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  News > Benny Steveninck

Benny Steveninck:
1st National Ace-pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters 2013

A colony based on the "Chipo"-family!

by Stefan Mertens


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"Lucky 77"

































Benny Steveninck: 1st National Ace-pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters 2013.
A colony based on the “Chipo”-family!


Hamme: A place in the province of the Eastern Flanders. In this small city, there’s an enthusiastic and motivated couple, which beats their competitors many times and this for about 15 years now. The colony Steveninck that’s formed by Benny and Carine Steveninck, proved that they belong to the Belgian top by their super results. Their national victory from Limoges with the yearlings in 2009, classifications within the provincial and the national championships and many provincial victories are the proof that this “young” colony made a lot of progression in a short time.  And for sure, they’re not stopping in the Ekelbeke in Hamme because also in 2013, the pigeons of Benny and Carine scored at the top of the results. With the cherry on the cake with their super hen “Sun”, 1st  National Ace-pigeon MD Youngsters 2013, 3 National victories Zone, 2 Provincial victories and 19 x TOP-100 National in 2013.  All worthwhile for the Steveninck colony”!  Reap what you saw, that’s what Benny and Carine are doing the last few years… We’d like to listen to what they have to tell!

A little history:
The Steveninck colony started in 1998, but the pigeon sport was already well known by Benny because his father Raymond was a fervent fancier. When Benny married Carine, he already played in combination with his dad for some years. Carine didn’t like him being so much at the loft of his parental house and so she suggested building his own loft in their garden. And so they did and as by miracle, also Carine was bitten by the virus of the pigeon sport and she too became an enthusiastic fancier. Because of his job as a train driver, had irregular hours and also often during the night. Without the help of Carine, this colony wouldn’t have come that far. The life of a machinist isn’t as easy as you think… Many nights they have to work very concentrated and this demands a lot of a person… also with Benny, who recently retired, so now he can pay all his attention to his beloved passion: pigeon sport!

The phenomenal “Chipo”!
Most fanciers always start by racing the short distance but Benny immediately started to race the middle distance. He visited Willy Van Houtte of Wevelgem, where he got himself 10 youngsters. Benny and Carine succeeded rather quickly with these pigeons and throughout the years, they bought several pigeons from Willy. Besides these Van Houtte-pigeons, they also looked for reinforcement and they succeeded best with the pigeons of Eric Brootcoorens (Idegem), Johan Van Damme (Dendermonde) and Michel Hautekiet (Ruddervoorde).
They didn’t score badly but it all started to run in 2003, when their top pigeon "Chipo" was born. This fabulous cock won as a youngster 1ste Dourdan 571 d., 1ste Dourdan 375d, 2de Dourdan 1.316d, 9de Dourdan 1.268d, 9de Dourdan 339d, 10de Dourdan 964d. Etc… and he became 1ste Provincial Ace-pigeon Eastern Flanders. On fathers side, the Chipo came out of a Sylvain Verstraete x daughter 1ste Nat. La Souterraine (Eddy Leutenez) and on mothers side out of a Jozef Vandamme- Dendermonde. Many professional buyers made him an offer to put this golden cock in their basket but Benny didn’t sell him and the following season, “Chipo” was put back into the basket. This seemed to be a golden move because also as a yearling, he proved his class with 1ste  Dourdan 614d., 1ste Dourdan 213d., 1ste Dourdan 101d., 41ste  Bourges 2306d., 17de  Dourdan 848d., 14de  Dourdan 425d., 24ste  Dourdan 555d., etc. Every other fancier would move such a cock to his breeding loft after these two successful years but that’s not what Benny did. In 2005, “Chipo” did it again: 3de Dourdan 217d, 7de Toury 427d, 5de Dourdan 194d, 9de Noyon 199d, etc. In the meantime, this super cock already had some descendants and it soon seemed that also his sons scored at the top. Several times, they reached home before their father and so Benny to give “Chipo” his own box on the breeding compartment. Paired to B03-4328989 (a pure Michel Hautekiet-hen), they became parents of many top birds that dominated the national pigeon sport the last few years!

The system with the youngsters:
During the National days 2013, Benny had to climb the stage as 1ste National Ace-pigeon MD Youngsters thanks to “Sun” and so he agreed to explain his system with the young birds. His youngsters get weaned after 25 days and they move to the loft for the youngsters without old hens and with a lot of straw. The first month, these little ones get a full trough of breeding mixture for as much as they want; later on he changes to Beyers-elite system. Immediately after they’re weaned, the youngsters get darkened from 6 in the evening till 9 in the morning. When they reach the age of 6 weeks, they’re vaccinated against Paramixo and when they’re about 10 weeks, the vaccination against Paratyfus follows. Twice a day, they are fed on a shelf and they can eat as much as they want for about 15 minutes. It’s remarkable that he always feeds them before they get outside. Nevertheless, they come inside very well because they like the candy seeds and the peanuts they get when they come inside. The reason why he feeds them before they get outside is rather logical; a young bird has to be able to develop properly and this can only happen when they get enough food. Another advantage: here by they build a reserve, which they might need when they get lost from a training flight.

Because of the bad weather in 2013, the first and the second round were trained together. His training schedule looks like this:  7 till 8 times, he drives them himself at a distance of +- 40 km and next they get into the basket for Quievrain and 2 x Noyon. Normally the young cocks get paired to an old hen and the young hens against an old cock but this year they almost all were with their generation partners. The second round was paired to the old pigeons. When Bourges was on its way, the youngsters are prepared to be played by the sliding door.  The young hens get into the basket every week and they have to do the complete national programme. The cocks sometimes get a weekend to rest and then they do an Angerville.  Nevertheless, they have to do 4 of the 7 Nationals. When they arrive back home, their eyes are dropped disinfected with drops or Clinagel. Also all pigeons get a good massage in a warm bath with bathing salt. The day after their arrival, they receive a recup mixture Beyers fulfilled with proteins and in the drinking water, the usual electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. During the week, he changes to Beyers-elite building system and the 5 last meals; they get an energy mixture with Zell Oxygen Herbots. 
After the season, the birds get strongly selected before they get a chance as a yearling. In this selection, he mostly watches their results. After the season, the young cocks can make a nest on the youngster’s compartment and while they brood the cock with his nest and his hen are moved to their new loft. Also there, they can start their second nest and in between these two brood periods, they’re tested over. After the season, the hens usually move to the aviary and they only move to their new loft in spring.

1ste National Ace-pigeon Heavy MD Youngsters KBDB 2013: BE13-4096962 - “Sun”
She’s a very tame hen, who’s build like the basic cock “Chipo”. “Sun” didn’t need a lot of extra motivation, to score as she did. Her partner didn’t return back home from Chateauroux and that same evening, she was paired to an old cock. She accepted him well and again from Argenton, she scored within the top, motivated by her new partner! To Bourges, only two pigeons got into the basket and normally Sun wasn’t selected. Because of certain circumstances, she went into the basket and luckily because her result from Bourges helped to win the title of 1 National Ace-pigeon Heavy MD Youngsters KBDB.
Sire: BE11-4007065: “Blue grandson Chipo”, a super racer!!!  He won prizes like:
Noyon 1ste against 205 d., Poitiers Loc. 1ste against 166 d. & N. Zone. 13de against 2.488 d., La Souterraine Loc. 4de against 1.127 d. & Prov. 6de against 3.823 d., Vierzon Loc. 5de against 765 d.
Gr.S: BE08-4216998: “New 98”, son of the legendary “Chipo”.
Gr.D: BE08-3195591: “Blauw Rik”, bought at the Nat. days ’08.
Dam: BE09-4189995: “Mother Sun”, as a racing hen prizes from Noyon till Dourdan.
Gr.S: BE03-4329022: “Chipo”, star of the colony! As a youngster 1ste Dourdan 571 d., 1ste Dourdan 375d., 2de Dourdan 1.316d., 9de Dourdan 1.268d., 9de Dourdan 339d., 10de Dourdan 964d. etc… Super breeder, father and grandfather of several ace-pigeons and national top birds!
Gr.D.: BE05-3207953: “Blauwe Hautekiet”, origins Michel Hautekiet – Ruddervoorde.
Prize list.
La Souterraine N.Zone 1ste against 11.993 d.
                        Prov.    1ste against 3.343 d.
                        Nat.    22ste against 13.089 d.
Bourges         N.Zone.  11de against 2.975 d.
                        Prov.    23ste against 4.099 d.
                        Nat.    44ste against 18.478 d.
Argenton                   Prov.    3de against 3.942 d.
                        N.Zone.  10de against 2.903 d.
Chateauroux   Prov.   7de against 2.728 d.
                        N.Zone.  11de against 1.637 d.
                        Nat.   118de 12.071 d.

1ste reserve Olympiad Nitra cat. F 2013: BE09-4188036 - “Raymond”.
Sire: BE04-4138100: “Chihaut 100”, 6de Nat. Ace-pigeon MD KBDB ’05 and 2de reserve Olympiad Oostende 2007 Cat. B.
Gr.S.: E03-4329022: “Chipo”, star of the colony! Super breeder, father and grandfather of several ace-pigeons and national top birds!
Gr.D.: BE03-4328989: “Blauwe Witpen”, mother  3de Nat. Ace-pigeon MD KBDB 2007 & 2008 and 6de National Ace-pigeon MD KBDB 2005.
Dam: BE03-3056334: “Eline”, direct Cools-Blancke, she won 1ste  Nat Zone A Argenton 960 d, 6de  Prov. Tours 2.977 d., 20ste Prov Blois 5.246 d., 43ste Prov Chateauroux 4.061 d.
Gr.S.: BE01-3116171: “Witneusbliksem”, daughter of the famous “Bliksem”.
Gr.D.: BE99-3103770: “Fryda”, mother of several top pigeons like “Chateauke”, “Clara”,…
Prize list:

  • 8ste Nat. Bourges 20589d.
  • 100ste Nat. Argenton 4782d.
  • 2de Prov. Bourges 3703d.
  • 2de Prov. Bourges 2330d.
  • 2de  Prov. Bourges 1418d.
  • 1ste Angervile 843d.
  • ….

13de National Ace-pigeon K.B.D.B. Heavy MD 2013: BE12-4048991 - “Tibo”.  Pedigree:
Sire: BE08-4216913: “Genopte Hautekiet”, father “Tibo” and brother BE03-4328989, mother 3de Nat.Ace-pig. K.B.D.B. - origin Michel Hautekiet.
Gr.S.: BE01-4237509: “Vaele Hautekiet”, grandfather of 4 provincial winners, 1ste Nat. Limoges & 3de Nat. Ace-pig. K.B.D.B.
Gr.D.: BE02-3228815: grandmother of 4 provincial winners, 1ste Nat. Limoges & 3de Nat. Ace-pig.K.B.D.B - origin Michel Hautekiet.
Dam: BE10-4128055: “Mother Tibo”.
Gr.S.: BE05-4323999: “The Crack”, 1ste Prov. Ace-pig.MD 2007 & 3de Nat. Ace-pig. MD 2007.
Gr.D.: BE05-4323952: “Valentien”, several top prizes from Noyon till Dourdan.
Prize list:

  • 29ste Nat. Poitiers 13135d. / 2de Nat. Zone B Poitiers after his loft mate
  • 30ste Nat. Bourges 11883d.
  • 52ste Nat. Argenton 6795d. / 1ste Nat. Zone B & 1ste Prov. Argenton
  • 77ste  Nat. Guéret 16988d.
  • 1ste Dourdan 708d.

1ste National Zone B Poitiers 2688 p: BE12-4048026 - “Speedy”
Sire: BE09-4188061: “Greg”, son “Gueret”, won 71ste Nat. Limoges & 59ste  Nat. Zone B Argenton.
Gr.S.: BE08-4216930: “The Gueret”, 1ste Nat. Limoges '09, 1ste Prov. Gueret & 19de Nat. Gueret.
Gr.D.: BE08-4216906: “Nina”, granddaughter “Chipo”.
Mother: BE10-4294793: “Mother Speedy”, origin Gevaert-Lannoo.
Gr.S.: BE04-3230979: “Bliksem CEO” pure Gaby Vandenabeele and son of the legendary “Bliksem”. “Bliksem CEO” is brother of "Father Yvan" with Herbots Brothers. In 2009 , “Yvan” was 1ste Nat. Ace-pig. KBDB Heavy MD and in 2008, 4de Nat. Ace-pig.KBDB Heavy MD.
Gr.D.: BE07-4270406: “Kaafje”, 3de Nat. La Souterraine 4459 p and 8ste  Nat. Bourges 16771 p.
Prize list:

  • 22ste Nat. Poitiers 13135d / 1ste Nat. Zone 2688d./ 2de Prov. 3492d.
  • 59ste Nat. Bourges 13588d. / 6de Nat. Zone 2526d./ 3de Prov. 3825d.
  • 7de Ecouen 1192d.

19 x TOP-100 National in 2013.

  • 12de Nat. Bourges 11.883 p
  • 22ste Nat. La Souterraine 13.089 p
  • 22ste Nat. Poitiers: 13.135 p
  • 26ste Nat. La Souterraine 11.236 p 
  • 29ste Nat. Poitiers 13.135 p
  • 30ste Nat. Bourges 11.883 p
  • 31ste Nat. Gueret 11.894 p.
  • 36ste Nat. Bourges 19.655 p
  • 44ste Nat. Bourges 18.478 p
  • 52ste Nat. La Souterraine 11.236 p.
  • 52ste Nat. Argenton 6.795 p.
  • 59ste Nat. Bourges 13.588 p.
  • 71ste Nat. Bourges 9.639 p.
  • 72ste  Nat. Bourges 9.639 p.
  • 73ste Nat. Gueret 12.592 p.
  • 85ste Nat. Chateauroux 12.071 p.
  • 88ste Nat. Gueret 11.894 p.
  • 89ste Nat. Bourges 9.639 p
  • 95ste Nat. La Souterraine 11.236 p

National & Provincial results 2013.
Blois Local 192 old 2-3-6-10-30 
                                    95 Yrl. 2-18-30  
FCD                            435 old 16-19-32-53-121
                                    473 Yrl. 22-128-130
Vierzon Local           271 old 2-4-6-9-12-21-53-55-58 
                                    141 Yrl.  7-11-12-21-36  
FCD                903 old 12-14-25-36-42-94-207-219-299   
                                    547 Yrl.  42-53-56-99-159
Bourges Local         243 old 1-2-3-4-8-9-10-11-16-17-19-21-25-35-36-51-55-62-…
                                    106 Yrl. 1-3-5-6-8-20-25 
FCD                775 old 1-2-4-6-14-19-22-23-54-59-66-68-81-117-132-188-…
                                    815 Yrl. 1-6-14-16-21-72-97-209-247
Chateauroux Local             228 old 1-2-5-12-14-16-48-57    8 mee
                                    275 Yrl. 1-2-11-12-15-16-17-38-42-68   
FCD                906 old 3-15-45-99-103-120-290-283
                                    1050 Yrl. 4-10-39-40-50-55-61-164-213-302
Poitiers Local           66 old 1-2-5-6-7-8-9-10-12-13-16-16-18-29-47-54    
                                    150 Yrl. 1-2-9-11-12-14-22-28-35    
FCD                639 old 7-8-17-21-22-23-30-31-42-47-69-69-72-124
                                     829 Yrl.  1-2-34-49-50-69-140-204-245
Montlucon Local     152 old 1-12-14-31-35-37-   
                                    282 Yrl. 1-2-9-11-12-25-28-30-32-42-45-61-63-67-90  
FCD                695 old 1-94-110-175-196-203
                                    1093 Yrl. 2-3-39-44-91-99-104-109-153-180-245-249-273
Gueret                       170 old 1-3-4-5-7-9-10-12-16-18-20-21-25-26-30-40-45-46    
                                    187 Yrl. 4-5-6-8-13-17-18-19-24-25-27-29-31-40-41-42-43-…
FCD                476 old  2-8-9-10-13-19-20-23-30-32-41-48-56-60-70-110-…
                                    759 Yrl.   3-4-6-10-24-45-46-47-74-80-92-94-103-128-129-…
Argenton                  117 old  3-10-11-12-18-24-26-29-31-32-33-23   
                                    299 Yrl. 5-8-9-12-15-17-21-22-23-30-31-32-34-37-65-67-
FCD                297 Old 27-59-65-98-111-138-153-164-174-171-183-           
                                    972 Yrl. 19-27-31-59-85-89-108-121-125-150-152-153-…
La Souterraine        88 old  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-11-13-14-16-17-18-20-21-22-27-28       
                                  132 Yrl.  1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-11-15-16-17-20-21-24-29-35           
FCD                302 old  4-8-10-15-19-20-21-37-43-47-59-60-66-72       
                                    459 Yrl.  4-6-7-11-12-17-28-42-43-62-63-70-81-87-120           
Bourges                    66 old  1-2-4-5-6-7-10-16-17-21        
                                    115 Yrl.  1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12-13-14-15-18-20-21-22-23-24-26-…
FCD                268 Old  5-6-13-16-17-30-33-69-74             
                                    429 Yrl.  2-13-20-22-27-29-30-34-35-40-44-48-53-63-71-90-…
Blois                                      48 old 1-2-5-7-10-11
                                    69 Yrl.  1-2-3-4-6-7-8-10-13-15-16-18-21-23     
FCD                135 old  1-2-7-15-27-39       
                                    257 Yrl.  1-2-5-7-10-11-12-23-41-47-63-68-83            
Bourges                    93 old  2-3-4-10-11-12-20-21-25-29               
                                    131 Yrl. 1-2-9-10-12-14-16-17-18-20-25-26-27-31-32-…
FCD                391 old 4-5-6-18-30-31-33-51-56-83-103-124          
                                    511 Yrl.  2-4-22-23-27-29-39-43-44-61-77-82-87-96-97-116-136-…
Chateauroux                       35 old   5-6-8-           
                                    38 Yrl. 2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-12       
                                    131 Youngsters 2-3-4-6-9-10-10-13-15-18-20-24-27-33-38=40-53-…
FCD                109 old 21-27-30       
                                    193 Yrl.    4-7-8-19-21-24-24-28-33-41-46           
                                    643 Youngsters    3-6-8-15-19-22-22-26-39-51-67-89-92-116-132-….
Argenton                  41 old 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14           
                                    40 Yrl. 1-2-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-14       
                                    239 Youngsters 1-6-11-13-14-16-17-18-20-25-30-31-32-40-41-44-46-…
FCD                230 old 7-10-14-22-33-35-40-41-42-47-48-49-50-60-77       
                                    284 Yrl.  1-2-14-21-24-29-31-34-35-36-45-50-75-95       
                                    1204 Youngsters 7-27-37-51-54-57-60-61-66-101-117-118-122-149-…
 Issoudun                 15 old 1-2-3-4       
                                    211 Youngsters  20-24-48-62           
FCD                194 old 4-9-11-16-41-48-56-58       
                                    1130 Youngsters 84-96-275           
 Gueret                      124 Youngsters 2-4-6-8-9-13-14-16-19-22-23-34           
FCD                791 Youngsters  3-9-14-16-21-39-40-43-70-88-92-190-…

Stefan Mertens

































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