperation of the pigeons that showed a real good result. Thirdly every day fresh grit is given to the pigeons. The mix mixture of Vanrobayes is on the menu every day. And last but not least there's vet Norbert Peeters who is in charge of the medical guidance. Through check-ups he reassures the duo often. Not always there's the need to give something, but control is very important.

On the way towards 2017…

This tested concept is something they want to repeat next year in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. A palm on the 'Entente Belge' (organizer of national races) is the next challenge on the program. It will take extra ordinary results to gain this prestigious title, but the competition has been warned. Michel and Didier already have a leap ahead. With André Moonens on board, the team gets an extra injection of expertise. Especially in a matter of hens they want to make some steps forward. In 2017 they will be armed fully in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. Their vision on pigeon sport is very enlightening and gives the necessary oxygen that our sport dearly needs!

































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