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  News > Kees Bosua
  Kees Bosua :
National Champion
Middle Distance Netherlands

by Stefan Mertens


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Kees Bosua

"Bourges Duivin"

NL 96-5605986

Top racer now at stud

A top hen

: Without any debate, Kees Bosua from Dordrecht is one of the top racers in the Netherlands. People who have encountered Kees only once say that you can always learn something from him. Kees is not a fancier who keeps all his secrets to himself. No, Kees doesn't believe in any "pigeon sport- secrets," and therefore he always speaks openly about his experiences.

This is not the first time that I have had contact with our Dutch friend. No, we have even been together on the road to buy pigeons. It sounds a little bit strange, but Kees once said to me, "When I buy pigeons with you, Stefan, I'm always a little more lucky and I have better results." "Pure co-incidence," I answered, but inside I felt a little bit proud that such a great champion as Kees said something of that kind to me.

Before we could ask a question, Kees showed us the racing results of 2003. "Results are the only thing that counts in the pigeon sport," said Kees. I agreed and felt lucky that I was sitting down when I had the first look at those results, because otherwise I would have fallen. "This is unbelievable. This is like the pigeon sport of another planet," I'm saying aloud. A little smile comes across Kees' face.


05.17.03 Putte 5774 birds: 1-2-3-4-10-11-13-16-20 etc… (22/32)
05.25.04 Aardenburg 2918 birds: 3-5-6-19-48 etc… (12/30)
05.31.03 Hensies 7045 birds: 1-3-6-10-11-12 etc… (26/30)
06.07.03 Hensies 1799 birds: 15-17-20-34 etc.. (19/29)
06.14.03 Chimay 4048 birds: 9-18-21-31-48 etc.. (21/30)
06.21.03 Peronne 3778 birds: 1 etc.. (9/15) 06.28.03 Chantilly 5087 birds: 4-5-8-14-27 etc.. (24/30)
07.05.03 Tours 2872 birds: 12-25-47 etc… (11/20)
07.12.03 Alblis 3090 birds: 2-9-10-17-30-41 etc.. (17/20)
07.19.03 Bourges 2032 birds: 1-2-3-6-7-12-13-21-25 etc… (12/20)
07.26.03 Chantilly 519 birds: 1-2-3-7-10-17 etc.; (13/20) 2388 birds: 4-5-8-16-21-40 etc… (13/20) 08.02.03 Chatreauroux 1442 birds: 14-21-59-62 etc.. (7/17)
08.09.03 Peronne 1111 birds: 1-6-12-21 etc.. (8/9)


07.05.03 Duffel 1997 birds: 2-3-5 etc.. (43/91) 07.12.03 Strombeek 4237 birds: 13-14-31-32 etc.; (61/88)
07.19.03 Hensies 1896 birds: 15-16-17 etc… (38/86)
07.26.03 Niergies 6459 birds: 2-6-11-12-15-19-20-21 etc.. (39/81)
08.02.03 Peronne 6394 birds: 1-2-4-6-8-10 etc.. (62/82)
08.09.03 Peronne 2030 birds: 1-34-35 etc.. (29/81)
08.16.03 National Chantilly 17,818 birds: 5-6-12-26-54 etc.. (31/47)
08.23.03 National Chantilly 13,953 birds: 4-5-20-70 etc.; (27/57)
08.30.03 Strombeek 714 birds: 1-2-3-6-10-17-18-19 etc.. (15/18) 4063 birds: 4-5-6-7-13 etc.. (17/18)
09.06.03 Hensies 1018 birds: 3-4-6-7-14-15-16-17-18 etc.. (27/35)
09.13.03 Niergies 796 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6 etc.. (30/33) 3865 birds: 3-4-6-7-9 etc…
09.20.03 Peronne 2560 birds: 3-14-16-23-26-27-28-29 etc.. (24/28)



"Miss Marbella"
NL 94-5567918

NL 92-5205136

Bossua and Boddaert

Boddaert and Bossua
discuss the
young birds

Don't think that this is the first year that our friend has had such results. What do you think about 1st provincial Orleans 11,251b. (1986) - 1st interprovincial Bourges 10,265b. (1987) - 1st interprovincial Bourges 7708b. (1988) - 1st interprovincial Bourges 6441b. (1989) - 1st provincial Sens 24,033b. (1995) - 1st national NPO Chateauroux 3020b. (2001), etc.


If we analyse the Bossua-base pigeons thoroughly, then we come to three base breeding couples.
(1) The "Bange-Koppel," or in other words the "Bange Blauwe" (son "As" x carwinner G. de Wit) X "bange lichte" (cock Hanegraaf x granddaughter 46). They became parents and grandparents of a lot of top birds.
(2) The "Auto-Koppel" or the "Late van de 04" (De 04 X Donkere Janssenduif) X "Uno-duivin" (Uno X Victory). They became parents of:
- "Miss Marbella" NL94/5567918: 1st Sens 24,033b. and carwinner
- "Het asduifje" NL 95/5569883: 7th national ace-pigeon Vredesduif
- "Witrugje" NL 95/5569884: 1st Rambouillet 1693b.
- "Bourgesduifje" NL 96/5666054: 3rd Bourges 5879b. - 4th Chateauroux 9337b.
- "Simba" NL 97/5739263: 8th national ace-pigeon 1997 - 3rd Orleans 4163b. - 5th Chantilly 3298b. - 7th Peronne 2678b. - 9th Chantilly 2696b.
- "Witkopje" NL98/5870048: 1st Chateauroux 533b. - 2nd Menen 5801b. - 2nd Peronne 4144b.
- "Tilly" NL 99/5957928: 1st Chantilly 1383b.
- "Panini" NL01/5150249: 1st Bourges 3020b.

(3) "Porky" X "Miss Marbella" They're parents of the following top birds:
- "Etampesduifje" NL 96/5665985 : 1st Etampes 1510b.
- "Chateaurouxduifje" NL96/5665986 : 1st Chateauroux 9337b. - 1st Duffel 1473b. - 1st Minderhout 1490b.
- "De 22" NL96/5666022: 1st Pont st Maxence 2052b.
- "Evita" NL96/5666050: 1st Peronne 2105b. - 1st Peronne 1510 b. - 1st Peronne 2323b.
- "Fopper" NL96/5666051: 1st Peronne 1721b.
- "Orleansduifje" NL97/5739316: 1st Orleans 4136b.
- "Dunne" NL98/5870010: 1st Tours 1019b. and best youngbird of Holland in the competition "Wie Heeft Ze Beter"
- "Liesje" NL98/5870087: 1st Ablis 1649b.
- "Mario"NL01/5150323: 2nd Bourges 3020b.
- "Bella" NL01/5150250: 3rd Bourges 3020b.

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Breeders' aviary

Breeding boxes

Long-distance racers
above the breeding loft

Old bird racing lofts

Electronic timing

The young bird loft

Young birds in
the loft aviary

Young bird
loft entrance

Inside the
widowhood loft

In the widowers' loft

A widower's box

The racing hens

Hens have no access
to the floor

The fact that Kees has those breeding couples doesn't mean that he never invests money in new birds. No, every year Kees buys birds.

(1) SUPERKWEKER 4085435/93
This check cock won 3rd Dourdan out of 681 pigeons and 6th Noyon out of 294 pigeons. But most important is his breeding qualities. He is father of two provincial ace pigeons at the middle distance.
"Elvirken" (4226020/94) daughter "Superkweker" and 1st provincial ace pigeon middle distance young birds 1994 (against 15,000 fanciers) won 1st Dourdan 451 birds - 2nd Dourdan 690 birds - 3rd Dourdan 1002 birds - 3rd Dourdan 573 birds - 4th Dourdan 758 birds.

Kees says, "One of my top breeders was the 'Blauwe Bol of '79'. He was a pure Raoul Verstraete (Oostakker) pigeon. The 'Blauwe Bol' himself won the first prize10 times. Later I bought also six children of the 'Uno.' Also with two grandchildren of the world famous 'Verbart 46' I was very successful. Those grandchildren were the 'De Dure' and '46-duivin.' Other top breeders were the 'Jonge Ijzeren'(gebroeders Vroomen) and the 'As' (Maurits Voets - Kessel), 'De Gemaasde' of Jean Meulemans (Teralfene), a son and daughter of the '04' of Adrie Van De Rhee (Alblasserdam), 1st prize winner of Gerritsen-van Looyengoed and by Wouters-Coremans (Langdorp). In 1999 I bought 20 youngsters from Eddy and Valeer Vandepoele (Werken). I raced those youngsters with success, and in 2002 I bought two youngsters and two brothers of the 'Figo' of Antoon and Hilde Reynaert (Passendale). From J. Krowinkel (Hoek Van Holland) I bought something from his famous '983.'"

"When I bring in new blood I give them two years to breed successfully. Otherwise, they have to go," Kees explains.


Eighteen (18) widowers is the number sitting in the widowers' loft. Kees keeps the pigeon sport easy and simple; therefore, the widowers don't breed in the winter. No, they're sitting during that period in an aviary which is in front of the widowers' loft. Kees says, "This is a very healthy solution. No 'head' diseases, and the pigeons look very nice after this 'aviary-cure.' The first coupling happens the third week-end of February, and after five days of brooding, they're on widowhood for a season which is 19 weeks long.
In three tosses they're 40km away, and after that they go with the club to 80km. This is no problem with pigeons who already have some experience.
Motivation is important, but here we don't see any variation in the motivation. From the first to the last race, the widowers get their hen for two hours. If you always motivate the widowers in the same way, then they keep their condition the whole season long.

Also the 18 hens that are raced on widowhood are prepared in the same way. In the winter they stay in the aviary, and they're also coupled the third weekend of February. Once the hens are on widowhood, the hens stay during the week in a "hens' loft" with shelves. From this loft, they're going out for training around the loft. After a half hour they're called into the central loft (the loft with boxes). They can eat, and after their meal go again to the "hens' loft." Do the hens pair with each other? "I don't have many problems," answers Kees. "I'll show you the loft. This is easier to explain." (A look at the photographs will help the reader understand it better.)

Before the coupling, Kees visits the vet. On his advice, a tricho-cure is given during the brooding along with a ten days' cure against parathyfus. During the racing season every three to four weeks the pigeons are treated for three days against trichomoniasis. The old birds are not treated against ornithosis.


The first and the second round are weaned in different lofts. In the beginning, they train separately, but once both rounds fly very well, then they train together. Later the hens and cocks are separated, and then of course they train separately. In front of every young bird loft there is an aviary, and during the day (when they're not darkened) they're in that aviary where they can enjoy the air (oxygen). The darkening system is started as soon as the young birds fly well (around the end of March) and is stopped on 21 June or just one week before the first young bird race. By following this system the young birds can be raced till the end of September without any problems.

The young birds are raced according to the "open-door system." Before basketting they come together for two hours, and on arrival day they stay together the whole day. This is followed the whole season.

The topper by the young birds 2003 was the "Kannibaal" NL 03/5301441. This blue cock won the following top results:
08.02 8th Peronne 6394 b.
08.09 1st Peronne 2030 b.
08.16 54th national Chantilly 17,818 b.
08.23 5th national Chantilly 13,593 b.
08.30 6th Strombeek 4063 b.
09.06 3rd Hensies 1020 b.
09.13 6th Niergies 3865 b.
09.20 16th Peronne 1363 b.

His father is "Kleine Figo" (B02-3025837). Direct from the loft Antoon en Hilde Reynaert (Passendale) and full brother of "Figo" (1st national Bourges 12,266 b. and 8 x 1st prize).

Mother is "Witkopje" (NL98/5870048). Won 1st Chateauroux 533 b. - 2nd Menen 5801 b. - 2nd Peronne 4144 b. Full sister of "Miss Marbella" (1st Sens 24,033 b.) - "Panini" (1st interprovincial Bourges 3020 b.)

You see that coupling Super X Super produces Super.

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