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  News > 2004 National Winners Belgium - Part 2
  National Winners of Belgium
2004: Part 2

by Stefan Mertens

Part 2 of Two Parts. For Part 1, click here


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Andre' and Roger
Turlinckx with
"De Crack"

"De Crack"


Alfred Nicaise and his
wife with "Le Derby"

"Le Derby"
Two-year-old winner of
the Limoges National

Dieter Malfait (right)
and his son
with "Bettini"

1st National and
3rd International Dax

Frank Careel and
his wife with
"Kleine Limoges"

This month, Stefan completes his report on the stars of the 2004 races in Belgium. Read on for the stories of these champion fanciers and their pigeons.


Participating birds: 12,743 old birds
1. Turlinckx, Andre and Roger (Geel - 1462.37 m/m)
2. Nicaise, Alfred (Waterloo - 1457.54 m/m)
3. Snijers, Roland (Leopoldsburg - 1457.38 m/m)
4. Adam, Andre (Manage - 1455.96 m/m)
5. Vanhamel, Jozef (Koersel - 1455.06 m/m)
6. Denis, Jean-Charles (Vieusart - 1454.92 m/m)
7. Verreckt, Agy (Tessenderlo - 1452.18 m/m)
8. Flemal, Albert (Grez-Doiceau - 1446.12 m/m)
9. Janssens, Richard (Langdorp - 1441.01 m/m)
10. Decleve, Robert (Epinois - 1439.18 m/m)

Andre and Roger Turlinckx have a thing with Limoges. Their first provincial victory was from Limoges. In 2001, they won the 3rd national, and in 2000 the 2nd national. This year-"bingo"-and they celebrated a national victory.

"De Crack" (6182211/01) is an extremely nice bird, and when we get his result-list in hand, we're immediately in love with this bird. Last year, he also won provincial Limoges against 858 birds (also good for the 1st zonaal 27,87 b., 21st national against 8,618 two-year-olds and 34th national against 16,504 birds). We see also the 1st provincial Blois against 491 b. - 4th inter-provincial Chateauroux (2004) against 12,422 b. - 5th provincial Montlucon 2004 against 1925 b. and 15th provincial Vierzon 2004 against 3240 b. A great champion bird !

The "Kleine Limoges" comes from "Kleinzoon Top Ranking" (6523459/97) X "5296409/98" (strain Clement Robben)

In the race we also have a result for two-year-olds, and 6,766 participated. The winner in this category is "Le Derby" from Alfred Nicaise of Waterloo. The national victory is a dream that came true after 50 of years of participating in the pigeon sport. In all, Alfred won 20 provincial or inter-provincial races, but this national victory is of course the most important. From the end of November until the end of December, Alfred is always with his wife on holiday. The pigeons stay at that time in the aviary of a friend. They're coupled the first time on March 10th, and once they are on a small youngster, they are placed on widowhood.


Participating birds: 17,526
1. Gilbert, Mark (GB - Winkfield - 1174.76 m/m)
2. B. Sheppard (GB - Trowbridge 1143.30 m/m)
3. Malfait, Dieter (B - Jabbeke 1079.57 m/m)
4. Dubois, Charles (F - Coyecques 1075.54 m/m)
5. Waerniers, Frans (B - Knesselare 1067.14 m/m)
6. Hebberecht, Chris (B - Evergem 1064.60 m/m)
7. Posey, D and Son (GB - Kidlin 1063.31 m/m)
8. Cufay, Dominique (F - Neuville Sur Ferrain 1061.91 m/m)
9. Hardeman, Guido (B - Westouter 1061.75 m/m)
10. Mispelaere, J and C (B - Moorsele - 1057.87 m/m)

"Bettini" (3203394/01)--the blue cock from Dieter Malfait--is a real champion. Look very hard at his results. In 2004: 1st national Dax 6,176 b. (3rd international 17,146 b.) - 180th Pau against 2,118 b. In 2003: 13th national Perpignan 7,537 b. - 29th international against 16,800 b. - 87th national Castres against 4,101 b. - 83rd national Dax 5,026 b. - 4195th international against 19,420 b. In 2002: 530th national Limoges against 24,479 b.

Father is "De Ontsnapten" (3124140/92). He is a son of the "210/88" who was the Olympiad bird Gran Canaria X "Inteelt Lourdes" (908/98).
Mother is "Dochter Limoges" (3171408/94). Comes from "De Limoges" (496/93 - brother 1st international Dax 1996) X "Goe Duivinekke" (3198026/90).


Participating birds: 21,956 yearbirds
1. Careel, Frank (Machelen - 1566.56 m/m)
2. Van De Putte-Van Den Hende-VD Bossche (Beersel - 1566.43 m/m)
3. Mispelaere, Jac and Gino (Moorsele - 1565.28 m/m)
4. Lannoo-Deprez (Ingelmunster - 1562.40 m/m)
5. Berlamont, Eddy (Machelen - 1562.11 m/m)
6. Mevr. Neuten (Vlierzele - 1558.94 m/m)
7. Puissant, Bert and Tom (Wortegem-Petegem - 1557.51 m/m)
8. Verschelde, Marc (Zulte - 1555.15 m/m)
9. Vandewiele, Willy (Nieuwpoort - 1553.47 m/m)
10. Messiaen, Georges (Bellegem - 1552.54 m/m)


"Kleine Limoges"
1st National Limoges


The Casaert family
with Gregory
holding "Mistral"

It's always nice to see "little" fanciers win a national race. Here we have Frank Careel as winner. Frank works at Versele-Laga and with 16 widowers, 16 breeding couples and about 50 youngsters, we cannot mention him in the category of the big lofts. His foundation birds are pigeons from André Dhaese (Deinze), Julien De Milt (Olsene) and Laurent Voets (Machelen).

The winner is "Kleine Limoges" (4084610/03). Just like the other widowers, he bred two rounds before the racing season started. Although with this system the "Kleine Limoges had thrown four wing feathers (even one in the basket). The question must be: was the Limoges motivated? "I didn't see anything special," says Frank, "Honest." On the medical scene, Frank takes his racers to a specialized vet every month. It's a routine that every three weeks they're treated for two days against tricho, and every four weeks a treatment with Linoc Spectin. Frank feeds his birds the Plusmixtures from Versele-Laga.

Father of the "Kleine Limoges" is "4211981/00" (from Jerome De Waegenaere). Mother is (4208199/01) and comes from the loft Andre Dhaese (strain Norman - Westkapelle).


Participating birds: 7,446 old birds
1. Casaert, Maurice and Gregory (Nechin - 1069.78 m/m)
2. Denijs, Michel (Handzame - 1065.92 m/m)
3. Denis, Jean-Charles (Vieusart - 1064.56 m/m)
4. Vandewalle, Marc and Frank (Zwalm - 1063.91 m/m)
5. Lidou, Georges (Ichtegem - 1063.46 m/m)
6. Hebberecht, Chris (Evergem - 1063.44 m/m)
7. Ally, Norbert (Aarsele - 1063.25 m/m)
8. Labiau, Gerard (Zegelsem - 1059.25 m/m)
9. Duyck, Andre (Wielsbeke - 1058.65 m/m)
10. Botteldoorn, Pol (Etikhove - 1058.14 m/m)

Do I need to introduce Maurice and Gregory Casaert from Néchin? I don't think so. National top fanciers. In 1992, they won national Montauban against 5,335 b., in 2000 national Souillac against 7,154 b., and now national Brive against 7,154 birds. Meanwhile, they were 1st national Champion middle distance 1998, 3rd national champion middle distance 2000, 3rd national champion youngbirds 1999, and 4th national champion youngbirds 2001.

The cock that won Brive is named "Mistral" (9071581/02), a nice name for a real top bird. On his racing list stand the following results: 1st provincial Brive 1,055 b. (36th national against 19,477 b.) - 1st provincial Limoges against 1,484 b. (152nd national against 21,409 b.) - 1st Chantilly against 203 b. If this is not a champion, then who knows the meaning of the word?

His father is "Excalibur" (9103612/00 - won 1st semi-national Argenton against 7,613 birds). He comes from "Oude Dedeyne" (355658/89) X "Babylone" (9034204/95 - sister Cartouche).

His mother is "Dior" (9040072/01). She is a daughter of "Nasdacq" (9147146/98 - 1st national Souillac 7,154 b.) X "Bleu Beauty" (9154095/97 - daughter from sister "Invincible Montauban").

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Andre' Guebs and
family with "Predator"

Andre' Laurent (at right)
holding "Pierre"

"Pierre" - Winner 1st
International Beziers

The Dujacquier family
with "L'Opaline"

1st International
Beziers Yearbirds

Jos Das
with his family



Participating birds: 19,605 old birds
1. Belliot, Christian (F-La Surete Missilac - 1020.74 m/m)
2. Wijman-De Jong (NL - Ammerstol - 991.69 m/m)
3. Guebs, Andre (B - Longchamps - 928.86 m/m)
4. Sibille, Thierry (B - Courcelles - 923.16 m/m)
5. Donate, M and Son (D - Merzig - 919.11 m/m)
6. Van De Laar, P. (NL - Gouda - 915.12 m/m)
7. Reuter, Funck (D - Igel - 911.77 m/m)
8. Dumonceau and Son (B - Saint Vaast - 911.29 m/m)
9. Hallet, Pierre (B- Saint Ode - 909.70 m/m)
10. Muller, Michel (B - Fauvillers - 907.77 m/m)

We visited the national Marseille winner, Andre Guebs from Longchamps. It is not the first time that Andre wins Marseille. No, in 1998 he won with his "Filou," also Marseille national and even international.

Now in 2004 it is his "Predator" (7006323/02), a nicely built blue cock. Andre has 25 widowers, not many, but Andre prefers quality above quantity. Winning a high percentage of top prizes with a few birds is his goal.

For several years now, Andre has been single tossing his widowers a day before basketting day. With "The Predator," Andre went a distance of 55 km. On basketting day, he was put with his hen at noon and could do till the evening what he wanted.
Racing results of "The Predator": 1st National Marseille 5,864 b. - 66th national Montelimar 8,538 b. - 28th provincial Montlucon 1,742 b.


Participating old birds: 6,602 b.
Participating yearbirds: 6,702 b.

6,602 old birds:
1. Laurent, André (Lasne - 1050.09 m/m)
2. Thiran, Joseph (Gerin - 1048.40 m/m)
3. Schmitz, Joseph (Baelen - 1043.09 m/m)
4. Corswarem, Jerome (Viemme - 1039.05 m/m)
5. Derweduwen, A+L+D (Zingem - 1032.35 m/m)
6. Vanhees, J and R (Jesseren - 1032.06 m/m)
7. Carlier-Petit (F-Montigne - 1023.23 m/m)
8. Dekeyzer-Dethier (Soumagne - 1020.26 m/m)
9. Gaonach, Dider (F- Ergue - 1019.22 m/m)
10. Van Vossole, Wilfried (Buggenhout - 1015.13 m/m)

André Laurent lives in Lasne in the French-speaking part of Belgium. He has been a pigeon fancier since childhood but is not a fanatic. Only a few years before he retired, he decided to invest some money in better pigeons. In 2000, he visited and bought pigeons from Etienne Devos (Deerlijk), Florizoone Roger (Nieuwpoort), Gijselbrecht Remi (Knesselare), Hausoul Jean (Epen) and Bennie Homma (Balk).

In total there are 80 widowers in the loft. Combine this with 150 youngbirds and 30 breeding couples, and you know the total number of pigeons in the loft.
For Béziers, André basketted 11 old and five yearbirds. The winning bird is called "Pierre" and has ring number 1518851/02. His father is "2102680/99 - bought as an egg by Etienne Devos and is son of "Jonge Para" - 34th national Dax and 61st national Perpignan). Mother is "Het Bieke" (3170508/96) and comes directly from Jozef Verstaen (Waregem)

6,702 yearbirds:
1. Dujacquier, Philippe (Naast - 1036.94 m/m)
2. Lariviere, Julien (Landenne - 1025.35 m/m)
3. Bertrand, M and N (Francorchamp - 1015.33 m/m)
4. Willems, Albert and Eric (Attenrode - 1014.65 m/m)
5. Beukenne, P and F (Bruyelle - 1014.53 m/m)
6. Tilly, Jean (Chievres - 1000.86 m/m)
7. Cordier, Laurent (Vellereille - 999.44 m/m)
8. Emo, Didier (Lixhe - 999.01 m/m)
9. Schroeder, P and V (Aywaille - 998.05 m/m)
10. Bonmarriage, Masson (Ouffet - 995.70 m/m)

In 1975, Philippe Dujacquier started with the pigeon sport, but nobody was there to help him and his results were not good. Later, a friend named Michel Lescaut gave him his first lessons, and from then on Philippe started to win nice prizes on the short- and middle-distance races. But after some years, Philippe stopped the pigeon sport. In the early 1980s, our international winner decided to start again, but again without any success. This was so until he came in contact with Xavier van Den Bosch (Beersel), and he made him following offer: "Kill all your pigeons and I'll give you 30 youngbirds for free, together with a system to race them." This was the first step in the right direction. A second good step was the contact with Willy Clerebaut, where Philippe was loft manager for three years. After that total sale of the Clerebaut colony, Philippe decided to start again in his own name, and again Xavier van Den Bosch gave him for free 80 youngbirds. Now Philippe was on his way.

The international victory was won by a nice hen named "L'Opaline" (2303820/03). She was basketted on a nest and was brooding 12 days. On that same position, she had won a few weeks earlier the 234th national St. Vincent against 10,624 yearbirds.
Father is "Vale Viaene" (2050029/98 - Strain Van Den Bosch). Mother is "La Bleue 177" (2409177/00 - strain Van Den Bosch).


Participating youngbirds: 43,541 birds
Participating old birds: 10,199 birds
Participating yearbirds: 16,244 birds

43,541 youngbirds
1. Das, Jos (Meldert - 1224.64 m/m)
2. Steurs-Loomans (Tessenderlo - 1222.06 m/m)
3. Vanhoucke, Ivan (Halle-Booienhoven - 1215.56 m/m)
4. Crabbe, Roger (Booischot - 1215.32 m/m)
5. Wouters, Jos (Heist-Op-Den-Berg 1213.94 m/m)
6. De Rijck, Gaston ( Booischot - 1206.82 m/m)
7. Vanzeir, Michael (Paal - 1206.47 m/m)
8. Dockx, Koen (Herselt - 1206.36 m/m)
9. Vandermotte, Lien (Tielt - 1204.77 m/m)
10. Heremans-Cuesters (Vorselaar - 1203.84 m/m)

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The loft of Jos Das

1st National Bourges
Youngbirds winner

Roger and Mathieu
Van Eygen with
"Bourges 625"

"Bourges 625"
1st National Bourges
Old Birds
We are talking about the national Bourges winner youngbirds Jos Das from Meldert. He is not an unknown fancier: 1st provincial Orleans '84 - 1st provincial Bourges '96 - 1st provincial La Souterraine 1987 - 1st provincial La Souterraine 1998 - 1st provincial Chateauroux 1999 - 1st provincial La Ferte 2002 - 1st provincial Orleans 2003 and three new cars! What more could a fancier want?

The winning bird is called "Erwin" (5179222/04) and is a grizzle. His father is "Zoon Jaap 1" (5028106/99 - strain Vos Jennes from Diest) and mother is "Erwin-Duivin" (2266331/98 - strain Erwin Schepmans).
"Erwin" won before his explosion on Bourges: 51st Chimay 1,293 b. - 60th Nanteuil 852 b. - 151st Orleans 645 b. - 203rd Mettet 843 b. - 286th Laon 1005 b.

"Erwin" was darkened until June and raced on the open-door-system. Before the racing season the youngbirds were treated against tricho for five days. This was repeated every four weeks for two days. At the beginning of June, the youngsters were treated for ornithosis for 12 days.

10,199 old birds
1. Roger Van Eygen (Gruitrode - 1211.46 m/m)
2. Van Elsacker-Jepsen (Schilde - 1201.60 m/m)
3. Steenbergen, Stef and Albert (Herk De Stad - 1199.69 m/m)
4. Vanwinge, Peter (Paal - 1199.13 m/m)
5. Cuesters, Peter (Geel - 1198.17 m/m)
6. Vrancken, W and S (Kuringen - 1197.85 m/m)
7. Huysmans, Frieda (Vorselaar - 1196.70 m/m)
8. Van Hertem-Schuurmans (Neerpelt - 1195.01 m/m)
9-10 Loockx, Guido (Tessenderlo - 1194.43 and 1193.90 m/m)

Roger Van Eygen (45 years old) races in partnership with his father Mathieu (74 years old). The foundation birds are pigeons from Van De Wijlen (Bocholt), Schabon Jef (Neeroeteren), and Custers Rik (Meeuwen). Every year they have 24 widowers, but for the 2004 season they had 32 widowers. They concentrate them on the races with old birds. The widowers were coupled for the first time at the end of January, and when the youngsters were weaned they went immediately on widowhood (so no second coupling in March or April).

The winning bird is named "Bourges 625" (5208625/02) and won these results: 8th Chimay 429 b. - 12th Melun 1,262 b. - 14th Laon 403 b. - 76th Nanteuil 1,346 b. - 484th Orleans 2,921 b.

His father is "5204641/00," who won the 9th provincial Limoges (100% Cuesters Rik). Mother is "5093689/01" (VD Wijlen X old basebirds from Roger's father Mathieu).

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  14,246 yearbirds
1. Loockx, Guido (Tessenderlo - 1215.63 m/m)
2. Discart, A. (Ramsel - 1214.21 m/m)
3. Van Gelder-Luyten (Geel - 1212.82 m/m)
4. Caenen, Hubert (Veldwezelt - 1210.48 m/m)
5. Van Elsacker-Japsen (Schilde - 1209.21 m/m)
6. Reynders, Nico (Sluizen - 1208.40 m/m)
7. Heremans-Cuesters (Vorselaar - 1207.60 m/m)
8. Schroyens, Hubert (Itegem - 1204.64 m/m)
9. Van Hamel, Jozef (Koersel - 1202.03 m/m)
10. Buvens, Roger (Halen - 1199.78 m/m)

Guido Loockx's "Pantani" (national Bourges winner 1998) made him famous and now there is the "953/03," a nice blue hen who wins a national Bourges race again. "Unbelievable,but true" were the first words of this famous pigeon fancier. The season was super again-21 x 1st prize and a lot of birds in the top-10 provincial.

The winning hen was in real top condition. On basketting day, she was vibrating extremely hard. Before her national victory, she showed her qualities on Montlucon by winning the 2nd prize against 2,756 birds.

The national winner has as father the "517," a direct son of super pigeon "Pantani" X "650/94" (grandmother "Aske" from Flor Vervoort).
It runs in the family, because a full brother of "953/03" won provincial Bourges (05-29-04).

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Pol Tambeur and
Gerrit Van De Pol
with "Weed"

1st National Argenton

Wijnand De Bruyn
(center) and friends
celebrate his 1st
National Argenton win

"Balens Bullit"
1st National Argenton Yearbirds winner

Participating youngbirds: 23,010 b.
Participating year birds: 3,949 b.

23,010 young birds
1. Tambeur-VD Pol (Scherpenheuvel - 1317.93 m/m)
2. Schroyen, Ferdinand (Heusden - 1305.75 m/m)
3. Van Winckel, Jef (Tielt Winge - 1297.47 m/m)
4. Vancleuvenbergen, Gerard (St truiden - 1297.22 m/m)
5. Schroyen, Ferdinand (Heusden - 1295.09 m/m)
6. Velkeneers, Willy (Geetbets - 1294.99 m/m)
7. Staessens, Werner (Hulshout - 1292.75 m/m)
8. Verbruggen, Gommaire (Scherpenheuvel - 1291.67 m/m)
9. Lens, Jules (Putte - 1289.99 m/m)
10. Wouters, Jos (Heist Op den Berg - 1289.99 m/m)

During the Olympic games in Athens, we had in Belgium the national race from Argenton (distance from Brussels was 550km). The winning youngbird was the hen from Pol Tambeur and Gerrit Van De Pol. The hen named "Weed" (6398627/04) is a blue hen that was bred by Paul Van Hove (Heist-Op-Den Berg). The "627/04" got lost and entered the lofts of our friends. They made contact with Paul Van Hove, but he decided that our later national winners could keep the youngster. The youngbirds are raced following the open-door system, and when the door went open all the youngbirds had their partner and dark places motivated them-every youngbird except "Weed." She always stayed on her shelf and never gave the impression to be in love. But a few days before the national race she fell in love with a young cock who had a box just in front of her shelf. New love was the best motivation. Both parents of "Weed" are from the loft of August Schellens.

3,949 yearbirds
1. Debruyn, Wijnand (Balen - 1291.54 m/m)
2. Van Eylen-Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek - 1291.49 m/m)
3. Van Lint, Michel (Zoutleeuw - 1290.14 m/m)
4. Lambrechts-Lismont (Kortenaken - 1282.36 m/m)
5. Engels, Jos and Jules (1280.86 m/m)

"Balens Bullit" is the name of the yearbird of Wijnand De Bruyn who won national Argenton. Wijnand De Bruyn comes from the Netherlands and is owner of a pharmaceutical company that makes medications for humans. Like a lot of very rich Dutchmen, he came to live in Belgium. About nine years ago, he started to race pigeons, and to make a very good start he invested a lot of money with a lot of good fanciers.

The national winner is a blue cock that was basketted seven times in 2004 and won prizes seven times. About one month before Argenton "Balens Bullit" received a new hen and maybe this was his motivation. Father is "Zoon Jonge As" (6031022/99 - strain Gebr. Hasendonckx X VD Rhee). Mother is "6081425/02."

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Paul Roziers and
Tom Guldentops,
Winners of 1st National
La Souterraine Youngbirds

The lofts of Roziers and Guldentops in
Berlaar, Belgium

"Queen L" - 1st National
La Souterraine Youngbirds

1st National La Souterraine winner
Michel Van Lint with "Adonis" and his family

"Adonis" - 1st National
La Souterraine winner

Participating young birds: 16,463 birds
Participating old birds: 3,150 birds

16,463 youngbirds
1. Roziers-Guldentops (Berlaar -1510.23 m/m)
2. Vos-Jennes ( Diest -1506.77 m/m)
3. Roox, Henry and Betsy (Veldwezelt -1501.05 m/m)
4. Thoné, Jos (Niel by As -1498.98 m/m)
5. Vercammen, Frank (Nijlen -1498.97 m/m)
6. Herbots, Jo and Raf (Halle Booienhoven -1496.15 m/m)
7. Van De Gaer, Roger (Scherpenheuvel -1495.73 m/m)
8. Roodhooft, Andre (Pulderbos -1494.41 m/m)
9-10. Lambrechts - Lismont (Kortenaken -1493.96 and 1493.90 m/m)

Roziers-Guldentops are two friends (Paul Roziers and Tom Guldentops) who have already been a team for 10 years. The pigeon sport is their favourite hobby, and they concentrate on the races between 300 and 700 km. The foundation pigeons of this colony are pigeons from father August Roziers, Hubert Schroyens (Itegem), Van Looy-Somers (Vorselaar), Marien Royberghs (Berlaar), JLN Houben (Itegem), Jef De Wilder (St Kathelijne Waver) and Johan De Belser (Berlaar).
For the season 2004, they had 16 widowers, 18 breeding pairs and about 100 youngbirds.

The first round of youngsters was darkened from mid-February until mid-June with a second round from the beginning of March until the end of June. Hens and cocks stayed together until their first short-distance race at the beginning of June. After they were separated, the young cocks were coupled with old hens and the young hens with old cocks. They stayed together about one week but could not start a nest. Before basketting, everything came together for about one hour, and when they arrived from the race they stayed one night with their partner. Although they are raced following the same system, the young hens flew better than the young cocks.

The winning bird (named Queen L and ringnumber: 6277729/04) is a very nice dark checker hen. When we took this winning hen in our hands, she was still vibrating. It was unbelievable what top condition this young hen had. On the day of la Soutteraine (28 August) this hen didn't throw one wing feather. Before winning the national, she won the 168th Dourdan against 2,883 birds and the 294th Bourges against 11,510 youngbirds. The father is "Angelo" (6600523/96) and comes from father August Roziers. Mother is "Nathalia" (6106932/02) and comes from Theo Yskout.

3,150 old birds:
1. Van Lint, Michel (Zoutleeuw -1490.05 m/m)
2. Van Elsacker-Jepsen (Schilde - 1467.58 m/m)
3. Van Lint, Michel (Zoutleeuw - 1467.42 m/m)
4. Van Hoof, Patrick (Keerbergen - 1467.33 m/m)
5. Lambrechts - Lismont (Kortenaken - 1467.33 m/m)

Michel Van Lint spent 20 years in Taiwan. There he imported a lot of top birds. But two years ago, he came back to Belgium, and the first thing that he did was to look for a good place in Belgium to race birds. He ended up in Zoutleeuw. He found a place were he could build the ideal loft and bought the land together with a house-without seeing the house inside! In San Francisco, he came in contact with Willem De Bruyn (Reeuwijk - Netherlands), and since then they have become very good friends. It's no wonder that when Michel started again in Europe with pigeons he bought a lot of birds from Willem De Bruyn.

At this moment Michel has 36 yearbird couples which he races on total widowhood. The 36 couples sit in four identical lofts. One loft for the blue cocks, one for the blue hens, one for the chequer cocks, and one for the checker hens. Hens and cocks move every two days from the loft. This is to avoid the pairing up with each other. (The whole system takes some time to explain, but perhaps that will be a topic for another report.)

The winning bird (Adonis - NL03-1141085) is a cock bred by Willem De Bruyn. Before this race he won: 13th national Vichy 11,448 youngbirds, 6th Argenton 1,310 b. - 8th Toury 661 b. - 8th Toury 661 b. - 9th Montlucon 237 b. - 11th Toury 937 b. - 17th Blois 254 b. - 27th Argenton 1,445 b. - 37th Toury 678 b. - 544th national Bourges 45,684 b.

The father is "Olympic Zeus" (01/1892452) Olympiad Pigeon All Round Liévin 2003. Mother is NL97-1529565 (7th national ace pigeon middle distance WHZB).

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