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Gilbert Coolsaet:
st International St.Vincent 13,085 Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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St Vincent winner

Winner's wing

The head of Robin

A look inside the loft


Vlissegem: St. Vincent…the 4th international race of the season and we have a Belgian fancier as winner. This time it was Gilbert Coolsaet who won with his “Robin” (B09-3076060).

With one day of delay the 13,085 birds were liberated at St. Vincent (distance Brussels 890km) at 7am. It was certainly not an easy race because there was a rain zone going from west to east above north of France and Belgium. Lucky there was a south west wind so that the Vincent birds were a little supported with a tailwind. The international winner was clocked in Vlissegem, a little town at 1km of the North Sea , so in the west part of Belgium…to be honest we did not expect the winner at that place.

Neither did I" starts Gilbert's story. “When we want to clock a very early bird on national level, we need certainly east wind. Without east wind no top prizes on national level. But my “Robin” did not care and won this international race with south-west wind. It is a pity that I did not see him arriving. To be honest I was not expecting the birds. I know the velocity of Limoges flyers (Limoges is 280km shorter than St Vincent) and I said to a friend of mine when St. Vincent makes a velocity of 100 m.p.m. less the Limoges you will be top. But I was more than wrong. The St. Vincent birds made the same velocity as the Limoges birds. I do not have a lot of birds and I still clock my pigeons by hand (no E.C.S.). But I have a kind of alarm and when a bird comes home and go through the entry a bell is ringing. I was sitting in my kitchen when suddenly the bell was ringing. I went outside to the pigeon loft and “Robin” was sitting in his box. It was only 5pm37 min…a moment that I will never forget !


Gilbert continues his story : “Pigeon sport is here pure hobby. My father Kamiel was a top fancier and every week I was present to watch the birds coming home. When father died I came to live in my parents’ home and I continued the hobby of my father. I did not change anything…the boxes are almost 50 years old !

I started to race with the pigeons of my father but in 1987 I received, totally free, eggs of famous Gaston Devooght. In 1997 I invested again, this time by Etienne Decerf (Vlissegem). I can note that 90% of my pigeons have Decerf blood, the other 10% are birds from Devooght and Martin Van Haaren (Wenduine).

At this moment I have 13 widowers, 2 breeding couples and around 50 young birds. I race my old birds on the long and very long distance races. The year birds go till 600km and the young birds are trained till 300km.

On 15th of January I have coupled my widowers. Only one part of the team could breed young birds. The international winner had only eggs, no babies. As preparation he flew 1 x 300km, 2 x 450km, 1 x600km and then 3 weeks home.

My caring system is certainly not complicated. I feed the mixtures of Van Robaeys and Beyers. I always buy a protein poor mixture and a racing mixture. As base I always feed the protein poor mixture, afterwards I feed 50% protein poor and 50% racing mixture. The last 4 days before basketting I feed 100% racing mixture. I feed my widowers individual. They get as much as they want and after 30 minutes everything is taken away. I administer vitamins and every two days fresh grit and pick stone.

I visit the vet about 6 weeks before the coupling and after they had flown their first race with two nights of basket. Against tricho I cure every three weeks during two days. Three weeks before St. Vincent I have given a cure with Soludox."


And then we speak about the international winner. Gilbert said, “This winner was certainly not especially motivated. Every week, even when the widower did not race, they get for some hours their hen. On basketting day I show only the nest bowl and for the rest I did not do anything special. “

Gilbert…enjoy your international victory !


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