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  News > National Winners 2002
  The National Races
in Belgium -- 2002

by Stefan Mertens


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Jules Severi and
family with
"The Rocket"


















Van Houck of Komen
























Pierre Verove and the "045060/00"

The Pau Winner -- "045060/00"

How were the national races in Belgium in 2002? Well, here we give you a short report together with a lot of pictures.

BOURGES -- May 25, 2002
distance Brussels: 450 km
23,725 old birds

1. Severi Jules (Halen) 1651.67 m/m
2. Vandevelde Maurits (Scherpenheuvel) 1650.61 m/m
3. Reynders Casimir (Diest) 1643.32 m/m
4. Roosen Pros (Kermt) 1639.65 m/m
5. Benaets - Bamps (Nieuwerkerken) 1637.07 m/m

The Bourges race with old birds was won by Jules Severi from Halen. A very nice victory for a "little" fancier. And the nicest thing about this victory is that it was the first time that this fancier participated in a national race. Severi's win in his first national race was certainly no give-away, either..

The winning pigeon, 5056983/00, is named "De Raket" (the rocket). It is a black bird and comes from the old strain that his father bred. Those black birds have been in this loft since the early sixties. There never came another pigeon into the lofts, so we're talking about a very close family.


Van Hove - Uytterhoeven with a world result. 1-3-11-31 against more then 16,000 birds. Also the fastest against 40,.431 birds.

1-3 Van Hove-Uytterhoeven (Putte) 1665.87m/m
2. Decoux en zoon (Berlaar) 1664.18 m/m
4. Schroyen Fernand (Putte) 1654.80 m/m
5. Vandenbergh-Wilm (Meerhout) 1644.14 m/m

I don't think I have to introduce these fanciers. Van Hove Uytterhoeven is known worldwide and every year puts some unbelievable top-results on paper. Also this Bourges race was dominated by the Van Hove Uytterhoeven pigeons.

The winning widower is called "Shinjisan". As a youngbird he was only basketted for two middle-distance races (1st Pithiviers 523 youngsters and 2nd Pithiviers 1367 youngsters) and had no experience with two-nights basketing.

"Shinjisan" is a full brother of "Miss Bacardi I"(6098082/00 won 16th national Bourges 36,506 pigeons - 39th Argenton 7613 pigeons - 113th national Bourges 16,119 pigeons). Their parents are "Vivaldi" (6086151/96 who won 39th semi-national Argenton 10.935 p. and is a son of "Jonge Bolero" who won 1st national Limoges against 8855 pigeons.)

BRIVE - June 1, 2002
distance Brussels: 620 km

Brive is the first long distance race on the program. A lot of birds are always basketed -- always around 25,000 pigeons. This race must go well because if a disaster happens with it, a lot of fanciers will have big problems for the rest of the year. But this year it was a very good race -- a hard one because of a northeast wind. The winner was a very little fancier, namely Van Houck from Komen. This man put a top result on paper because he had only two pigeons in the race and won the 1st and 10th national. Fancier Dehouck has only six widowers, and for the rest pigeon sport is only fun.

What pedigree does this pigeon have? "Don't ask me that," answers Dehouck. "I don't know it." It's a good thing for the pigeon sport that such fancier can win.

CAHORS - June 15, 2002
distance Brussels: 770 km

For this national race there were 11,294 pigeons basketed (1,305 more than in 2001). Liberated on Saturday the pigeons must have had serious problems during their race because at 19.00 there was no "Cahorsfeather" home. It took till 19:18 when Jean-Marie Decraene clocked the first bird. This was also good for the 1st national and with 1196 m/m it was the only bird that came above the 1100 m/m. That same evening there were only 67 pigeons home.

1. De Craene Jean-Marie (Zulte) 1169.43 m/m
2. Van De Weyer Mariette (Booischot) 1088.61 m/m
3. Thielens - Romain (Doncell) 1079.97 m/m
4. Antonissen Leo (Kalmthout) 1072.72 m/m
5. Houbeau Gerald (Melen) 1067.88 m/m

When we visited the winner, we came in a "special" situation. Jean-Marie's only brother died the same week-end as the national victory of a heart attack. You can imagine that there was no happiness in the family. The pigeon who won national Cahors, named "Kleinen" (4253512/98) is a four-year-old bird. Before his victory, he had already won some nice results like 26th Tours 3915p. - 64th Angouleme 3373p. - 9th Chartres 446p.
When we look at his pedigree we see that his father comes directly from Etienne and Frank Devos (Deerlijk - line "De Zitter" ) and the mother is "own breed."

distance Brussels: 900 km

The "Colombe Joyeuse," organizer of International Pau, got 2,792 pigeons from the Netherlands, 1,154 pigeons from Germany, 1,230 pigeons from France, 143 from England, 75 from Luxembourg and 2,473 from Belgium, for a total of 7,867 pigeons. Saturday morning, the pigeons were liberated at 7:30 and the same day about 460 pigeons had reached their lofts. The morning after, the other pigeons were soon home because the race could be closed at 8:00 o'clock. The Belgian pigeons performed very well, but they had to leave the international victory to a French bird--namely to a bird from Pierre Verove (Ghyvelde - just at the French-Belgian border).

1. Pierre Verove (Ghyvelde FR) 1212 m/m
2. Lievens-Versluys ( Maldegem B) 1201.12 m/m
3. Buysse Robert (Ertvelde B) 1197.20 m/m
4. Volkens (Bergen NL) 1187.00 m/m
5. Delrue Ivan en Gunnar (Bovekerke B) 1182.28 m/m

Pierre Verove has 70 widowers, and 80 percent of those birds have "Batenburg blood." (Batenburg is a well known very long-distance fancier in the Netherlands.) The other bloodlines are Van der Wegen (Steenbergen-Netherlands), Robert Venus (Oeren- Belgium), and Deguillage Andre (Nierlet - France).
The pigeon that won Pau is the "045060/00" and already won the following prizes: 9th Bourges 1000p. - 17th Amiens 1587 p. - 37th Chateaudun 1697 p. - 535th Morenx 12,176p. In his pedigree we see nothing else but Batenburg pigeons. So a French victory with Dutch pigeons.

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Wilfried Vermeulen
and "Ronaldo"


"Ronaldo"--the Montauban Winner

The winning team--
Loek Gardien,
Theo Van Ruijven,
Jan Bronswijk,
and Cees Boeters

"Sophia" --
Winner of Barcelona

The L . Gardien RBB loft

"The Limoges"

MONTAUBAN - June 29, 2002
distance Brussels: 800 km

6,711 was the number of pigeons basketed for national Montauban. This race was liberated with very good weather and the prizes were quickly divided. The winner is Wilfried Vermeulen from Meilegem with his "Ronaldo." "Ronaldo" comes from a cock from Wilfried Adriaens and a hen from Danny Dekimpe. Wilfried Adriaens has a lot of pigeons from Hilaire Verhellen ('S Gravenwezel), and Danny Dekimpe has a lot of birds of Brackenier Koen and Oscar (Oosterzele) and Roland De Keyser (Kwaremont). Wilfried has 37 widowers, 100 youngsters and 25 breeding couples. At the end of September, the widowhood team was moved to an open aviary were they could rest for about four months. At the beginning of March, they came back to the widowers loft and could brood for about five days. The medical program is one recommended by a vet. But also natural products are given like herbal tea and a homemade mixture of lemon, cane-sugar and olives. A yellow cocktail good for men and animals!

BARCELONA - June 30, 2002
distance Brussels: 1,060 km

The international race of the year. The long-distance racers and the organisers couldn't complain because there were 1,184 more pigeons basketed than in 2001. Here are the numbers per country: Belgium: 13,089 pigeons - Netherlands: 8,720 pigeons - Germany: 2,970 pigeons - France: 1,902 pigeons - England: 160 pigeons - Luxembourg: 103 pigeons. A total of 26,944 pigeons. Normally the pigeons are liberated on Friday but due to the bad weather, they had to wait until Sunday. The departure was very good and Barcelona 2002 was a beautiful but not a hard race. Again, the Dutch fanciers were superior. In the first 50 prizes there are 34 fanciers classified from the Netherlands. And for the fourth time in a row, it was a nest hen who was the best.

1. Loek Gardien (Maasdijk - Netherlands)
2. H + N Wilden (Aachen - Germany)
3. JD Egmond en zoon (Katwijk/Rijn - Netherlands)
4. Bogaerts Jean-Pierre (Oplinter - Belgium)
5. L. Rutjens ((Beugen - Netherlands)

The winning combination L. Gardien RBB stands for Loek Gardien, Theo Van Ruijven, Jan Bronswijk, and Cees Boeters. Those fanciers are really special. In total, they basketed 118 cocks and hens for Barcelona. The team didn't made many training flights. Some were trained up to the French border (in a southern direction), and others went in another direction (east) and were trained to Koblenz and Dijon. This was an experiment which will never be done again because the total result was not that good. But that has nothing to do with the brilliant result of "Sophia" (NL 98-1102638) a nice red hen who won the first international. "Sophia" is a typical long distance bird: little… long muscles … very soft feathers … nice eyes. She was basketed on a youngster of six days old. Meanwhile, she lost her cock and she started to "make love" with another cock. The fanciers didn't have a lot of trust in Sophia because they had the inpression that she didn't care about her youngsters. She was more in the box of her new cock than on her nest, but when we look at the results we must say that she was motivated enough.
"Sophia" has as father NL97-1404841 (bred out NL95-1930903 (Bakker-Poortugaal) X NL96-1105070 (Gebr. Kuypers). Her mother is "NL97-1404797". She comes out of NL92-5336757 Pierre Daenen Tongeren (B) and "NL95-1815173."

LIMOGES - July 6, 2002
distance Brussels: 600 km

16,473 old birds + 8672 2-years
1. Ducheyne-Scheirs (Vorselaar - 1520.08m/m)
2. Donald Roelant (Hareleke - 1508.78 m/m)
3. Edward Borghijs (Willebroek - 1506.60 m/m)
4. Declercq-Vermeulen (Deerlijk - 1502.98 m/m)
5. Depraetere Raf (Melden - 1498.33 m/m)

Ducheyne-Scheirs is a well known name in the pigeon sport. Charles Ducheyne has been a fancier his whole life. First there were the top results on the short distance. Later they raced extremely well at the middle distance, and the last years they do more than their best on races up to 700 km. The base of these pigeons is 80 percent from two names--Gaston Van Pelt (St Antonius ) and Frans Van Roey (Rijkevorsel - 100 percent Gommaire Verbruggen). Charles has only 30 widowers, 50 youngsters and 12 breedingcouples. Little but fine. The widowers did winter breeding. They bred a couple of youngsters. In April they were coupled again and could brood for five days.
The pigeon that won the first national is called "The Limoges" (6141004/00). Before his national explosion, he won many prizes. In 2000: 117th Dourdan 2625 youngsters. In 2001: 6th Chateauroux 291 pigeons (55th interprov. Against 4619 pigeons) - 975th Argenton 7150 pigeons. In 2002: 90th Dourdan 1679 pigeons - 91st Chateauroux 2687 pigeons (219th interprovincial against 16,020 pigeons) and then the 1st national.
The father of "The Limoges" is "De Cerafin" (6582710/95 - won 1st provincial Argenton 1351 pigeons - 1st provincial Vierzon 2911 pigeons and 5th national Limoges 19,676 pigeons). The mother is "651/94"--pure Verbruggen.

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Meyfroyd Edmond and the "5047337/01"

Kris Dobbelaere
and "Totti"

"Totti" -- Winner of Dax

Totti's wing

Robert Van Eycken
and "Kenny"

Etienne Devos--
Beziers champion


"Mister Louis"--
winner of Beziers

Joris Blomme
with his champion


Maurice Decneudt
and "Roos"

"Roos" --
the Bourges winner

distance Brussels: 600 km

Limoges yearbirds is one of the most beautiful races for yearbirds. This is also noticed because of the number of participants. 24,559 yearbirds were basketed. The winner was Meyfroyd Edmond and his son Ludovic. These fanciers are very succesful with pigeons from Jacques Pluche (Havré) - Leclercq-Biondo (Estinnes) - Roger Close and Louis Daminet (Estinnes). But Edmond has also a passion for Lier Market. (This is a market in Lier where every year thousands of racing pigeons are sold.) Every year he buys some youngsters. And believe it or not, but the national winner was bought at the Lier Market. The "5047337/01" cost 60 euro and came from Sylvain Ruymen (Nieuwerkerken). And we must say the national winner performed very well before winning the national: 4th Soissons 339b. - 3rd Nanteuil 373b. - 1st Soissons 164b. - 3rd Soissons 601b. - 17th Etampes 247b. - 15th Orleans 234b. - 46th Chateauroux 2783b. - then 1st national Limoges.

DAX - July 13, 2002
distance Brussels: 850 km

Dax was the third international race on the program. And after France (on Pau) and the Netherlands (on Barcelona) was it now Belgium who won the first international. This time against 14,473 birds. This race was won by a young fancier racing under the name Pareit-Dobbelaere. Kris Dobbelaere is the son of the well-known Robert Dobbelaere. Until 1995 he raced in partnership with his father, and they won several national races and national ace-pigeons. In 1995 Kris started his own loft and saw good performances there, too. In 2000 he won national Argenton yearbirds and now two years later it is again bingo.
The international winner (3135594/00) is named "Totti." A very nice widower, he already showed his talent with the 53rd Chateauroux (7415 birds) and 1006th Limoges against 23,661 pigeons.
His father is the "Noel 98" (3213161/97) who is a full brother of "Raket" (8th national ace-pigeon). "Noel 98" is a son of "Noel" (3180408/90 1st national ace-pigeon KBDB 1992). The mother of "Totti" is "Fatima" (3153089/92). She is a daughter of "Jef" (father 2nd national Brive 21,012p.) X "Plekske" (mother of the 1st national Brive 21,012b.).

SOUILLAC - July 20, 2002
distance Brussels: 680 km

7,306 pigeons were basketed. With very nice weather conditions, this race had to be won by a top bird. And believe it or not, this is what happened. Winners were the world reknown fanciers Van Damme-Boddaert. (For complete information about this team, look back at the archived feature story on this website.)

The bird that won national Souillac is the "Blauwe Raket" (3008252/99). We don't have to speak about a "lucky shot" because the "Blauwe Raket" performed extremely well. As a youngbird he already won two first prizes (1st Clermont 177 - 1st Clermont 151b.). As a yearbird he won 27th Blois 365 b. - 41st Chateauroux 633b. - 75th Limoges 753b. As a two-year bird he won 3rd Chateauroux 445b. - 2nd Brive 465b. (100th National against 22,026 birds) - 19th Limoges 395b. - and then this season 1st Chateauroux 582b. (2nd provincial 44,98b.) - 1022nd Brive national 25,232b. - 6th Limoges 462b. (91st provincial 3617b.) and then 1st national Souillac 7306 b.

His father is the "Noë" (3080037/92) bought from Jozef Van Acker (Noë Defauw) and his mother is the "Superduivin" (3055327/98). She comes from the top couple "Aske" X "Blauw Blomme."

MARSEILLE - July 20, 2002
distance Brussels: 850 km

Marseille is the fourth international race, and it was Germany who won. But at the moment that we wrote this, we heard that this fancier will be disclassified because he didn't clock his countermark. If this is true, then fancier Franck Rohen from Luxembourg will be the international winner. For that reason we make this report about the national winner in Belgium, and then we speak about Robert Van Eycken. Robert is certainly among the top fanciers in Belgium and had in that "Marseille-weekend" also good racing results at Souillac (1st provincial) and "Mont Ventoux." As already mentioned, Robert has been a champion for years and gives a lot of thanks to his friends Freddy Uytterhoeven and Gaston and Danny Devooght.
The national winner against 4176 Marseille pigeons is called the "Kenny" (2144212/00) and won the following prizes in 2001: 195th Chateauroux 2870b. - 684th Argenton 4955b. In 2002 he won: 10th Dourdan 194p. - 9th Limoges 304b. and 1st national Marseille 4176p.

The father of "Kenny" is "Blitz 1" (2nd national Limoges 8855p. - 9th provinial Clermont 1048p.) The mother of "Kenny" is "2145079/97"-- pure Gaston and Danny Devooght.

BEZIERS - July 27, 2002
distance Brussels: 840 km

This was a very long-distance race for old and yearbirds. In old birds this race was won by Paul and Walter Devos (Deerlijk). These long-distance fanciers are always looking for the best birds. From Andre Vanbruaene they bought from the line from "Perpignan," "Narbonne," and "Het Rostje," but also from Etienne Devos (children "Didi") and a sister of the 1st national Tulle from Marnix Leutenez - all are in the breeding loft. But that's not all. Also a daughter of the 1st international Lourdes from André Brouckaert (Wervik) and Emiel Denijspigeons (line 1st international Pau) but also pigeons from Roger Vereecke, André Vaernewijck, Julien Vaneenoo and Simon Moreels.

The national winner is called "Mister Louis" (3050025/99). Mister Louis already had the following race results in 2001: 1st Narbonne 194b. (79th national 6929b.) - 1578th national Limoges 15,940 b. - 179th national Souillac 7244b. In 2002: 1110th national Brive 25,352 b. - 101 national Cahors 11,211b. - 223rd national Montauban 6711b. - 1st national Beziers 5782b.

The father of "Mister Louis" is "Goe Rosten" (3144637/93). "Goe Rosten" comes out of "802/88" (Marnix Leutenez) X "734/92" (granddaughter 2nd national Brive Bobbelaere). Mother of "Mister Louis" is daughter "Narbonne." The "Narbonne" (3239088/87) is pure Stichelbout and won 51st national Perpignan 3854 - 72nd nat. Perpignan 3306b., etc.

3540 Yearbirds

Joris Blomme is the national winner in that category. Blomme is a very good fancier and years ago everybody talked about his "Provinciaal" (3rd national ace-pigeon long distance). He came from the old base of Catrijsse-Devriendt-Vanbruaene. Joris was very succesful with these pigeons. The pigeons from Gaston Slots and Peeters Thomas were also good. And then the problems came. In looking for new breeding stock, Joris looked more at the pedigrees than at the results, and that was a big mistake. No good results. Afterwards, Joris selected very hard, and went to local, hard-racing fanciers. He bought pigeons from Theo Derinck (Kortemark), Etienne De Beule (Waarschoot), Florizoone (Nieuwpoort) and De Ridder (St Ullriks Kapelle).
The national winner (3261466/01) is a late bred from 2001 and flew in his birth year only a few 100 km races. As a yearbird he flew well with the 1st national as top result.

Father is "4317415/00" (direct De Beule - origin Florizoone). The mother is granddaughter "Primus" (Florizoone).

BOURGES - July 27, 2002
distance Brussels: 450 km

With Bourges we're talking about one of the most important races for Belgium. With 11,666 old birds, 13,007 yearlings and 39,987 youngbirds, we had a very good and nice race. Winner among the youngsters and quickest against 64,660 birds is Maurice Decneudt (Moorsele). Winner in old birds was Ginette Pottillius, and in the yearbirds Gaby Vandenabeele.

Maurice Decneudt

Maurice got into the pigeon sport through his son. His son Mario was thirteen years old and started with pigeons. But when he got older he wasn't interested anymore, and thus his father had a loft and pigeons. Father Maurice saw something beautiful in the pigeon sport and raced further. Believe it or not, but the results were very good with two provincial victories as top success. The origins are: Nico Vandenbulcke (Deerlijk) - Lucien Staelens (Wevelgem) - Dr Volckaert (Ooigem) - Johan Dedecker (Beselare).
The 24 youngsters from the first round were darkened from February until the end of June. The second and third round from weaning until the end of June. Three weeks before Bourges the cocks and hens were separated and were raced further on the "open-door-system." "Roos," or the national winner, is a nice hen who hadn't moulted a single wingfeather at the time that she won Bourges.

Her father is "3211426/00" (won 1st provincial Tours 1511b. -2nd Blois - 7th Clermont, 14th Clermont, origin Dedecker).
Mother is "3224550/01" (won 3rd Tours - origin Dedecker X Staelens).

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"De Bourges"--the 1st national Bourges winner

Gaby Vandenabeele at his championship loft

Pottillius Ginette winner against 11,666 old birds

Pottillius is a very good middle-distance loft. Certainly when it is very hot weather the Pottillius pigeons are always present. The origins are in first place pigeons from father Berlend Pottillius, enriched with pigeons from Marc Lenhout (Geluwe), Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene), Verfailleagier (Wevelgem), Marc Pollin (Snellegem), Kamiel Van Wijnsberghe (Waregem), and Marc De Schepper (Menen).

"De Bourges" (3102274/00) had nice racing results before his victory: In 2000, 8th Clermont 729b. - 8th Arras 447b. - 15th Clermont 447p. - 22nd Arras 693b. - 33rd Clermont 1284b. In 2001: 3rd Chartres 192b. - 11th Blois 287b. - 13th Chartres 288b. - 45th Blois 1003b. In 2002: 17th Clermont 705b. - 2nd Tours 100b. (51st provincial 1557b.) - and then 1st national Bourges.

In the category yearbirds it was the world reknown fancier Gaby Vandenabeele who was the best.

Gaby had a super season. I will focus later on a full report about this top fancier, because from such fanciers we can learn some things.
The cock that won Bourges is the "James Bond" (3031007/01). The other results of "James Bond" are: 15th Blois 1972 b. - 43rd Chateauroux 7347b. - 79th Chateauroux 6334 yearbirds - 25th Blois 3045 b. - 80th Bourges 5347 b.
His father is the "Dreamer" (6340961/99 - direct Walter De Rijck from Nijlen). His mother is "Zus Wittenbuik" (3349996/92 - out of "Kleinen" X "Flicka").

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