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Yvan Stockmans (Lummen)


by Stefan Mertens





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Yvan Stockmans (Lummen) wins 1st national Argenton old birds and gets his 4th national victory!

Would you get used to winning a national race? We don't think so, the kick of the victory, the feeling of beating the entire platoon. In the middle of the euphoria of the Olympic games in Rio we also can see how incredible happy the winners are.  

Yvan wins his 4th national trophy

Yvan is 59 years old and got his 4th national victory out of his pigeon fanciers' career with the 1st national on Argenton old birds. He won with a speed of 1,281.99 meter per minute against all 3,118 participating pigeons.
He has already won :

  • Argenton 1st national 2001
  • Argenton 1st national 2001
  • Chateauroux 1st national 2015

He wins again the 1st national on Argenton. His love for the races up to 600km can be figured out according the above palmaris.

A true specialist with a lot of finesse

You don't have to teach him the tricks anymore; Yvan knows very well how he can bring his team into a top condition. He takes care of the entire handling and there isn't a lot he didn't notice. He manages to motivate his team for the national races like Chateauroux, Bourges, and Argenton and so on next to a big amount of head prizes on the middle distance yearly.

His colony exist of about 20 breeding couples, 60 to 70 old and yearling birds (cocks and hens together) and started off with 90 youngsters (whereof about 50 are being trained, also a lot of losses to be found here due to the precarious weather and race courses). He only has left 4 youngsters from his first round of 35….

At the beginning of the season every single pigeon from the widowers loft has to race, both cocks as hens. As the season heads along, Yvan starts to make a selection in who can stay home or not and who can be at the head of the race within the racing team.

The preparation for the national races goes as follows:
At home coming diet (on Saturday and Sunday)

On Monday Sport

On Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday again diet
The 2nd week adjustments are being made according the expected race and the pigeons will get some small seeds and flower seeds added to the sport mixture.

Vitamins are being given as well as Optimix and sheep fat from Herbots during 3 days.

They never cure blindly. Before the season the vet is being consulted and during the season a regular check is being made.
The BE5005701-12: 1st national against 3,118 old birds
This nice dark chequered hen was motivated extra by Yvan; he let them overbreed for a while and gave them a youngster of about 6 or 7 days. Apparently this childcare had given her really 'wings', so she left every pigeon in the category of old birds behind.  

Her father is the grandson of the 1st National Argenton who is also the half-brother of the 1st national ace bird 2003. This cock has been crossed in with a hen that flew the 1st provincial Vichy and the 1st provincial La Soutteraine. Her bloodlines are a crossing of Schroyen-Henderix and Oliviers-Devos.

Her mother is a direct hen from the loft of Oliviers-Devos from Kumtich and is a real long distance hen from origin.

In the bloodlines of Yvan we can also find indirectly a lot of the golden blood of Dirk Van Dyck. This is a blood strain that has given a lot of top results on different lofts.

Yvan can put another nice pearl onto his already richly filled crown with this victory, 4 national victories and loads of provincial and regional victories. We can expect him even more at the head of the results in the coming nationals which are his favourite field of action!


































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