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  News > Aelbrecht - Limbourg
  Marcel Aelbrecht and
Erik Limbourg:
Two Years in a Row
the Best of Belgium

by Stefan Mertens


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"De Marseille"

and company

With Mr. Wang

Erik Limbourg

Erik Limbourg
with Geert Declerq

It is not the first time that we make for a kind of "double interview." The reason why we choose this is easy to explain. Two fanciers succeeded in winning the same national championship in 2005 and again in 2006 ! To be once the best of all the Belgian fanciers is already a "big thing." To be - in a whole pigeon career - twice or more the best of Belgium is superb, but to win two years in a row the same national championship is a performance of an extraordinarily high level. To do better is just not possible!

The two fanciers we speak about are Marcel Aelbrecht from Lebbeke and Erik Limbourg from Brussegem. In 2006, we wrote a report about each of these fanciers, and since their system hasn't changed in one year's time, I would kindly ask you to go again to these reports and to read and study everything about the systems of these two top fanciers.

In this report, we will cover only certain performances. I'm convinced that the combination of this report with the earlier ones will make the whole more than just interesting!

Click here to go to the full 2006 report on Marcel Aelbrecht

Click here to go to the full 2006 report on Erik Limbourg

"Marcel, can you give the results with which you became national general and long distance champion?"

Marcel: To become general champion KBDB of Belgium, you have to take the best eight prizes with your first nominated bird. You have to take two prizes of a very long distance race, three prizes on a long distance race, one prize with the yearbirds and two with the youngbirds. This is always on national races, and you can only take the national or zonal racing result.

Marcel continues, "My 1st nominated birds won the following eight top prizes and made me general national champion":

B01-4174049 244th national Barcelona against 11,802 old birds
B04-4019936 156th national Carcasonne against 3,911 old birds
B03-4316087 50th zonal Limoges against 2,796 old birds
B03-4316087 18th zonal Cahors against 1,916 old birds
B04-4019932 12th zonal Souillac against 2,304 old birds
B05-4130421 45th zonal Limoges against 5,571 yearbirds
B06-4044540 495th national Bourges against 26,984 young birds
B06-4044531 248th national La Souterraine against 13,965 young birds

"And what about the national championship long distance?"

Marcel: For the national championship long distance, you have to take the best three results with 1st and 2nd nominated old birds on national races. You can take the results out of the national or zonal racing results.

Race 1st nom. 2nd nom. # of birds

Total co-efficient 9.1074%

Please be aware of the fact that Marcel Aelbrecht has only 19 widowers (including yearbirds) and about 60 youngsters, and is often called "the fancier with the little basket."Find more information about this topic in the previously written article.

"Erik, can you give some more information about your national ace-pigeon 'Lucky 085'?"

Erik: Certainly. "Lucky 085" is a very nice blue cock. As a youngbird he was already the primus of my loft. He became national champion with following three results:

10/06 AURILLAC NATIONAAL 4° - 6,611 b. (coeff. 0.060) 684 km

24/06 BRIVE NATIONAAL Zone 28° - 2,780 b. (coeff.1.007) 677 km

22/07 SOUILLAC NATIONAAL 13° - 6,475 b. 703 km  
SOUILLAC NATIONAAL Zone 3° - 2,304 b. (coeff.0.130)

Total co-efficient. 1.197%


"Lucky 85"


Parents of
"Lucky 85"

"Goede Duivin"

"De Joost"

"De Witkop"

"De Perpignan"

"Fijn Blauw"


As you can see, "Lucky 085" makes top results from 60km up to 700km!

2004 :
14/08 Argenton 525 km: 48° zonaal 8.901
05/09 Noyon 177 km: 18° club 606
28/08 La Souterraine 562 km: 18° club 237
13/06 Noyon 177 km: 28° club 645
08/08 Noyon 177 km: 28° club 407
03/07 Dourdan 335 km: 43° club 1,047
10/07 Toury 350 km: 51° club 1,200

16/07 Limoges 603 km: 18° national 17,456
08/05 Dourdan 335 km: 2° club 145
15/05 Dourdan 335 km: 9° club 414
25/06 Montlucon 525 km: 28° club 229
28/05 Bourges 450 km: 33° club 483

10/06 Aurillac 684 km: 4° national 6,611
22/07 Souillac 703 km: 13° national 6,475
22/07 Souillac 703 km: 3° zonal 2,304
24/06 Brive 677 km: 14° seminat. 2,919
24/06 Brive 677 km: 28° zonal 2,780
06/05 Bouillon 139 km: 1° club 244
22/04 Bouillon 139 km: 3° club 180
09/04 Quievrain 67 km: 5° club 144

Click here to go to the pedigree of the sire of "Lucky 85"

Click here to go to the pedigree of the dam of "Lucky 85"

"Erik, which bird is nowadays one of your best breeders? Can you give us some more information, please?"

Erik: One of the best breeders in my loft today is without any doubt the "Joost." He has five different children who won top seven on (Inter-)national and Semi-National long distance races in 2006!!!!!

"FAVORIET" 2063141/2004
2nd National Perpignan 921 km Y 3,796 b. '05
6th International Perpignan 921 km Y 4,666 b. '05
1st Provincial Perpignan 921 km Y 383 b. '05
1st Limoges 603 km Y 200 b. '05
1st Noyon 178 km 516 b. '05
90th Semi-Nat. Vierzon 445 km 5,888 b. '06
6th Quievrain 67 km 91 b. '06
13th Quievrain 67 km 144 b. '06
Direct Son
(He was lost at Aurillac in June 2006 but returned in September 2006 and is now in the breeding loft.)

"BLAUWE JARNAC JOOST" 2004839/2005
1st Interprov. Jarnac 666 km 1,996 b. (993m/m)
2nd Semi-Nat Jarnac 666 km 4,655 b. -- 2nd fastest of 8,837 birds
54th Semi-Nat. Montlucon 525 km 7,366 b.
102nd Semi-Nat. La Souterraine 562 km 5,621 b.
Direct Son

23rd Semi-Nat. St-Vincent 913 km 1,782 b.
Wins in 2006: Cahors(746km)-Barcelona(1080km)-St-Vincent (913km)
Wins in 2005: St-Vincent (913km) - Perpignan (921km)
Direct daughter

MISS ST-VINCENT 4286264/2005
1st Semi-Nat St-Vincent II 1,007 b.
2nd International St-Vincent II H 1,160 b.
6th International St-Vincent II 5,409 b.
122st National St-Vincent I 7,525 b.
1st Ace bird "St-Vincent" Cureghem Centre 2006
Granddaughter raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

JARNAC I 4286251/2005
4th Semi-Nat. Jarnac 634 km 4,655 b. (968m/m)
Grandson raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

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Loft cleaning

The outside aviary


JARNAC II 4372210/2005
5th Semi-Nat. Jarnac 634 km 4,655 b.(960m/m)
Grandson raced by Restiaen-De Smeyter-Melden

JARNAC III 4286243/2005
26th Semi-Nat. Jarnac 634 km 4,655 b. (925m/m)
Grandson raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

"BORDEAUX JOOST" 4285683/2005
7th Internationaal Bordeaux 6,223 b. (938m/m)
Granddaughter raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

ST VINCENT I 4285538/2005
5th National St-Vincent 7,525 b. (1240m/m)
Grandson raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

ST VINCENT II 4285537/2005
3rd Semi-Nat St Vincent II 1,007 b.
18th International St-Vincent II 5,409 b.
301st National St-Vincent II 7,525 b.
Granddaughter raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

ST VINCENT III 4285514/2005
60th National St-Vincent 7,525 (1069m/m)
Granddaughter raced by De Smeyter-Restiaen-Melden

"Erik, what are the racing results in other lofts with the Erik Limbourg pigeons?"

Desbuquois Gebr., Kapelle o/d Bos:
"LUCAS III": 2nd Nat Asduif KBDB 2005: father direct Limbourg
"DINA": 5th Nat Asduif KBDB 2005: mother direct Limbourg
"PEDRO": 3rd Interprovinciaal Chateauroux 1,956 b. '06 mother direct Limbourg
6th Nationaal Perpignan 3,796 b. '05
14th Internationaal Perpignan 4,666 b. '05
28th Nationaal Perpignan 6,765 b. '06
78th Internationaal Perpignan 14,900 b. '06

Marc De Cock, Temse:
"BONES": 1st Provinciaal Bourges 4,798 d '05: mother direct Limbourg
7th Nat Z Bourges 12,278 d '05
10th Prov Chateauroux 4,485 d '04
In 2005 : 2 x 1st Asduif Fondclub Lokeren 50% Limbourg.

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Ace Pigeons
2005 and 2006

"Di Stefano"

Casaert-Senechal, St-Léger:
1st Semi Nat. Chateauroux 7,417 yearbirds and quickest against 18,846 b. 75% Limbourg
2nd Semi Nat. Chateauroux 11,429 old birds -- 50% Limbourg. Father of the winner of the yearbirds!

Coppens Michael, Moorsel:
Wins with the same pigeon (50% Limbourg, line 4th Nat. Aurillac 6,611 b.) following prizes in 2006: 1st Prov. Vierzon 3,027 b., 18th Prov. Bourges 3,218 b. and 59th Semi-Nat. Chateauroux 11,429 b.

Draye R&P, St-Joris-Weert:
Wins on Semi-Nat. Chateauroux against 11,429 b.: 15th-48th-88th-100th or 4th of the 7 basketed birds in the TOP 100. These pigeons all come out of a son of "Dubbele," himself winner of 3rd Nat. Cahors and 1st Prov. Limoges and all have 75% Limbourg blood.

Van Heddeghem, St-L-Houtem:
Have topbreeder "Erik," who is father of several 1st prizewinners.

Den Hase Raf, Moorsele:
Has a superb hen who won several 1st prizes and this hen is also 75% Limbourg.

Jean Moens, Grimbergen:
Won 1st Nationaal Pau in 2006, the father of the national winner comes directly from Erik Limbourg.

Albert Paduwat, Bierges:
1st Prov Asduif Snelheid 2004: Father direct Limbourg. 3rd Nat. Asduif Snelheid 2004.

Mr. David Whu, China:
Winner Derby race Shanghai 26,000 b. 2006: 50% Limbourg.

Mark Evans, England:
1st Provinciaal 6000 b. 2006: 100% Limbourg.

Click here to go to the full 2006 report on Marcel Aelbrecht

Click here to go to the full 2006 report on Erik Limbourg

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