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Van Acker - Oostrozebeke


by Stefan Mertens





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Oostrozebeke: Finally a wonderful weekend for our pigeons and coincidence or not but both on Limoges as on Argenton it weren't the least ones that won the national head prizes. On Limoges II category old birds it is the amazing chequered cock "B14-3122479" from Hubert Vanacker from Oostrozebeke who wins. For a distance of 619km he makes an average speed of 1,405 m/m (the only pigeons who manages to fly above 1,400 m/m) and beats with this the old birds from Van Haverbeke Johny (Maldegem – 1,376.21 m/m) and Schoors-De Waele (1,376.13 m/m)


The "479" isn't a one-day-wonder for sure…no…next top results are to be found on his palmaris: 

1             Argenton national                          6,488 old – fastest of 13,437 (09-07-2016)
1             Argenton provincal                         2,644 old (25-06-2016)
25           Argenton national                          13,629 old
12           Limoges national                            6,272 year birds
5             Chateauroux '16                              400 old
5             Pontoise '14                                     432b.
6             Fontenay '16                                    151b.
11           Fontenay '15                                    205b.
13           Clermont '15                                    227b.

Pure class…that's for sure…and asking whether the "479" was motivated specially was something Hubert couldn't give a straight answer on. "We didn't see anything special" explains Hubert "it isn't that he is the owner of 2 boxes or something like that…no…but maybe something happened on the loft that we didn't see…who knows."

We didn't see his home coming 'live'. We weren't even paying attention when the EC system suddenly alarmed. We first thought it was a late one from Fontenay or Argenton but it was one from Limoges. And you probably can complete the rest of the story yourself.

Passingly told…his full brother lives in a box next to him and was clocked 10 minutes after the "479" and wins the 29th national!


Hubert: "Especially a big thank you to our helper Norbert Vanleuchene. You might not believe it but Norbert is taking care of the pigeons in our family since he was only 15 years old and Norbert is 72 years young by now. First he took care of the pigeons of my father, Remi. But when my father passed away in '88, my mother decided to keep the birds and Norbert stayed also. One year later we won the 1st National Brive youngsters, to bad my father couldn't experience this. When Norbert went on retirement leave, we decided to pull down the lofts behind our house and rebuild them in the garden of Norbert. From then on we race on my name but at the address of Norbert.


Our current bases are the pigeons of my father Remi accomplished with pigeons from Sierens-Vandenbroucke and Eric De Vlaeminck (a.o. a daughter from his famous Barcelona hen). The De Vlaeminck pigeons are pure marathon pigeons, pigeons with an iron character which give in seldom. The Sierens-Vandenbroucke pigeons also have a strong long distance base but have a bit more speed in their wings.

Our racing team exist of 54 widow cocks and about 60 young pigeons first round. We don't race the hens. The old birds can breed about 10 days before the start of the season while the year birds could raise a couple of youngsters during the winter period. The year birds become much more box attached when doing this.

The start of the season was more than substandard. This changed when the temperatures headed towards 20 degrees. The widow cocks started to train much better during the week and also the results could be placed on the table.
In a matter of system you won't find anything special. In a matter of feeding we choose for quality and for us these are the mixtures of Versele-Laga. We manage our loft like many others manage their loft. In a medical way we trust on vet Pascaline Vandenbroucke. Either we go to her on a consult either she pays us a visit at the loft…her advice is being followed blindly. We do work a lot on the natural resistance. This is how the birds are in the open air a lot during winter time.

Hubert and Norbert…congratulations with your 2nd national victory!

Stefan Mertens


































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