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August Verstraete-Adegem


by Stefan Mertens





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Adegem: The last national race of the season 2016 has been raced. At 8h15 the 14,762 youngsters and 2,108 old birds got the green light to race home in ideal circumstances. Despite of the superior number of young birds in Antwerp we didn't have to drive to the province of Antwerp to admire the national winner. No…this one was clocked by August Verstraete from the East-Flanders town Adegem (in between Brugge and Eeklo). His "B16-4126871" was the only bird that raced above 1,500m/m and was flagged as the fastest of 16,870 Chateauroux racers. 


Who enters the garden of August sees immediately that pigeon sport is a pure hobby. August explains: 'Pigeon sport is only a hobby for me…it might sound strange but when I don't have a good result, I won't leave my sleep for it. I'm not that fanatic as some other fanciers. My loft is very simple and I don't bother about all the modern 'caring techniques'. I don't have a computer program to make pedigrees and I still clock by hand. I can assure you…one can still enjoy pigeon sport this way.

My base is mainly my fathers' Gaby Verstraete (Balgerhoeke).  For those who follow the history of Belgian pigeon sports know that my father was a big champion and a lot of fanciers have the pigeons of my father as a base in their colony. I think of top fanciers like team De Jaeger, Maurice Mattheeuws and De Smet Kurt.  I once got some reinforcement about 10 years ago at Filip Herbots. I took a couple of pigeons out of the line of the '155' in my basket and I never regretted it. My national winner even has this line running through his veins.


The national winner Chateauroux "B16-4126871" is of the smaller type. Built firmly, well closed, a strong back and an incredible wringer in the hand. As August didn't darken his youngsters, the '871' lost already a lot of pins. On one side already 6 pins and on the other side 5 pins. "I know this isn't ideal to race a national race' August says 'but as you can see, it is possible. My winner was highly motivated as he had together with his hen a couple of youngsters of about 14 days, yet I noticed that he also had a girlfriend on the side. When I saw that I decided to remove both his beloved hens from the loft and left him behind with the youngsters. The day of basketing I let both hens back onto the loft and the '871' didn't know what to do first. In several corners he crawled away with one or the other hen. According to my opinion he was truly motivated, but that he would do this, I never expected; if I was in on time? Yes…but it was very close. I went quickly to the bakery just before but when heading home I experienced the wind blowing harder than I thought. I was thinking that the birds could make 1,500 m/m with this kind of wind. And calculating fast I realized that the birds had to fall just that moment. I biked a bit faster and when I came in behind the corner of my house, I saw him falling onto the sputnik. And as I don't have an E.C. system, I ran to the loft and I could put the gummi in at 13h50 and 49 seconds. Seen afterwards, the clocking of my life!


A system 'I don't really have one' answers August 'I bred about 40 youngsters. These aren't being raced on sliding doors, but on a nest position. If the weather is fine, they go to Mouscron in 3 times and then towards Arras. I don't do an extra training during the week.

In a matter of caring you won't get any wiser. At home coming they get one day Diet mixture and the rest of the week they get a moulting mixture. About a month ago the youngsters suffered a lot from wet eyes and I went to the waiting room from Wim Boddaert (Oostkamp). I cured during 5 days for airway infection and that was it on a medical base. Or no…the Monday before basketing for Chateauroux I gave them a pill against trichomonas.

August…congratulations with this nice victory!

































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