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Etienne and Jean Greeven from Alken

1st National Chateauroux 4692 Old Birds
and Fastest Against 22358 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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The Lofts

Winner's Head

Winner's Wing

Winning Bird

Eye of the Winner

The national race with the old birds was won by a 2-year old hen, the 5052870/2011, which we find on the loft of Etienne and Jean Greeven in Alken. She was clocked at 13h10min25sec at a distance of 524km and a speed of 1689m/min. Hereby, she’s the fastest of all 22358 Chateauroux racers.

For the first time this season, we had a national race in between Bourges II and Argenton II. It’s the second race of a new series of 7 national races. Again, a lot of pigeons went into the baskets, another prove that the national heavy middle distance is loved by everybody. The fastest of them all was a chequered hen, the  5052870/2011, which didn’t race a lot this year but she already showed her qualities and to Etienne and Jean, this is a super result. Last season, we visited them too when they won 2 nat. Bourges old birds and 3 nat. Bourges yrl. This hen had a lot of advance on the second pigeon because they only just noticed the first announcement on the internet, when their Bricon X-treme clocked their national winner.      

The Colony
About 50 years ago, these two brothers started to race the pigeons. In those days, they bought their pigeons on the market but already then, they prefered the middle distances. For some years, they quit the sport because of their job but now they’re back again.

Their colony is based on pigeons of Leon Princen, Montenaken (winners blood of 1st prov winners ) ; Camiel Nulens, Koersel (string Fenomenale ) ; Nelissen Brothers and  Marc Bollen, Hasselt ; Jean Kuyck, Kozen (origins of the best of the Late Pros Roosen from Kermt ) ; Tony Martens, Lummen. The last reinforcements come from  Gaston Surkijn, Lummen and Verreckt–AriŽn from Tessenderlo.

The System with the Youngsters
This year, their results weren’t like before. The best old widowers were moved to the breeding loft and so you notice immediately that you have to keep on playing with your best pigeons if you want to score at the top. That’s why they moved their best hens to the loft of the youngsters from the moment that the system of the sliding door started. Along with the youngsters, they were darkened for about 5 weeks and also learned together with the youngsters.

The last weeks, they worked hard for the pigeons and they were released every day at a distance of 50 km.  The day of basketing, they drove to Mettet and when they arrived home, they found boxes and dark corners, where they could hide. This also happened the day of basketing for Chateauroux.  They stayed together the whole day and then they were put in the basket. The national winning hen was paired to a young cock and this seemed to be the right motivation for her to hurry home. 
They also trained for an hour at home every day and so they had the good condition. Once a week, they could take a bath and after the race, each bird was bathed in warm water. All of this took them a lot of energy and hard work but they are rewarded with this national victory.

5052870/2011 Chequered Hen
Resultats 2013
 1 Chateauroux  
 1 "         " prov          697p
 1 "         " Nat Zone C1
 1 "         " Nat          4692p
 1 "         " fastest against 22358p
 2 Marne                     187p
 4 Marne                     234p

Sire 5110116/2010 Cheq. Directly Verreckt - AriŽn
Grandson Golden Pair; the Dikke Lowet x Lang Lowet
Gr.S. 5123179/2005 Hawk Top breeder and father Miss Bourges 18 Nat Bourges 16800p '08. Don Golden Pair 247/97 basic cock, the Dikke Lowet x 255/97 Lang Lowet. Basic pair Verreckt - AriŽn
Gr.D. 2024900/2006 Erika Top breeding hen and mother Moluca 1 Nat C Limoges 2429p and 2 nat Montlucon 8521p, mother Tullo 2 prov Tulle 833p. Sister Lucky 85 1 Nat Ace-pig LD KBDB '06. Daughter 108/03 the Frans Son Top breeder Limoges De Rauw - Sablon x 976/99 Het Pierke Janssen Arendonk x Swing L Van Den Eynde

Dam 5048388/2009 Dark blue Directly Camiel Nulens
Gr.S. 5003884/2007 Half-brother 1 S.Nat Argenton 10461p. Son  870/95 Last son Ambiorix 656/91 Super breeder x 669/04 Late Daughter Super 848/95 Half-brother Fenomenale. He won 4 prov Vierzon 4853p, 21 St.Denis 1808p, 9 prov Limoges 914p, 18 prov Limoges 1096p, 20 prov Vierzon 4987p and 23 prov Bourges 2151p.
Gr.D 5259422/2000 Daughter Geschifte 179/97 Michielsen - Meulemans Son Dubbele Van Elsacker - Jepsen x 146/97 Grimasse Daughter Ekimov 1st prov Ace-pig '97

Care Taking
At the beginning of the week, the birds get a light mixture; Wal Zoontjes and then it becomes more richer; Beyers Super Widowhood. These last few weeks, they became more food because they trained very hard. They also get some candy seeds every day.

Because the results weren’t well enough, they started to follow the schedule of the vet Raf Herbots. Now, all the birds receive are the HERBOTS-products:  Zell Oxygen, Tarsin, Optimix, Aminovit, Sedochol and Topfit. At their arrival, they have some disinfection in the drinking water and every month, they cure against cancer for one day. They exchange: one day a week against cancer, next something for the heads and then Sedochol.

Congratulations and enjoy your national victory!


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