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  News >1st National LA Souterraine Young Birds - Wim De Troy





Wim De Troy

by Stefan Mertens





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A week later as planned, La Souterraine National was being released; this appeared to be a good decision! We are already at the beginning of September nevertheless more than 16,000 young birds came at the start of this national race. Saturday at 08h30 they were being released for a race of about 600km with a backwind that would let the first pigeons arrive in the middle part or more Eastern part of the country. The winner 6020016/2016 is a blue hen that has it all what it needs to have in a matter of model and wing. This hen belongs to Wim De Troy from Berlaar, Antwerp. The area where many top fanciers live close to each other and if you can add a national victory over here onto your already long palmaris is fantastic. For Wim and his wife Marianne this isn't an ephemera, they already won more than one national ace bird on the middle distance and the greater middle distance and even became in 2013 2nd National Champion KBDB youngsters. A national victory had already passed more than once very closely with a 3 Nat Limoges, 3 Nat Chateauroux and a 9 Nat Nevers but this one is really the cherry on the pie.

In total Wim entered 65 young birds and clocked 32 of them provincial which will be nationally also 32 or even more.

La Souterraine 395 youngster club: 1,4,13,14,17,18,19,21,26,27,32,33,35,37,38,… 30/65
La Souterraine Provincial 2,248 youngsters :

System young birds

The goal with the youngsters is always to race them nationally. The entire team, with exception of a few of them, raced both Bourges as Argenton and were being prepared for La Souterraine.
In spring they were being darkened as from March until the middle of June. As from the moment the national races started, I started to enlighten them but only until 22h30 in the evening and I keep up this system until the end of the season. The national winner had thrown 4 pins until now.

The pigeons train once daily, but I always change the ones that have to come out first. One day I train the cocks and the other day the hens.

Before the national races they already had some kilometres in their wings, this is how they flew 2x Quievrain, 3x Noyon and 2x a middle distance race. Afterwards they raced Bourges and Argenton and the week after Nevers they got some rest in the competition but I drove them myself a few times to Ittre. Last week due to the cancellation of La Souterraine they did a Noyon race.

The pigeons stay together until the middle distance races. From then on they are being raced onto sliding doors and come together on the day of basketing for about 1,5h but always already at noon. This is how I can separate them again before basketing so they can eat thoroughly. At homecoming, they can stay together until the day after.

6020016/2016 Blue hen

Clocked Time: 15:22:22
Distance: 589.197 km
Average Speed: 1,428.81 m/min

Father 6026038/2014 Son best breeding couple

Gr.F. 6176863/2008 Super breeder Jozef Goovaerts
      Vader van 37 Nat Bourges   17,138b
                58 Nat Bourges   24,676b
                61 Nat Montlucon 17,865b
      Son of "487/02" Blue 487b x "893/04" Daughter
      Dikke 1 S. Nat Chateauroux 13,285b J & J Engels

Gr.M. 6374790/2008 Manuella
      Sister "Marianne" 2 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 2007
      Won 12 Nat (z) Montlucon 4,106b, 37 Nat (z) Poitiers 
      2,108b, 75 Nat Tours 24,097b, 109 Nat Montlucon 21,827b
      Daughter of "833/04" Son Vrome x "880/04" Blue

Mother 6022780/2014 Blue Direct Jos & Jules Engels

Gr.F. 6154779/2006 Son Marieke J & J Engels
      Son of "734/99" Father Argenton and son 178/94 x
      "558/01" Marieke 1 Olympiad Bird Cat.B Lievin 2003

Gr.M. 6166273/2010 Daughter As J & J Engels
      Daughter of "676/06" Den As 5 Nat Ace bird LD KBDB 2009
      x "559/06" Double Provincial won 1 Prov Le Mans 3,360b


The pigeons get the day after homecoming 50% Flight and 50% Super Diet. The next day I feed them 100% Flight (own mixture) and the last 2 day I feed them with 50% Flight together with 50% Turbo Energy.  

At homecoming there are always electrolytes in the drinking water and during the week I give them 1x Sedochol and 1x Vitamins. I cure every month against tricho and against head diseases I gave them for the first time this season something a fortnight ago.

Wim & Marianne, a big congratulation with this beautiful victory.
































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