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  News > Oscar and Koen Brackenier

Oscar and Koen Brackenier:
1 National Brive 11,128 Old Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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Nice bird in the hand

Winner's wing

Closer look at the eye


Oosterzele: Brive is a race which every long distance racer likes. Brive is a well-known race…a race which every long distance fancier wants to win.

For the 2012 Edition organizer “Belgische Verstandhouding” had 11,128 participants. Liberated at 6am15min and supported by a strong tail wind the Brive flyers went with high velocity home. Winner became Oscar and Koen Brackenier. They clocked their “Little Dax” (B10-4232310) for a distance of 667km at 12am37min, good for a velocity of 1743.58 m/m. They beat Jacobs Rudy and son (1733.32 m/m) and Moerman-Limbourg (1726.88 m/m).

The name Brackenier sounds familiar . Their name appears on regular base in the top of national results and also in well-known championships we find the name Brackenier a lot of times back. Highlight till now is 1st general Champion “Belgische Verstandhouding” 2006 !


The combination Brackenier Oscar and Koen is formed by grandfather Oscar (91 years old) and grandson Koen. Both are fanatic fanciers and they have divided the different “pigeon tasks” very well. Koen is the owner of a well visited restaurant named “Onder Den Toren” and has not always the time to take care about the pigeons. Koen is the man who says what needs to be done on the lofts and grandfather Oscar, together with the help of a friend, is the perfect man to do it.


For the racing season 2012 the loft Brackenier has a team of 45 widowers (incl. year birds) all housed on one loft. They do not race the hens. When the widowers have finished their last race, they are coupled and may brood. When they have finished this the hens are put in the aviary and the widowers can rest the whole winter period. Begin of March, the hens appear again on the loft and they may brood for maximum 10 days. Once the weather conditions are good, the birds are tossed.

Koen “Starting from end of Mai we want the birds in top condition. Since a few years we use a lot the products of Brockamp and vet Van der Cruyssen – Oosterlinck. Here is my caring system:

Day of arrival (Sunday) Amino-acids + electrolytes in the water and proteins on the feed. Monday: Aerosol in the water and Probac 1000 on the mixture. On Tuesday: Active Iron (water) and Probac Energy on the mixture. On wednesday (basketting day for long distance races) Probac Energy on the mixture and CMK + Carbo Power.

The pigeons who are not basketted receive on Thursday the same as on Wednesday. On Friday I put Sedochol in the drinker and the birds don’t get food. On Saturday evening, when the other pigeons arrived home, they get for the first time something to eat.


The base bird of the colony Brackenier is without any doubt “Den Dax” (B94-4102018). “Den Dax” became 2nd national ace KBDB Fond 2006. He won 3rd national Bordeaux 7,519b. and 2nd national Dax 6,138b. (5th international Dax 17,416b.). The national Brive winner is a double grandchild of “Den Dax”.

Little Dax” won before his national victory on Brive:


49 Noyon 657d.

268 Ecouen 647d.

109 Angerville 756d.


86 Angerville 575d.

59 Vierzon 692d.

12 Limoges lokaal 575d.

749 Limoges nationaal 13.781d.

36 Montauban 243d.

Oscar and Koen congratulations.


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