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  News > National Winners Belgium 2003 - Part 2
  National Winners
Belgium - 2003
Part 2
by Stefan Mertens


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Albert Derweduwen, center, winner of 1st national Souillac

"De 342" (4165342/00)
1st National Souillac

Robert Van Eycken
with his wife,
1st International Marseille

1st International Marseille
"Boris" ((2144226/00)
Part 2 of Two Parts. For Part 1 click here.

This month's feature completes Stefan's report on the 2003 Belgian races, which began with Cahors following a number of race cancellations related to avian influenza.

07-19-03 SOUILLAC
(distance from Brussels: 680 km)

Participating birds: 8,143 old birds.
1. Derweduwen Albert-Luc-Dirk (Zingem - 1247.96 m/m) 2. Van Damme - Boddaert (Oostkamp - 1247.82 m/m) 3. Naessens Patrick (Harelbeke - 1246.81 m/m) 4. Dedecker Marnix (Assenede - 1241.19 m/m) 5. Vandenabeele Gaby (Dentergem - 1240.36 m/m)

Souillac was this year's national race with the "closest finish." If this were a finish in another sport (cycling, car-racing, etc.,) the jury would have had to take a "photo-finish." The difference between the first and second national is only a few seconds. Unbelievable! The first national was won by "De 342" (4165342/00), a blue check owned by the well-known fanciers Albert, Luc and Dirk Derweduwen. Those fanciers had a super year last year, in 2002, and won a lot of different championships (among them 3rd national ace-pigeon). It is not the first time that this father and two-son combination wins a national race. No, they also won 1st and 2nd national Cahors (1992) and 1st national Pau (1998).

About their method, I'll be very short. Look on this site at the report made a few months ago about these fanciers. There the method of breeding, selecting and racing is explained in detail.

As already mentioned the first national was won by the "342." Before this victory, this cock won the100th provincial Montauban against 1123b. - 249th national Souillac against 7358 b. - 642nd national Limoges against 16.945 b.

His father is "Den As" (4568446/92) who is also father of the 1st provincial and 2nd national ace-pigeon long distance KBDB (1997). "Den As" comes from " Royan" (4153207/89 - 1st national Cahors ) X "Het Geschelpt" (4153229/89). The mother of the "342" is "Roberta" (3080117/93 - directly from the loft Robert Dobbelaere)

07-19-03 MARSEILLE INTERNATIONAL (distance from Brussels: 850km)

Participating birds (international): 20,721 old birds.
1. Robert Van Eycken (Erps-Kwerps - 1107.16 m/m) 2. Albero Alain (Thuin - 1099.36 m/m) 3. Mevr. Roger Delbruyere (Solre-sur-Sambre 1092.92 m/m) 4. Vermander Lionel (Oekene - 1081.17 m/m) 5. Vankerckvoorde Jean-Paul (Lovendegem - 1079.87 m/m)

Marseille was a very hard international race. With Robert Van Eycken we have a very nice international winner. Last year (2002) Robert won national Marseille, and now he's the international winner. "Boris" (2144226/00) was the victor in this race.

Robert has 48 widowers and 120 youngsters. The base is made with pigeons from Gaston en Danny Devooght (Westkapelle) - De Ceuninck-Van Houcke (Nieuwpoort), Deno Jos (Leefdaal), Deveseleer Alberic (Tollenbeek) and Norman Filip (Westkapelle). Like every year the widowers are coupled at the end of November and they may breed one youngster. A second coupling takes place at the end of March, and after five days of nesting, they're on widowhood. The first week after arrival of a race he feeds very light (one part super diet, one part depuratif and one part racing mixture). Then he changes, little by little, to 100% racing mixture. He uses a lot of Zell-Oxygen and Optimix.



"Zwarte Bourgeske"
1st National Winner of Bourges against
16,244 birds

Jean-Luc Bar's
"De Bourges" won against 12,546 birds

"Wouter" (3180233/94) is the father of "Boris." He's an original Gaston Devooght pigeon and father of several good birds. He's a son of the "Wouter" from Devooght who won the 1st national Dax. "Vechterje" (2145225/97) is the mother of "Boris." She has Devooght - Peiren - De Ceuninck van Houcke blood.

07-26-03 BEZIERS
(distance from Brussels: 840km)

Participating birds: 6,348 old birds and 4,818 yearbirds.
6348 old birds: 1. Vanderheyden Wilfried (Kortijk-Dutsel 1279.75 m/m) 2. Bolle Julien (Koekelare - 1264.73 m/m) 3. Vandewoestijne Arnold (Adegem - 1256.81 m/m) 4. Vanoverschelde Roger (Belzele 1253.67 m/m) 5. Dejaegher Jacques (Ronse - 1250.52 m/m).

4818 yerabirds: 1. Vaneenoo Julien (Wingene - 1280.58 m/m) 2. Sauce Denis (Neufchateau 1245.52 m/m) 3. Vanhove Antoine (Loppem 1191.85 m/m) 4. Roth Koseph (Malmedy - 1181.14 m/m) 5. Deveseleer Albert (Tollenbeek - 1171.00 m/m).

The national victory in old birds was won by a "little" fancier. Only 28 widowers arein the loft, and if you want to race the whole national program then this number of widowers is too small. No problem according to Wilfried. It's a matter of quality above quantity.

The national winner is "De Kleine Geschelpte" (2191343/00). This cock was super motivated, because ten days before basketing day for Beziers, Wilfried saw that the "De Kleine Geschelpte" wasn't welcome on the floor anymore. Another cock was the boss, and from the moment that he was on the floor the other birds had to go away. About five days before the race, Wilfried put the cock away, and from that moment on, the other "De Kleine Geschelpte" became boss on the floor. Top condition came very quickly, and as a bonus on basketting day he received his hen for an hour and a half. This was more than enough to beat all the Beziers flyers.

While the national winner was super motivated, the national winner in the yearbirds was not motivated. The "Doren" (3181206/02), from Julien Vaneenoo, was just put in the basket without showing any hen. Julien Vaneenoo is a top fancier. This Beziers is not his first national success. He also won Brive (1993) and Cahors (1999).

07-26-03 BOURGES
(distance from Brussels: 450km)

Bourges is one of the best-known races in Belgium. Every year there are about 75,000 birds basketted. This year the weather was not so good, and about 30 km after Bourges, they came in very bad weather. As a result a lot of pigeons failed or were lost, and the organisers got a lot of criticism, certainly because one day later there was very good weather. The organisers took a very big risk and they lost.

Participating birds: 44,940 youngbirds.
1. Pierson-Bavay (Bonnert 1314 m/m) 2. Vandenbroeck Willem (Booischot - 1311.54 m/m) 3. Goris Benny (Lummen - 1299.64 m/m) 4. Tambeur Paul (Scherpenheuvel - 1286.62 m/m) 5. Robijn Paul (Kapelle Op Den Bos - 1285.77 m/m).

Pierson - Bavay is a man-woman team, but they're well supported by their son. They have 18 old birds, 16 yearbirds and 80 youngsters. Their base pigeons are from Philippe Schockaert (Aarlen), later crossed with birds from Derouck (Manage), Nihoul Roland (Senzeilles), and Michel Lambert (Musson).

The national victory was won by "Zwart Bourgeske" (7007018/03), a dark check hen with a few white wing feathers. She was not darkened and had already moulted two wing feathers. Her motivation was her nest position. She had been nesting for ten days.

Participating birds: 16,244 yearbirds.
1. Taelman Willy (Bouwel - 1293.77 m/m) 2. Robert Roch (Grez-Doica 1284.68 m/m) 3. Vanhoof Patrick (Keerbergen - 1281.88 m/m) 4. Robeyns Rudi (Webbekom - 1280.20 m/m) 5. Vanavondt Willy (Wespelaar - 1279.19 m/m).

"We have a lot of lofts but few pigeons," begins Willy Taelman. "With 12 widowers, 12 breeding couples, and 41 youngsters, we try to race and to win as much as possible on the middle-distance races. The pigeon that won national Bourges is called the "Blauwe Jan." I got him from our friend Jan Goris (Westerlo). Before his victory, he won 84th Quievrain 422b. - 9th Quievrain 490b. - 233rd Melun 2561b. - 303rd Dourdan 1837b. - 11th La Souterraine 3076b., and then 1st national Bourges against 16,244 yearbirds.

Participating birds: 12,546 old birds.
1. Bar Jean-Luc (Aarlen - 1332.88 m/m) 2. Hendrickx Rudi (Maasmechelen - 1299.28 m/m) 3. Schepens Georges (Meldert - 1284.28 m/m) 4. Damps Jan (Tienen - 1282.85 m/m) 5. Liekens Jos en zoon (Rijmenan - 1280.02 m/m)

"De Bourges" from Jean-Luc Bar was not only the best in his category but also the quickest bird against 73,730 Bourges flyers. Jean-Luc Bar doesn't have much time for pigeons and therefore he has only three old birds and four yearbirds in his loft. The pigeon sport is just for fun.

"De Bourges" is a blue cock with no remarkable things to talk about. "Motivation? I don't know," answers Jean-Luc. "Due to my work, I don't have the time to observe my pigeons."

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Eric Vanacker, International Winner of Perpignan with "De Marseille"

"De Marseille"--
International Winner of Perpignan against 17,330 birds

Willy De Schepper (at left) won 1st National Perpignan with
"Zwarte Arafat"

Gust, Geert, and Mit Van-Hove-
winners of 1st National
La Souterraine

Geert Van Hove-Uytterhoeven

08-02-03 PERPIGNAN INTERNATIONAL (distance from Brussels: 910km)

International winner: Eric Vanacker (France)
National winner Belgium: Willy De Schepper (Gooik)

Participating birds: 17,338 old birds.
1. Eric Vanacker (Pouilly-Serre 948.54 m/m) 2-4. Cueffel (Normandie - 945.31 m/m) 3. Robert Ben (Calais 940.55 m/m) 5. De Schepper Willy (Schepdaal - 889.30 m/m).

To congratulate the international Perpignan winner, we had to go to France, more specifically to Pouilly Sur Serre. This little village (650 people) is very quiet, and Eric is enjoying his international victory. His base pigeons are 486574/94 (Roossens X Cobut) through M. Leveque and 755526/96 (Eijerkamp Muller) through M. Vittel (Grugies). With 24 widowers, 60 youngsters, and six breeding pairs, he keeps everything simple.

The international winner is called "De Marseille" (588594/98), and he's a real top bird. In 2003 he won 1st international Perpignan against 17,330b. and 25th international Dax against 19,400b.
In 2002: 5th national Pau 1365b. - 8th national Perpignan 1664b. (137th international against 18,264b.) - 184th international Dax against 14,507b. In 2001 he won 8th national Marseille against 1920b. (177th international against 19,682b.)

When we look at his pedigree, then we see that his father (155934/97) also won the 1st national Perpigan (strain Eijerkamp Muller X Cobut X Roosens).

In Belgium Willy De Schepper was the winner. He won also with a top bird. His "Zwarte Arafat" (2317902/01) won in 2003: 1st national Perpignan 7479b. - 27th interprovincial Cahors against 4769b. In 2002 he also won the 24th international Perpignan against 4205 yearbirds. "De Zwarte Arafat" comes directly from the loft of Jozef De Ridder (St Ulriks Kapelle) or the national winner Cahors 2003.

08-07-03 ARGENTON
(distance from Brussels: 520km)

Participating birds: 17,112 youngsters.
1. Jozef Thomaes (Bevere - 1070.65 m/m) 2. Damien Baert (Ere 1067.77 m/m) 3. Desaer Antoine en Rudy (Ruiselede - 1063.71 m/m) 4. Janssens Victor (Geel - 1062.64 m/m) 5. Schokkaert Danny (Oordegem 1062.45 m/m).

Jozef Thomaes. Honestly speaking, we had never heard of him, and therefore we're happy that such fanciers can win the big races too. In his loft we see six widowers, 16 youngsters and six breeding couples. This is quality enough under the roof, because his pigeons come from G. and M. Santens (Oudenaarde) - Gijselings Roger (Wortegem) - Henri De Smet (Kerkhove) - Wijnsberge Norbert (Deinze) - Dierickx Andre (Rumbeke) - Van Den Driessche Alain (St Lievens Esse) - Devooght Gaston (De Haan).

The winner is a little red hen called "Rostje." Normally, Jozef wouldn't basket anymore for Argenton, but when he handled "Het Rostje" on Wednesday, he was so impressed by her condition that he decided to race her, with the first national as result. Jozef is a fancier with a "natural" approach. He cures against trico two times in a season and once with Theraprim against adenovirus. Before basketting and upon arrival every bird is dropped with Fabry Forma Drops. As to the rest, Jozef uses a lot of tea with pure honey.

(distance from Brussels 550 km)

Participating birds: 14,021 youngsters.
1-3-10 Van Hove - Uytterhoeven ( Putte - 1222.39 m/m) 2. Jos and Jules Engels (Putte - 1219.25 m/m) 4. Brootcoorens Eric (Idegem -1208.78 m/m) 5. Provost Bjorn (Etikhove - 1206.48 m/m).

They did it again! We're talking about Geert, Gust and Mit van Hove-Uytterhoeven putting a real top result on paper. Against more than 14,000 birds, they won 1-3-10-34-41-42,etc. Really super.

The winning pigeon is a young hen, Queen Souterraine, who was coupled with an old cock. Due to the bad race from Bourges (five minutes too late to win a prize on the national result), she stayed (like a lot of other pigeons from this loft) at home in Argenton. The weekend before Argenton, they were basketted for a 100km race, but due to a lot of fog the pigeons came back 15km and were liberated there. So the pigeons had a lot of rest and came in top condition for this race.

Before winning the first national, "Queen Souterraine (6042101/03) won 120th provincial Orleans against 12,961 b. - 40th Sens 1073b. - 61st Pithiviers 1085b. Her father is the "Copacabana" (6098001/00 - son of the "Lambada" (1st Tours 4588b. - 85th Bourges 11,943b.) Mother is "Miss Trinity" (6098158/03 and she won 96th nat. Guerret 9277 birds and 18th national Bourges 16,119b.

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Jos Thone, 2nd place winner of the 2003 Vichy National race

09-04-03 VICHY
(distance from Brussels: 530km)

Participating birds: 11,448 youngsters.
1. Leo and Christophe Van Horenbeeck (Wijgmaal - 1232.26 m/m) 2. Thone Jos (As - 1224.10 m/m) 3. Berger Rene (Waver - 1201.32 m/m) 4. Jacky Vincent (Bonsin - 1200.51 m/m) 5. Peeters Alfons (Vlimmeren - 1197.17 m/m)

Leo and Christophe Van Horenbeeck are fascinated by the pigeon sport. They really do everything in their own loft to be successful, and at other times they're helping in the club to be sure that everything goes well. For many years, they only raced with youngsters, but since a few years ago they also have 12 widowers. Every year they breed 70 youngsters. Their base pigeons are from Albert Derwa (Herent) - Houben (Itegem) - Vandenabeele Gaby (Dentergem) - Cammaerts Willy (Wilsele) - Van Dessel Johan (Wijgmaal) and Van Avondt and son (Haacht).

The national winner was again a hen, named "Nicole." Together with the other youngsters, "Nicole" (2183039-03) was raced on the open-door method until the end of July. Then they came to the nest, and for La Souterraine she was basketted while nesting. This was no extra motivation for her because when she came home, she left her eggs. And Leo, fancier that he is, had the idea to give "Nicole" a baby that was a few days old. "Nicole" accepted it and was so motivated for Vichy that the first prize was the result.

[Note: This is the second part of a two-part article. For Part 1, click here.]

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