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  News > Marcel and Pierre Loppe
  Marcel and Pierre Loppe:
National Champion Little
Middle Distance
KBDB 2005

by Stefan Mertens


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Marcel and Pierre

The wing of




The birds are

7th national
ace-pigeon 2005

Wing of the
7th ace

The wing of "Anita"

The loft complex


Rixensart: Located in the shadow of the better known Brussels, Rixensart was the place to be to congratulate the national champion little middle distance 2005. For those who very closely follow the Belgian pigeon sport, the name Loppe will not sound unfamiliar. Not only about their fantastic results on the middle distance, but about most of all the results of their blue crack "Diablo" (B98-2002204) did many fanciers speak with respect about this colony. For those who are not informed, "Diablo" was in 1994 the 4th national ace-pigeon middle distance and in 2000 the 3rd national ace-pigeon. In that same year, "Diablo" also represented Belgium at the Olympiad in Cape town (South-Africa).

The nice thing about this story is that although a lot of euros were offered for this fabulous cock, he was never sold and stayed at the lofts on the Rue Rochefoucaulde, number 31, and nowadays he let his talents explode in the breeding loft. "The best thing we ever did," says Marcel, "because his children and grandchildren won the national title." By the way, the 7th national ace-pigeon little middle distance 2005 is also a grandson of the "Diablo." In other words, it runs in the family!


Father Marcel has been a pigeon fancier his whole life. As a 15-year-old, boy he was in the lofts of his own father every day. Short distance was the favourite game, and if there was a race somewhere you could find Marcel at the basketting table. In those days you could basket several times a week and the question of "if there would be enough pigeons in the race" was never asked. Those were very nice times!

In 1969 Marcel constructed his house, and built nice pigeon lofts at the same time. But his very busy job at the bank made it almost impossible to take good care of the birds. The results were more bad than good. But that was not counting on the assistance of son Pierre. He was also very interested in racing the pigeons, and every free minute he had was spent in the lofts. Suddenly the results became much better, and that was for Marcel the sign to invest in better pigeons. In 1988 Marcel and Pierre took the car and went to a world-famous name--Gommair Verbruggen (Scherpenheuvel) to buy birds. It was a golden investment, and certainly the birds out of the line of the "Kletskop" were very successful.

The results improved yet again, and with the Verbruggen birds as a foundation, our father-son combination looked out for new blood. This was successfully found in the lofts of Driessens (Vilvoorde), Debiève Jean-Claude (Hornu), Herbots Jo and Raf (Halle-Booienhoven), Goris Jan (Westerlo - where the superb hen "Anita" was bought), Van Malderen Willy (Messelbroek), Van den Bossche Xavier (Beersel), Carlier Olivier (Wauthier Braine) and recently Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe - pigeons out of the 1st national ace-pigeon) and Frans Van Dorpe (Borsbeke).


The favourite game of our friends is without any doubt the game with the widowers, and therefore they have well counted 48 birds (20 old birds and 28 yearbirds). These are housed in four different lofts.

The season ends with Bourges (at the end of July) and after this race cocks and hens stay together and may brood twice over 10 days. After the second brood, the widowers who did not receive enough points following their ring number are selected out, and the others get a ticket in the direction of the aviary. Their boxes in the widowers loft are closed, and all the other boxes are opened. At the same time, the new yearling cocks come into the loft and may sleep for the first time in their new loft. They get all the time to select a favourite box.

At the beginning of December an early round with all the birds is scheduled on the programme. First, the year birds are coupled, and two days later the old widowers come into the loft. Also those are immediately coupled. By handling in this way, the old cocks are only interested in their hen and don't spend time fighting against the new year birds.


The widowhood


Inside the
widowhood loft

Widowers in

The window of
the widowers' loft

Careful feeding


At the same time, the 28 breeding couples are also coupled, and after they have nested for ten days, the eggs of the stock birds go under the widowers. Only the eggs of some important widowers are kept. Once the youngsters are 16 days old, one youngster stays with the widower and the other youngster goes together with the hen to the young bird loft. Once the youngsters are 23 days old, all the babies are weaned and the widowers come into a kind of winter period.

Winter period means that the whole loft is cleaned and disinfected. The boxes are closed and the cocks have to sit on perches. The feeding is very light (3/4 depurative and ¼ moulting mixture) and this at a quantity of only 27 grams per day per pigeon. This winter regime is in effect until March 20th. Once this date is on the calendar, the boxes are opened, the hens come again into the loft and they may nest for five days. After those five days, the hens and eggs go away and the cocks are on widowhood. Then they're fed and trained twice a day, are treated for five days against canker and get Omniform for seven days in the drinking water.

During the season nothing is left to co-incidence! It is father Marcel together with his wife who stands in for the birds, but it is son Pierre who decides what is done and which system is followed. As already mentioned, the team consists of 48 widowers in four different lofts, and not all the pigeons of the same loft go every week to the same race. Whoever creates plans like this needs to be careful that everything is followed well. Every week the whole "pigeon team" writes little notes whereby they decide which widower has to be treated and fed for his next race.

Marcel explains, "Our team of widowers is divided into two groups. One team is basketted every week for a little middle distance race (around the 300 km) and the others go the big middle distance (races around 400 and 500km). During the racing season we feed our birds from light to heavy. This means upon arrival 100% Champion Plus I.C., then for two days 50% Super Diet and 50% Gerry Plus I.C., then for two days 100% Gerry Plus I.C. and then the last days a combination of Champion Plus I.C., Super Star Plus I.C. and Energy Plus I.C."

Pierre continues, "In the beginning of the season, the weather can be cold and rainy, and therefore heating plates are installed in our lofts. When it is necessary, these plates are turned on, and in that way we can keep up the condition among the widowers in a better way."

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Stockbirds' aviary

Inside the
stockbirds' aviary

Special wire
for ventilation

Just weaned

Pierre in the
youngbird loft

A youngbird in
his box

The proud

"Le Nelson"

"For the rest," Pierre goes on, "everything happens like in a lot of other lofts. There is only one thing we keep in mind, and that is that the more energy you put into the birds, the better the results are!"


In 2005 our father-son partnership achieved a real top season. From the first weekend, the widowers team was in real top condition and flew home as if the devil were behind them. If you don't believe it, just look at the results and judge for yourself.

04-23-05: Vervins-362 old birds: 1-2-9-13-16-17-19-30-33-35 (13/20)

04-23-05: Vervins-404 year birds: 1-11-15-19-23-27-28-34-41 (14/23)

05-01-05: Soissons-899 old birds: 2-19-26-49-58-59-73 (12/20)

05-15-05: Melun-793 old birds: 1-2-7-8-17-21-29-32-34-40-50. (18/20)

05-21-05: Gien-894 old birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-13-14-16-18-28 (15/20)

05-22-05: La Ferte-427 year birds: 1-4-6-13-15-19-20-23-25-28-32-33 (17/20)

05-28-05: Gien-519 old birds: 3-5-6-7-8 (5/8)

05-28-05: Bourges-772 old birds: 3-5-6-7-13-22-34 (9/10)

05-29-05: Melun-325 year birds: 1-3-5-11-12 (8/20)

06-04-05: Gien-390 old birds: 1-9-27-50 (4/8)

06-11-05: Chateauroux-Local 672 old birds: 3-5-216 (3/8)

06-11-05: Chateauroux-Semi-national: 12,992 old birds: 67-100
06-11-05: Gien-490 old birds: 1-5-8-11-18-35 (11/21)

06-18-05: Gien-456 old birds: 2-7-10-12-27-29 (13/23)

06-18-05: Gien-308 year birds: 2-13-27-30 (6/14)

06-25-05: Sens-274 old bird: 1-2-3-5-9-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-26 (18/23)

06-25-05: Sens-171 year birds: 1-5-6-7-8-12 (10/14)

06-25-05: Montlucon-Lokaal 483 old birds: 5-8-131

06-25-05: Montlucon-Semi-national: 7149 old birds: 159-231

07-16-05: Gien-219 old birds: 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-14-15-19-27 (16/23)

07-16-05: Gien-140 year birds: 1-3-4-5-7-12- . (8/12)

07-23-05: Gien-310 old birds: 1-2-3-21-32- (11/27)

07-30-05: Bourges- 503 old birds: 4-6-13-39-40 (6/12)

07-30-05: Bourges- CFW 3714 old birds: 62-106-180-447-448-1083


To win the national championship little middle distance, you have to take the best six results with the 1st and 2nd nominated old birds. The races have a minimum distance of 250km and a maximum distance of 400km, and in total over the six races calculated you need a minimum 1500km. This championship can only be won with old birds.

Only races organized between May 7th and August 20th (with the exception of the national race from Bourges) can be taken.

Only one race per weekend can be taken, and races during the week don't count. A minimum of 100 pigeons must participate in the race and as well as a minimum of 10 fanciers.

First three classified fanciers 2005:
1. Loppe Marcel & Pierre - Rixensart (21.9251 %)
2. Van den Bruel Raymond - Hallaar (35.1377 %)
3. Kemerlinckx Leon - Budingen (39.0058 %)

Date: 05-15-05
Race: Melun (264.931km)
Number of Pigeons: 666 1st Nominated: 1
2nd Nominated: 22

Date: 05-21-05
Race: Gien (362.984km)
Number of Pigeons: 894 1st Nominated: 13
2nd Nominated: 8

Date: 05-28-05
Race: Gien (362.984km)
Number of Pigeons: 519
1st Nominated: 5
2nd Nominated: 6

Date: 06-11-05
Race: Gien (362.984km)
Number of Pigeons: 490
1st Nominated: 1
2nd Nominated: 5

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Date: 06-25-05
Race: Sens (294.176km)
Number of Pigeons: 274
1st Nominated: 1
2nd Nominated: 19

Date: 07-16-05
Race: Gien (362.984km)
Number of Pigeons: 219
1st Nominated: 5
2nd Nominated: 7

But also by the ace-pigeons little middle distance we find the name Loppe back in 7th place. It is their widower 1510033/04. The "033" is on his father's side a grandson of the top-breeder "Diablo" and on his mother's side, we are talking about an original Jean-Claude Debiève hen, namely a daughter of "Diva."

The "1510033/04" won the following top prizes:

1st Gien 219 birds
1st Gien 140 birds
1st Sens 171 birds
1st Melun 325 birds
1st Melun 270 birds
1st Melun 86 birds
2nd Gien 308 birds
2nd Sens 274 birds
3rd Gien 317 birds

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