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  News > 2004 National Winners Belgium - Part 1
  National Winners Belgium
2004: Part 1

by Stefan Mertens

Part 1 of Two Parts. For Part 2, click here.


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Yves Billiet, at left

Noel Peiren, his wife and "The Bourges"

"The Brive"

The 2004 National races in Belgium held more than a few surprises, such as a hen that flew late into the night to win 1st National St. Vincent and a Bourges race in which there was both an official winner and an unofficial bird that was faster! But, under certain circumstances, that's the way we do things in Belgium. Here's the story...

Participating old birds: 23,694
Participating yearbirds: 19,606

23,694 old birds
1. Peiren Noel - Zedelgem (1525.13 m/m)
2. Cools-Blancke - Ruislede
3. Desmedt Ronny - Leffinge
4. Butaeye Michel - Koksijde
5. Van Steenhuyze Vanbruane - Lauwe

The Bourges national has written history again. In the yearbirds category we have a winner in the moral sense as well as an official winner. This is typical of Belgium. Let me explain. The quickest bird was the yearbird of Yves Billiet (Moorslede), but due to the fact that the pigeon was not registered under the name of Yves, the pigeon was disqualified. We'll let Yves explain: "Last year I received from my friend Romain Vandorpe two rings to band a couple of youngsters. But the hen hesitated to lay, and the youngsters were two weeks too young to wean along with the other youngsters of my friend. Now, Yves told his friend that he would keep the youngsters, and so the youngsters stayed in his loft, but the rings were registered under the name of his friend Romain.

In Belgium, you can only race with pigeons registered in your name. Due to this mistake, Yves lost his national victory. Despite everything, Yves called his winning bird "First National." "First National" (3118536/2003) comes from a team of 22 widowers, 15 breeding couples, and about 75 youngsters. The father of "First National" is a red cock (3146954/98) coming from Frans Parmentier (Wevelgem - crossment Vanhee X De Zutter). The mother is a grizzle hen (3225350/01 - crossment Marcel Ockier X Clicque X Nuytten).

The winner in the category of the old birds was NoŽl Peiren from Zedelgem. NoŽl is a well-known name in the Belgian pigeon sport. The fact that NoŽl won a race like Bourges was a little surprise for everybody because Peiren is known as a very long-distance loft. The winning bird is called "The Bourges" (3036194/2001) and is part of the nestbirds who have to fly Barcelona. Father of "Bourges" is the "Darco" (3278563/95). The "Darco" won 76th national Cahors in 1998, 63rd national Dax in 1998, 71st national Dax in 1999, and 30th national Cahors in 2000. The father of "Darco" is "Dax II" (3298167/91 - on 2nd international Dax 1994). Mother of the "Bourges" is "Sister King" (3296867/94 ) from Ghijsselbrecht. She has a son of the "Tee" from Denijs as father and the "Laureaat-duivin" (Vanbruane) as mother.


Participating birds: 19,487 old birds
1. Noel Peiren - Zedelgem (1165.59 m/m)
2. Marc Pollin - Snellegem (1163.84 m/m)
3. Georges Lidou - Ichtegem (1163.70 m/m)
4. Jos Thonť - Niel bij As (1156.66 m/m)
5. Julien Vaneenoo - Wingene (1155.71 m/m)

Believe it or not, but after Bourges we said to NoŽl Peiren, wait until the next victory, but neither NoŽl nor I knows that only one week later, he would again be standing there with flowers and congratulations. To win one national is something special, but to win two nationals in a row is unbelievable. Last week it was nestbirds who won, but now it is a cock from the widowers team that wins. "De Brive" (3039825/01) was basketted together with 28 other widowers for this race. Brive is seen as a "preparation-race" for Barcelona, but when the top condition is in the lofts, then everything can happen.

Father of the "Brive" is "Diplomaat" (2337563/94). He won the 5th national Montauban against 7,352 birds and is a full brother of the "Wondere Peiren" from Saarloos. The "Wondere Peiren" was bred by NoŽl and raced by the Dutch fancier Saarloos. "Wondere Peiren" won 6th national Bergerac 14,284b. - 8th national St. Vincent 8,556b. - 12th national Dax 5,856b. and was 1st national ace-pigeon very long distance NPO. Those two pigeons come from "3402120/87" (Vanbruane) X "3376705/85" (out of son 1st international Barcelona X sister 2nd national ace-pigeon long distance 1984).
Mother of the "Brive" is (3278029/87). She comes from "Roste Cahors" (3111960/89 - 6th national Cahors 7,528b. - 146th national Brive 21,012b. - 171st national Tulle 6,144b.) X "3151644/87."


Luc Deroeck, at right, with his wife



Luc Deroeck at his
lofts in WalloniŽ

Flamant and Ramlot,
winners of Cahors



Participating birds: 8,493 old birds

1. Luc Deroeck - Manage (1031.70 m/m)
2. Henri Vankerckhove - Serskamp (1026.20 m/m)
3. Jozef Blockx - Veerle laakdal (1025.76 m/m)
4. Kaelen Broers - Kelmis (1024.64 m/m)
5. Boris Burnait - St Marie/Sermois (1023.59 m/m)

Montťlimar is a new national race organized by the "Waalse Fondclub." There were only 8,493 old birds in the baskets. These are very low number, but it seems to be the obvious result of organizing a national race between two other national races, namely Brive and Cahors. We don't understand it. The numbers of pigeon fanciers and rings that have been sold are going down, and someone still organizes another national race?

Luc Deroeck is a well-known fancier in Belgium. Certainly in WalloniŽ--a region in the southern part of the country--he is the man to beat. In the 2003 season, he won 17 prizes in the first 100 national, and also in 2004 he scored very well. Take the Bourges result and against 7,690 pigeons you'll find the name Deroeck on places 6-11-24-29-38-47-55-58-88 (already nine from the 20 basketted pigeons).

The winning pigeon is called "Kiley" (9006081/01) and is a red cock. When we look at the pedigree of "Kiley" we only see names of Flemish fanciers. The father of "Kiley" is "6206087/97" and comes from Daems en zoon (Bevel). Mother is 3109942/99 and comes from Julien Vaneenoo (Wingene) and is a daughter of "Altig" (15th national Dax 4,170 birds).

Before winning the first national, "Kiley" won 20th Bourges 1,698 b. (478th national 16,495b.) - 23rd Toury 4,391 b. - 30th Toury 1,565 b. - 61st Limoges 4,755b. - 95th Chateauroux 8,538b. - 306th Argenton 4,047b. - 576th national Marseille 5,195b.


Participating birds: 7342 old birds

1. Ramlot-Flamant - Vťdrin (1141.86 m/m)
2. Paul en Dave Vets - Broechem (1138.47 m/m)
3. Andre en Patrick Desmet - Semmerzake (1136.93 m/m)
4. Vanderwielen Louis - Boortmeerbeek (1134.97 m/m)
5. Michel Denijs - Handzame (1130.97 m/m)

Again it is a top fancier who wins a national race. Jean-Paul Ramlot and son in law Jean-Francois Flamant were in 1999-2000-2001-2002 (or 4 times in a row) general champion of the province Namen. The winning bird is a blue cock, named after the world-famous soccer player Zinidine Zidane, or in other words "Zizou." "Zizou" (8016217/00) has as father "8012259/95" (strain Englebienne) and as mother "2431619/98" (strain Herbots). Our friends have 40 widowers,12 breeding couples and 80 youngsters. The base is 75% pigeons of Fauche Freres (Waret L'Eveque) but also Marc Roosens (Leernes), Englebienne (Forchies) and Gebroeders Herbots (Halle-Booienhoven).

The result of "Zizou" is not a "lucky-shot" because he already had the following racing results: 2nd Soissons 701b. - 4th Etampes 182b. - 9th Nanteuil 584b. - 16th Montauban 2,810b. - 16th Orleans 330b. - 21st Bourges 838b. - 150th Jarnac 116b. - 160th Jarnac 4,395b. etc.

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Franck and Olivier

"Le Turbo"

Gilbert Van Parijs
and Filip Norman



Marcel Demulder
and the Bordeaux
National winner

"The Bordeaux"

"Barcelona Rambo II"
NL 00-2427013


Participating birds: 8,116 old birds (2,180 from Belgium, 1,131 from Germany, 42 from Luxembourg, 111 from England, 3,571 from the Netherlands and 1,081 from France)

1. Franck Duquesnoy - Outreau France(1371.35 m/m)
2. Filip and Norbert Norman - Westkapelle (1319.89 m/m)
3. Christiaan Dufour - St Martin Boulogne France (1300.30 m/m)
4. G en C Fruitier - Bercle/Mer France (1298.47 m/m)
5. Daniel Aerens - Drongen (1292.79 m/m)

Outreau is a small village situated at the nearest point between France and England. Franck and Olivier Duquesnoy are brothers, but we have the impression that Franck is the pigeon fancier. He approaches the pigeon sport as pure hobby but with a lot of pigeons. In total there are 70 widowers, 60 couples of two years, and 150 youngbirds who are fed every day. Pigeons may grow out and the serious work starts only when they are two years old. This "soft" system has the advantage that pigeons of seven and eight years old are still raced. The base are pigeons from Gorin and Cattrysse (through Joseph Charles), but those were crossed with birds from Andre Vermote (Oostende), Tronquoy, Dťguillage, Peeters Thomas, Andre Vanbruaene, Hetru, Silver Toye, Jan Aarden, Vanderwegen, Herman Raymond and Jef De Ridder.

The international winner is called "Le Turbo" (F00-320723) who has already won the 31st international Dax 2003 - 77th Nimes 3,656b. - 222nd Limoges 1,7443b.- 721st Royan 7,884b.

Father of the "Turbo" is "65427/92" from Tronquoy Jules and is also father of the 4th and 11th national Barcelona. Mother of "le Turbo" is "512492/90" (strain Gorin X Catrysse).


The name Norman means something in the pigeon sport. Before there was grandfather Cyriel, then father Norbert, and now son Filip Norman who tries to put the name Norman as high as possible on the racing results. The Norman palmares makes more than an impression with 1st national Perigueux 1963 - 1st international Barcelona 1970 - 1st national Limoges 1971 - 1st national Limoges 1984 - 1st national Argenton 1991 and now 1st national Pau 2004. The national winner is "Robinson" (3140008/01), and in his pedigree we find three different national winners. Before his top result for Pau "Robinson" won 26th Blois 3,045b. - 366st national Brive 19,777b.


Participating birds: 7,537 old birds

1. Van Paemel-Demulder - Zuienkerke (1266.94 m/m)
2. Gaston and Danny Devooght - De Haan (1249.74 m/m)
3. Frans Waerniers - Knesselare (1238.91 m/m)
4. Germain Vandermaes - Brugge (1232.04 m/m)
5. Ludwig Vandecasteele - Oekene (1229.67 m/m)

The name Van Paemel-Demulder stands for Bianca Van Paemel and husband Marcel Demulder and the last one is the pigeon fancier. Marcel is a man who enjoys life, and his hobby is philosophizing about a lot of things. He is a man with special opinions. His parrot "Pico" has the same ideas and talks constantly. His second hobby is the pigeon sport. Nothing professional. His desk is an old wheelbarrow, and once a racing result is achieved it goes in the box of "old paper."

Marcel's basebirds are from ValŤre Vandenbossche and Marcel De Meyer (Tiegem). Later came birds from Gerard Latruwe (Ruddervoorde), Marc Pollin (Snellegem), Emiel Denijs (Tielt), Fernand Decraene (Harelbeke), Saelens-Vandemaele (Heule), Frans Van Wildemersch (Westkapelle) and Ludo Boogaerts (Berlaar).

The "Bordeaux" (3028305/98) is a very nice blue cock, who together with his three brothers, builds a nice team. Father is "3031548/95," a long-distance bird bought in the public auction of Jules Samijn (Bredene). In his pedigree we see twice the name ValŤre Vandenbossche. The mother of the "Bordeaux" was bought in the auction of Eric Vandenbossche (son of ValŤre). We would have liked to have more information, but nobody could influence Marcel to search for more results in his wheelbarrow!


Participating birds: 24,914 old birds
1. VrŲsch-Meijers - Heerlen (NL) 1358.60 m/m
2. Adhemar Bylau - Mater (B) 1290.80 m/m
3. Marcel Uyttersprot - Mespelare (B) 1271.94 m/m
4. Karl Heinz Kanski - Eschweiler (Germany) 1247.63 m/m
5. Robert Ben - Calais (France) 1240.33 m/m

This is the week-end every pigeon fancier in the world looks at, the Barcelona International. This year there were 24,914 old birds basketted coming from France (1,938 birds), Luxembourg (101 birds), the Netherlands (7,871 birds), England (130 birds), Belgium (12,274 birds) and Germany (2,600 birds). To congratulate the international winner, we had to go to Heerlen (province Limburg - Holland) or the piece of Holland between Belgium and Germany. The combination VrŲsch Hub and wife Mia Meijers has competed for almost 25 years as pigeon fanciers. They are always basketting for the very long-distance races, and we must say that they already made a lot of top results like 2nd national Dax 8,243b. - 3rd national Dax 16,046b. - 3rd national Dax 12,186b. - 4th national Barcelona 5,229b. - 6th national Bordeaux 5,172b. - 10th national Dax 13,308b. - 12th and 13th national Bergerac 22,510b. - 15th international Barcelona 20,129 b. - 15th national Bordeaux 4,878b. - 18th national Marseille 4,601b. - 21st national Barcelona 8,140b.

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The international winner is called "Barcelona Rambo II" (NL 00-2427013). Before winning the first international, he also won the 112th national Bourges 6,989 birds and the 226th national Bordeaux 10,209 birds.
Hub stands with his "Golden Boy" in the hand when he tells his story. "As youngbird the "Barcelona Rambo II" went up to 320km, and I must say that he impressed me with some nice results. As a yearbird, he got the chance to grow up, breed a few times, and was only basketted for Bordeaux. As a two-year bird, he was only basketted for Marseille (due to the "chicken-disease" in Holland the racing season was shortened to a few races). This year he came home well from Bourges and Bordeaux and then made the result of his life from Barcelona.

For 15 years already, our friends believe in the products of Belgica-De Weerd. 14 days before basketting Barcelona, the pigeons received two days B.S. (anti-tricho), one day W.N. (against ornithosis), and then one day Belagsol.

The father of "Rambo Barcelona II" is "De Fons" (NL98-1685809) and comes from the loft Van Ophuizen-Marell (Landgraaf). The "Fons" is a son from "Rambo Barcelona" (NL94-2719115) who won 97th national Barcelona 7,567 (2001) - 159th national Barcelona 8,713 (2002) - 173rd national Barcelona 7,047 b. (1997) - 394th national Barcelona 6,292 b. (1998) - 550th national Barcelona 8,140 b. (1999). Mother of the "Fons" is "NL95-2467393" or a half-sister of "Rambo Barcelona."

Mother of "Rambo Barcelona II" is "NL93-1508730." She is a daughter of "NL89-1951728." This cock is a brother of "Barca" of Sierens-van Den Broucke through Thei Degens (Heerlerheide). The "728/89" is father of "Catalaantje" (27th international Barcelona 28,095b. - 40th national Dax), "Super 03" (27th national Barcelona 7,767b. - 56th national Marseille 4,601b.) "T Bordeautje" (17th Bordeaux 5,614b.). Mother of "730/93" is "NL90-1241279," a direct Gebr. Kuypers pigeon through John Steijns (Doenrade).

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Jean Conaert
at his loft in Dilsen

"Miss Williams"
races her best
at night

Participating birds: 10,623 yearbirds

1. Jean Conaert - Dilsen (1989.80 m/m)
2. Swinnen-vanhove - Zichem (1944.13 m/m)
3. Alex en Frans Rans - Herent (1921.56 m/m)
4. Henri Denoel - Micheroux (1859.90 m/m)
5. Cyriel Jorissen - Mal (1857.25 m/m)

Jean Conaert is with his son Gerry a pigeon fancier in heart and soul. They not only basket for the very long-distance races, but they also basket every week for the short- and middle- distance birds. To follow this program, they have 45 couples which are raced on total widowhood. The couples are separated from the beginning of August until the end of March. On April 1st they come together, may brood for five days, and then they're on the system. Hens that pair up with each other are immediately selected out. The racing results prove that the system of our friends is succesful. They have won in the last years, nine provincial victories, four national victories, and eight provincial ace-pigeon titles.

The winning hen is named "Miss Williams" (5030508/03). This black hen flew during the night because at 11:30 p.m. Jean checked everything and there were no pigeons to be seen. Then Jean was out of bed at 4:45 a.m. and he went outside, he saw "Miss Williams" sitting on the roof. "I can assure you," says Jean. "You're immediately awake."

Father of "Miss Williams" is "De Kraai" (5262287/01) and comes from "5015684/95" (1st provincial Jarnac) X "Lady Di" (5166917/96 - 1st national Perpignan).

Mother of "Miss Williams" is "Jonge Wijnands" (NL2070940/02). She is a daughter of "2044681/97" (4th national Barcelona 7,567b. - 4th national Bordeaux 3,558b.)

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Johan Heylen
with "Pieter"

"The Pieter"



Participating birds: 7,600 old birds

1. Johan Heylen - Ravels (1233.93 m/m)
2. Pierre Hallet - Sainte Ode (1230.55 m/m)
3. Andre Guebs - Longchamps (1228.46 m/m)
4. Serge Mathonet - Herve (1224.82 m/m)
5. Albert Bar - Lixhe (1224.55 m/m)

In the shadow of Barcelona and St. Vincent yearbirds, there was also the national race from Orange. The 7,600 old birds were liberated at 6:30 a.m. A lot of fanciers from WalloniŽ won top prizes, but the 1st prize is won by an Antwerp bird of Johan Heylen.

Johan Heylen has been retired a few weeks, but "is not afraid to fall into a black hole," as they say here in Flanders. With 48 widowers, 27 breeding couples and 120 youngbirds, Johan knows what to do every day. In 1986 and 2003 Johan became provincial champion at the long distance, and in 1993 he had an Olympiad bird in Las Palmas.

The winning bird is the "Pieter"(6299039/02). His father is "6262306/01" (grandson of Olympiad bird). Mother is "6262396/01" from the strain Piet Kokx (Poppel).

[Note: This is the first part of a two-part article. For Part 2, click here.]
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