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Teirlinck Filip - Deinze


by Stefan Mertens





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Deinze: When we have a look at the list of honour of the national winners from last Saturday (Limoges and Argenton), we just can't admit that it are all top class pigeons that got the palm. Toppers which can already show a more than impressive palmaris. Also the year bird from Filip Teirlinck – national winner from Argenton – doesn't have to blush when asking about his former results. Underneath the overview:

 2            Fontenay (325km)                           737b.
6             Fontenay                                           752b.
6             Fontenay                                           317b.
11           Vierzon                                              291b.
18           Fontenay                                           249b.
20           Fontenay                                           748b.
34           Chateauroux                                     1,512b.
39           Chateaudun (340km)                      590b.
76           Blois (410km)                                    949b.

And then the past weekend 1st national Argenton against 12,449 year birds and 2nd fastest against more than 21,000 Argenton racers.


Personally I know Filip Teirlinck for almost 20 years and I know that Filip is a nice fancier. He never had a lot of pigeons, not that he didn't wanted to but his selection mark each year was this high that you had to come from a good home to make to the winter. Filip, since a few years on early retirement, has worked his entire life at Versele-Laga. This pigeon food producer has the next slogan since years now 'because quality always wins' and this slogan uses Filip as well on his own pigeon loft. Filip is therefor known as a small but quality colony. A colony built up with pigeons from Vanhauwaert-Claeys (Deinze), Christian Leroy (Astene) and Astere Vergotte (Aalter).
The season was started with a team of 15 widow cocks. They could have an early winter breeding, but no second coupling was done. They normally have the great middle distance races on their program and they are being raced every fortnight. Pigeon sport is a hobby…a hobby to enjoy…a hobby accomplished without too much fantasy.
In a matter of feeding Filip has the utmost confidence in the Versele-Laga mixtures. At home coming they get Super Widowhood Plus. Then he changes onto the protein low mixture Gerry Plus to give them the last days before basketing Super Widowhood Plus again enriched with Energy Plus.

Medically the follow up is done by vet Wim Boddaert. Until now they treated three times individually for tricho and twice during three days against ornithosis.



To get back for a minute to the national winner. This wonderful chequered cock (B15-4236567) counteracts heavy in your hands. A guy that is crazy about his hen as he would do anything to be with her. Filip explains "seen his palmaris as a youngster he already was my favourite on the loft and that this kind of bird wins national makes it complete. I didn't have a look at his pedigree. I was just looking on the internet at the first entrances when suddenly I saw a shadow. I looked up quickly and saw his tail disappearing in the loft. I already won provincial three times, but that I can experience this as well is really unique for my pigeon career. Pigeon sport can be harsh but also so beautiful…"


Filip, a big well-done.

Stefan Mertens

































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