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Hugo Vlaeminck



by Stefan Mertens





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Hugo in Action

General Provincial Champion East-Flanders 2016


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Golden Ring 2016

Top Widower Kleine Blauwe































































Hugo Vlaeminck, Rupelmonde:
and again
 1st National Champion Greater Middle Distance K.B.D.B!


I was looking for a suitable title for this article. Finally I just placed the words 'and again' for the won championship title. Because how can you describe someone who has won in 4 years of time; twice 1st champion of Belgium, a 1st National Chateauroux and twenty-two (22!!!) provincial / zonal victories?

Superior, grandmaster, out-standing, best of the best,
It is all suitable for THE current star from the East-Flanders; Hugo Vlaeminck from Rupelmonde. After he raced himself in the picture in 2012 for a first time (1st Provincial Montluçon) the tsunami of successes didn't stop anymore. The wave named 'Vlaeminck' flooded first his own province to take over the rest of the country afterwards. The very first national title came in 2013, when he was countries' best great middle distance racer in the category year birds. In 2016 the feat of arms is set again, this time with the old birds.

Golden genes

For many East-Flanders middle distance fanciers this isn't a surprise. Before Hugo went to concur the great middle distance he already was at the top for years, at the back then, very famous shorter middle distance. With these top pigeons as a base he made the successful switch. You can discover in all his cracks the same ancestors. This 'Ronaldo' won next to the many head prizes three times 1st Provincial. But apparently he wasn't only an amazing racer. Also as a breeding bird he proved to have golden genes. When you have a look at his pedigree you won't be surprised. The 'Ronaldo' his father is a son of the Olympiad bird at the Herbots bros. 'Olympiade' (Soontjes-blood). The mother was directly, and an even legendary, Romain Legiest from Oostakker. This hen is mother of several first prize winners; in her pedigree you can find 'Fienneke' from Flor Vervoort (who doesn't know this top hen?). Afterwards the famous Leo Heremans pigeons were brought in. And in the meanwhile the offspring of the Leo Heremans – pigeons flooded the airspace in Rupelmonde. Especially the strain from the 'Olympiade', the 'Jan' and 'Super Leo' are taking care of some fireworks with amongst other the 1st National Chateauroux '13 and the two stars for the national championship; "Sagan" and "Kleine Blauwe".

The cocks are still the strong sexes in Rupelmonde

Modern successes achieved with the old-fashioned widowhood-system! Indeed, in a pigeon sport where the ladies keep up with the guys without any fuzz and even fly ahead, the cocks from Hugo Vlaeminck keep on standing. In 2016 there were, just as the years before, 24 widow cocks ready at the start of the season. After some preparing flights from Quièvrain, Noyon and Souppes they were ready for the great middle distance program. The first goal was national Bourges. Despite the spotless preparation and the marvellous result this race wasn't celebrated exuberantly. Several pigeons were left behind with a real top pigeon and some promising birds.

After the successful season of 2015 the widow cocks could breed after the season for ten days. Afterwards they moved to a loft with more sunlight, so a warmer loft. On this kind of loft it is good housing what eventually leads into an easy moulting period. Beginning of November they go back to their known spot.  About ten days before a new platoon of year birds got their spot on the widower's loft. They can choose a spot from the left over boxes. Three weeks later, as well the old as the year birds, will get their partner and can raise a couple of youngsters. A second breeding period is being avoided. The spring coupling is done at the 20th of March; the widowers can only breed for about 5 days.

From December on the cocks (possibly together with their hen) will come out three times a week. They train twice a day once the season (April) gets closer. Not obligatory and the windows are closed during the training. Nevertheless most fanciers don't show their hens anymore before basketing, this happens at the Vlaeminck loft every week. Even 'getting it on' is being allowed.

What is on the menu for these winners?

You'd better not change a success formula. That is why Hugo has been using the same feeding system for years now. He gets his food at the firm Van Camp from Boechout. The cocks 'have to' race three weeks after each other a great middle distance race. Because this is a very heavy schedule, the reserve tank can't dry out. That's why they get from home coming on 'Super 4' (a sports mixture with 4 kinds of corn added with a sniff of fat 'super diet' mixture and some peanuts). The last feedings are being complemented with a large amount of 'Energy Boost' (Van Camp). During the resting weekend (so the fourth weekend) they get 100% purifying food.

During the entire year they get on a regular base brewers 'yeast, the food is being moisturized with garlic oil or Sedochol.  Aside that apple vinegar, electrolytes (Natural) and Zell Oxygen (Herbots) are the most favourite side products.

The medical side

Before the start of the racing season Hugo goes to vet Patrick Corrijn from Sint-Niklaas for a check-up. Despite the fact that these check-ups are good most of the times, they get a five-day cure against trichomonas and afterwards five more days Soludox. Eventual trichomonas infections during the racing season are being stopped by giving a tricho-pill. During the wet and difficult season in 2016 they got three times a three day cure of Soludox. To avoid problems in the moulting season the widow cocks get another five day cure against trichomonas. Giving them a cure or vaccinating them against paratyphus isn't applicable.

Young pigeons

Also a champion as Hugo Vlaeminck has problems with young birds. Also he doesn't know why so many youngsters get lost. He bred about 60 youngsters where off half of them were already lost before the season started. This is due to the daily training sessions and the strict selection by Hugo. At basketing of the first national race there were only 21 sent off to Bourges.
At weaning both sexes come together on one loft. Mostly after 2 times Noyon they are being separated and the sliding door system is being used. The youngsters are being darkened in a traditional way. As they always keep on training very well during the busy period of the nationals, he doesn't plan in any extra training flights.

4008168/16; Winner of the "Golden Ring" from Waasland 2016

At the end of 2015 a small disaster occurred on the loft. A stone marten killed several hens in the aviary. The animal did so many harm that Hugo had several hens short at the end of the season so he had to go look for 'fresh blood'. He found some at sport friend Roger Debusschere from Lokeren. Hugo bought amongst other a daughter from his top breeder the "Maurice" (strain; Gaby Vandenabeele x "Molleke" Rik Cools). Coupled to 4038442/12 (nestbrother "Asduifje"; 4th Prov. Acebird), this new blood immediately gave something superb. With a coefficient of 0.66% over three races the new top hen won the 'Golden Ring' from Waasland.


 Her provincial palmares

  • Blois, 10th/4,406b.
  • La Souterraine, 1st/4,390b. (also 5th National of 16,613b.)
  • Chateauroux, 16th/3,788b.


"Sagan" and the "Kleine Blauwe"

These two top widow cocks are mainly responsible for winning the prestigious KBDB-title on the great middle distance. Over five national races the 'Vlaeminck-team' gained a perfect 10 out of 10. With the sharp coefficient of 30.16% Hugo shares the national stage with the brothers Gaie from La Bouverie who became second with 35.37%. Third place is for Michel and Gunther Eyletten from Diest (37.00%).
A good start is half the work…that is what these two top pigeons must have thought. During the very beginning of the season (17th of April) 'Sagan' and 'Kleine Blauwe' gave an obvious sign with their ambition for the coming racing season. On their first 'official' duty (Noyon) they were immediately present. They got the 1st and 3rd spot against 398 birds; Hugo immediately knew that the form was at the right stage.  

10th National Ace bird GMD; "Sagan"; 4069490/14

'Sagan' is a son of a brother of Hugo's base pigeon 'Ronaldo'. Just as his legendary brother, "Blauw Witkop 567/09" was also a phenomenal racer. Coupled to a 'Daughter Surprise' (the best of Leo Heremans) he took care of an amazing son; 'Sagan'! In 2016 he raced a.o. 1st Noyon 398b, 5th Nat Z Chateauroux 6,692b, 5th Prov. La Souterraine 1,381b, 2nd Souppes 470b, and 10th Prov. Bourges 2,392b….

13th National Ace bird GMD GHF; "Kleine Blauwe"; 4062398/14

The "Kleine Blauwe" was predestined to become a top pigeon. With parents like his you have to shine. His father is 'Tom', 1st Ace bird C.H.W. and full brother of the 1st national Chateauroux. The mother was one of the co-winners of the 3rd place in the national championship short middle distance KBDB youngsters in 2011. She raced 1st against 1,091b on Angerville (4 minutes ahead!). The "Kleine Blauwe" won this year three times  top 10 provincial; 5th Chateauroux 5,877b., 4th Bourges 2,392b. and 7th Bourges 4,032b.

A lot of highlights in a very short period

  • 1st National Champion K.B.D.B GMD old 2016
  • 1st General Champion K.B.D.B East-Flanders 2016
  • 1st National Chateauroux 20,163 yb 2013
  • 1st National Champion K.B.D.B GMD yb 2013
  • 2nd National Poitiers 14,094 yb 2014
  • 2nd National Bourges 8,008 old 2014
  • 1st Nat. Zone B1 Chateauroux 3,553 yb 2013
  • 1st  Nat. Zone B1 Poitiers 2,628 yb 2014
  • 1st  Nat. Zone B1 Guêret 1,101 old 2014
  • 1st  Nat. Zone B1 Guêret 1,719 yb 2014
  • 1st  Nat. Zone B1 Bourges 1,193 old 2014
  • 1st  Nat. Zone B1 La Souterraine 2,705 y 2014
  • 1st  Nat. Zone B1 Châteauroux 3,045 old 2015
  • 1st  Prov. La Souterraine 4,390 y 2016
  • 1st  Prov. Montlucon 5,335 yb 2012
  • 1st  Prov. Chateauroux 4,657 yb 2013
  • 1st  Prov. Montlucon 4,817 yb 2013
  • 1st  Prov. Argenton 3,161 old 2013
  • 1st  Prov. Poitiers 4,093 yb 2014
  • 1st  Prov. Bourges 1,150 old 2014
  • 1st  Prov. La Souterraine 4,250 y 2014
  • 1st  Prov. La Souterraine 1,873 y 2014
  • 1st  Prov. Chateauroux 5,865 yb 2015
  • 1st Prov. Gueret 2,829 old 2015
  • 1st  Prov. Châteauroux 2,202 old 2015

Some results 2016

17/4/16, Noyon, 185 km

397 old, 1-3-6-7-25-27….8/10

515 yb, 2-6-10-18-77-79….8/10

14/5/16, Souppes Sur loing, 346 km

477 old, 2-6-8-12-35-37-42…..7/12

536 yb, 7-34-35-39-55-67-71-75-89…11/14

28/5/16, Bourges, 469 km

388 old, 2-3-5-10…6/10

494 yb, 2-4-8-9-10-24-27-46…8/14

4,037 old Prov, 7-10-17-59-170….6/10

4,619 yb Prov, 26-42-52-55-57-187-202-319…8/14

10/06/16, Chateauroux, 515 km

470 old, 1-9-18-31-55…6/7

672 yb, 6-7-12-18-42-66…8/13

6,692 old Nat.zone, 5-57-115-214-426-990….7/7

8,663 yb Nat.zone, 34-44-75-133-299-534…8/13

19/6/16, Montlucon, 546 km

157 old, 6-7-11-12-26…5/7

9,462 old National, 107-116-192-206-669…5/7

3/7/16, La Souterraine, 581 km

115 old, 1-6-25-35-37…5/7

9/7/16, Argenton, 544 km

138 old, 7-12-14…4/9

206 yb, 2-5-53-54-56-60..7/9

16/7/16, Châteauroux, 515 km

81 old, 7-12-13-16-18-23   6/6

173 yb, 8-10-11-13-22-26…6/7

30/7/16, Blois, 449 km

370 y, 1-4-6-13-34-70…7/11

4,406 y Prov, 3-10-13-101…7/11

6/8/16, Bourges, 469 km

202 yb, 3-5  2/3

611 y, 2-4-5-7-10-14-25-27-44-56….17/21

6,736 y Prov, 7-23-27-33-42-56-102-106-219-223….16/21

13/8/16, Argenton, 544 km

336 y, 1-2-3-8-9-10-12-13-21-32….13/22

4,235 y Prov, 6-12-18-60-78-95-117-125-129…11/22

End of October en extra reward of their incredible season came along. Hugo and Winny Vlaeminck were named general champion of the province of East-Flanders, well deserved!

































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