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Martin De Vijlder - Roland Uyttendaele

International Narbonne 8,910 Year Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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Winning Bird

Winner's Head

Winner's Wing

The Lofts


For the international victory from Narbonne we went to the combination De Vijlder-Uyttendaele from Oordegem. This combination exist out Martin De Vijlder and Roland Uyttendaele. Martin De Vijlder is already his whole life a fancier. In 2006 Martin won 3rd national Bourges, a race which he loves a lot. Roland who is retired has a very social life and although he is a fanatic fancier he does not have the time to race birds in a way that a fancier should do. Therefore Roland and Martin decided in 2010 the make a combination and together they go for it. The breeders are housed by Roland and the racers are housed by Martin. The selection and the coupling of the birds are always made together.

The cooperation between Martin and Roland is extremely well and from the first years that they formed a combination the results were directly very good. In 2011 they won 2nd provincial champion KBDB East-Flanders Fond young birds and those good young birds 2011 performed again super in 2012.


The international winners have a team of 24 widowers and around 80 young birds. Till now the hens were not raced. When Martin is retired then they will also start with the hens. The colony is based on birds of Norbert Sierens (Zwevegem), Georges Peiren (Zulte), Etienne Devos (Deerlijk), Jos en Jan Loobuyck (Aalter) and Patrick Desmet (Semmerzake).

The widowers were coupled the first weekend of December. When the babies are big, the hens and babies are separated. Around the 3rd weekend of March the widowers are coupled for the second time and after a 5 days brood the widowers are on widowhood. When the widowers are brooding, the widowers are tossed and go step by step direction middle distance and long distance.

The widowers are raced following the system op pure widowhood. In the begin of the week the widowers receive 50% depurative + 50% sport mixture on the menu. Three different brands are mixed. The last days before basketting the widowers receive an energy mixture. The widowers are fed individual but they drink together.

On medical level they follow the advices of a specialized vet. But this racing season the condition of the widowers was so good that they did not visit the vet a lot. For ornithosis the birds are cured with Amoxycure and the week before Narbonne international all widowers received a tablet against trichomoniose.


The international winner was received as a voucher from Patrick De Smet from Semmerzake. As a joke Roland said to Patrick that he still got a voucher from him for a young bird. This was said as a joke but although this Patrick gave a couple of young birds to Roland and Martin. And one of those young birds is the international winner. So the saying that “good birds you need to get as a gift” is here a fact.

Martin and Roland…enjoy this international victory.


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