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  News > Engels - Part 2
  Jos and Jules Engels:
Nothing Better,
Part 2

by Stefan Mertens


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Jos and
Jules Engels

"Den Dikke"




The world-famous
"231" in retirement

"De 734"

"Het 135"


In Part 1 of this report, we spoke about the system that Jos and Jules Engels have used with such success, and in the conclusion of this report we are going to talk about their breeding loft.
For Part 1 of the story, click here.


Being tops in the sport and achieving strong results both follow from an unwritten law that it all has to do with pigeons who can do more than just "follow the group." With the Engels loft, it is just the same. The first step to becoming "world-famous" was taken in 1947. In that year, Flor got a couple of youngsters from his oldest brother Jef. Jef was a top fancier on the short distance, and only that one couple of youngsters was enough to bring his brother Flor to the same position. Flor won one race after the other, and after a few years in the mid-1950s he decided to go in the direction of the middle distance. And believe it or not, his first result was not very strong but unbelievably strong. With only two birds in the race, he won the 1st and 8th prizes against more then 2000 birds. Nobody could understand it!

These same birds are the foundation for the results of today. The "Witte Duivin" was a pure breeding hen. Her son "Oude Zwarten" (6287401/73) coupled with a daughter of "Oude Bange" (6546874/80) from Van Hove-Uytterhoeven were the parents of "Witpennder" (6578304/81). "Witpenner" twice won provincial Orleans within two weeks, and afterwards he became the base-pigeon in the Engels loft. Not only did he become father of the "231" (6616231/86) but coupled with "daughter Oude Lichten" (6568089/85), he also became father of the "Witte" (6324103/89) or the 1st national Bourges '90. The "Oude Lichten" (6084723/78) is also a grandson of the "Witte Duivin" and he's also mentioned as a very important stock bird. So is the mother of the "31"-de "Grote Blauwe Brutte" (6631331/79)-also from the line "Oude Lichten."

In the Mechelbaan in Putte, you cannot find complicated breeding theories, but only "the strong" believe in their own old base. To avoid too much inbreeding you must invest every year in new pigeons. But new pigeons first have to succeed in the very strong tests; otherwise, they're immediately selected out.


The "231"

The most world famous is without a doubt the "231." The "231" is a very nice cock. As already mentioned, his father is "Witpender" (6578304/81) and his mother is "Grote Blauwe Brutte" (6631331/79).

It is not possible to mention all the children and grandchildren of that top stock bird who made top results. If we were to do that, we would have to write a whole book. But we're going to mention the results of some children of the "231."

"6163562/88": 1st provincial Chateauroux 2140b. - 3rd national Argenton 3125b. - 6th national Bourges 9550b. - 7th national Argenton 2783b. - 15th national La Souterraine 17,343b. - 63rd national Argenton 3848b. - 125th national Bourges 13,603b. - 142th national Bourges 10,992b. - 76th national Bourges 17,781b. - 170th national Bourges 15,548b.

"6467007/92": 5th Dourdan 171b. - 100th national Bourges 10,670b. - 41st national Argenton 3447b. - 43rd seminational Chateauroux 13,285b. - 13th Poitiers 2213b. - 426th national Bourges 10,723b. - 151st national Bourges 12,529b.

"6362078/97": 4th interprovincial Argenton 10,638b. - 50th Interprovincial Limoges 3326b. - 56th provincial Chateauroux 1837b.

"6615647/91": 1st Dourdan 233b. - 9th Vierzon 1221b. - 14th Vierzon 2448b. - 14th Bourges 765b. - 52nd Issoudin 1033b.

"6495219/94": 1st Noyon 275b. - 1st Bourges 3581b. - 6th Toury 328b. - 7th Argenton 690b. - 9th Sens 326b.


"De 97"


"Den Bourges"

"Den 306"

"Den 327"

"De 086"

"Den 31"

The "6529698/93"

Maybe after the "231" this is one of the best breeding cocks in the loft. His father is the "6360642/87," who is in his turn a son of the "Oude Lichten" (6084723/78). His mother is the "6657660/86." She is mother of several top birds and comes out of a half-brother of the "Oude Lichten."

The "698/93" paired with "6495098/94" is a real top couple. They are the parents of many fine racers. Most of their children have won a lot of prizes, but here we mention only the top results (no doublings).

"6307033/96": 2nd Noyon 431b. - 1st Toury 204b. - 1st Vierzon 1130b. - 40th Bourges 3334b.

"6529698/93": 42nd national Bourges 4139b. - 7th Chateauroux 2838b. - 1st La Souterraine 107b. - 67th Chateauroux 6744b. - 9th La Souterraine 291b. - 11th Bourges 10,382b. - 9th Vierzon 1682b.

"6153607/01": 4th Bourges 5029b. (7th national 16,945b.) - 6th Pithiviers 446b. - 19th Dourdan 1864b. - 18th Dourdan 1081b.

"6396364/98": 8th interprovincial Limoges 3153b. - 5th Toury 356b. - 14th Toury 871b. - 22nd provincial Bourges 3760b. - 26th provincial Chateauroux 2306b. - 191st interprovincial Argenton 9864b.

"6272037/00": 6th interprovincial La Souterraine 1816b. (59th national against 15,306b.) - 2nd Guerret 3265b. (16th national against 9277b.) - 2nd Pithiviers 666b. - 8th Bourges 201b. (216th national against 16,119b.) - 22nd provincial Bourges 2037b. (117th against 15,581b.) - 49th provincial Bourges 3526b.

"6272038/00": 11th provincial Orleans 13,237b. - 223rd national Bourges against 36,506b. - 20th interprovincial Vierzon 783b.

"6362086/97 X "6307033/96"

Another good breeding couple is "6362086/97" X "6307033/96." The "086/97" is a real top breeder and is also father of "Marieke" (Olympiadbird Liévin).

This pair is parents of:

"6272030/00": 5th Sens 639b. - 9th Sens 758b. - 19th Guerret 2686b. - 8th Pithiviers 666b. - 24th Chateauroux 1720b. - 3rd Argenton 4955b. - 29th Argenton 10,461b. - 20th Orleans 3801b.

"6151755/99": 1st Sens 559b. - 3rd Sens 315b. - 4th Noyon 405b. - 64th national Argenton 21,151b. - 207th seminational Argenton 9393b.

"6151601/99": 2nd interprovincial Limoges 5196b. - 266th interprovincial Vierzon 12,705b. - 46th Souillac 1628b.

"6362086/97": 3rd Chateauroux 313b. - 124th national Bourges 49,153b. - 368th seminational Chateauroux 13,085b.

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But also birds like the "6495178/94" are unbelievable top breeders. That cock is for example father of "417/98" (1st provincial Bourges 1249b. - 3rd Argenton 1994b., etc.)

The fact that the Engels pigeons are all round pigeons has been proven by the racing results of the top stock bird "6237584/90." He won the 1st seminational Chateauroux against 13,285 birds as well as first prizes on the sprint (1st Noyon 460b.)

So you see that when you consider the results of the pigeons of Jos and Jules Engels, nothing better can be found !!!

This is the second part of a two-part report.
For Part 1 of the story, click here.

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