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Roger Buvens:
1st National Champion KBDB 2013 Great Middle Distance

by Stefan Mertens


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"Loft of the Widowers"

"Young bird Loft"

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From Stefan Mertens

The first time that we rung the bell at the front door of Roger was in 2010. It was because he won with power the 1st National Bourges. Afterwards seen this national victory was the start of a superb career because since then the results became every year better and better. The racing season 2013 was till now, the best ever and this thanks to the great hen team. It is impressive to see the list with the several nominations in the national KBDB championships with as top result 1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance ! Other nominations are: 2nd National Ace great middle distance old birds KBDB with "Esther” - 2nd National Champion middle distance year birds KBDB – 6th National Ace great middle distance old birds with "Marie" – 6th Nationaal champion middle distance old birds KBDB - 10th National Ace middle distance year birds with "121/12" – 11th National Ace great middle distance old birds KBDB with "Yasmine"

The National championship great middle distance was won with following results: (1st and 2nd nominated bird)

01/06     Chateauroux National                    22,254b:               25 (Esther) -       67 (Marie)
15/06     Montlucon National                        18,568b:               11 (Esther) -       19 (Marie)
29/06     Argenton National                           16,325b:               126 (Esther) -     4 (Marie)
27/07     Bourges National (z)                       2,671b:                 141 (Marie) -      33 (Esther)
10/08     Argenton National                           5,941b:                 77 (Marie) -        78 (Yasmine)


The base of the Buvens colony is mainly built with pigeons from Van Leest – Peeters (Nijlen), Louis Keirsmaeckers (Nijlen), Romain Schots (Halen) and Jos Hasendonckx (Grobbenbonk). The last purchases were done by Andrea Morren (Geetbets) and Sabrina Brugmans (Halen)

The base couple on the breeding loft is without any doubt “256/08" x "570/06". Cock "256/08" won o.a. 11th National Bourges and is a cross of the strains Van Leest - Peeters x own old base. Hen "570/06" comes direct from Romain Schots. She is a daughter of “Den Orléans” who was 1st ace Centrum & Oost 2005.

“256/08” x “570/06” is parents of:

“5092002/2010” - “Esther”:  2nd National Ace great middle distance old birds KBDB '13

“5006852/2011” – “Yasmine”:  11th National Ace great middle distance old KBDB '13

“5021751/2009” -  “Super 751” -wins 1st Sens 1047b, 2nd La Ferte 2025b, 9th Orléans 2967b, 67th Nat Bourges 37357b, 97th Nat Argenton 23900b
“256/08” x “570/06” is grandparents of:

“5006811/2011” - “Marie”:  6th National Ace great middle distance old KBDB '13

“5003620/2012” - Wins 2nd Nanteuil 695b, 3rd Orléans 1039b; 6th Pithiviers 828b, 6th Pithiviers 906b

“5025723/2013”: 2nd Ace middle distance Obrafo 2013 


Roger, do you think it can go better in the racing season 2014?

Yes… I believe it is possible to do better in 2014. I have seen that my birds perform very well on the national races. Since the season 2013 all provincial races became national races, so we had to go to the national races which were new for me and my birds. But both adapted well and therefore I will large my racing team for the national races.
At the start of the racing season 2013 I only went with a few birds to the first race. On Bourges National (the 1st official national race) I did not even basket birds. No…my birds went one week later to National Chateauroux. The week after they flew a middle distance race from the 10 races on which we can score points for the national championship I only basket for 6 of them. Out those 6 races I had to take my best 5 results with 1st and 2nd nominated bird!

Are you going to change your system?

No… certainly… never change a winning team. As already mentioned… fancier and pigeons feel themselves good with this system…I will keep it just as it is!

Tell something more about your system?

After the season the race birds move to another loft. A loft on which they can stay during the day in an aviary. This aviary is an open aviary… no protection against wind or rain. Even when it is a cold winter day I just put them outside. Only at night they may enter the loft. The morning after again outside. As I do not couple my race birds before the racing season (winter period) I put them till half of March daily in the aviary. After that period they come back on their race loft. And immediately I start the daily training sessions (twice a day).

Do the race birds train well during the racing season?

Yes… I have never a problem with this. They always train very well during the season. I have more problems to call the birds inside. They always take their time to enter the loft. My race birds my also train on basketing day and sometimes the bird who has to go to a race is still outside when the hour of basketing is coming very close!

How are the hens housed during the week?

I start the racing season with a team of 18 hens. At the start of the racing season they are housed between my young birds… so they are also dark! Therefore the results are at the start of the season not always very good. On the loft on which I race my hens on widowhood I have only place for 12 hens, so I select 12 hens out of the 18 which I race on widowhood and the other 6 stay on the young bird loft and may pair with each other. To be honest I have also very good results with those lesbian hens.

The hens which are raced on widowhood are closed up during the day

Do you motivate your race birds in an extra way?  

The last race of the season 2013, we talk about Argenton II, I motivated my best hen in following way. This hen “002-10” was coupled with her aunt. Her aunt laid an egg and “002-10” had seen this. I moved the” 002-10” to another loft because I thought it was not good that, for her last race, she would sit on eggs. But on the other loft “002-10” was very nervous and was always looking to go to the other loft. I could not take it anymore and let her back by her aunt. She was so happy and defended the eggs very severe. I did not trust it and nominated her as 3rd bird. But I was wrong. She did not fail and won the 5th prize National against 5,941 birds. Thanks to that result she became 2nd National ace KBDB Great Middle Distance!


What happens after the season?

After the racing season they may start a nest and breed a couple of babies. Only the best hens, which I will race next year, did not breed babies but just had eggs.


The whole year I mix three different brands. The reason why I do this is because I’m always looking for variety. I like mixtures with small French cribs maize. During the racing season I do not feed depurative of Super Diet. Every day they receive extra portion of peanuts and sneaky mixture.

Medical level

Once a year I consult a specialized vet (Raf Herbots). The birds are fully checked and vaccinated against paramyxo. I follow the advice of the vet. . When the results are good I will not treat but when the results are not good I will certainly contact the vet. After the racing season all birds are during 10 days cured with Baytril. There is no vaccination after this cure.

Before the start of the racing season the birds are cured against trichomoniose and this is repeated every 14 days. Certainly when the weather is warm I cure against tricho. Normally I cure during 1.5 days with a product in the drinker. I never mix antibiotic on the mixture.

Results 2013

18/05 Orléans int. prov 1600b: 12, 63, 85... 4/4
      Orléans int. prov 1039b: 3, 7, 11, 44,46,61,77,
      Vierzon prov 3088 b : 3,22,51,... 4/4
25/05 Marne west 1161 b: 7,31,87,89,... 7/7
      Marne west 1559 b : 4,13,14,78,79,105,130,139,
      145,... 13/14
01/06 Orléans 507 b : 2,8,15,26,27,28,29,... 8/10
      Orléans 506 b : 1,7,39,... 4/4
      Chateauroux Nat 22254b : 25,67,1244 3/3
      Chateauroux Nat 19691 b: 63,117 2/3
08/06 Pithiviers 737b: 24,28,37,49,... 5/5
      Pithiviers 906 b : 4,5,6,25,... 7/8
      Marne 1089b : 20,55,76,106 4/5
      Marne 1373 b : 72,74,94,97,... 7/8
15/06 Montlucon Nat 18568 b: 11,19   2/3
      Montlucon Nat 21827 b : 25,139 2/3
22/06 Gueret Nat 12592 b : 198,246,608,816 4/4
      Gueret Nat 15007 b : 246,422,455 3/4
30/06 Argenton Nat 16325 b : 4,126,324,1132 4/4
      Argenton Nat 22463 b : 366,717,1411,... 4/4
      Pithiviers 515 b : 16,18 2/2
      Pithiviers 668 b: 6,15,16 3/4
      Pithiviers int.prov 192 b : 1,2 2/4
06/07 Marne West 2100 b : 13,16,17,19,40,44,88,114,126,
      La Souterraine Nat Zone C1 2201b : 17,...3/4
      La Souterraine Nat Zone C1 2466 b : 25,189 2/4
      Pithiviers 828 b : 1,6,10,19,45,48,...10/14
      Pithiviers 366 b : 1,32 2/4
13/07 Pithiviers 383 b : 13,33 2/2
      Pithiviers 398 b : 1,8,15,16,31 5/6
      Pithiviers 307 b : 4,17,...4/8
20/07 Orléans Obrafo West 223 b : 12,21 2/2
      Orléans Obrafo 504 b: 2,12,27,...6/9
      Orléans West Limburg 1100 b : 3,7,11,22,102,...6/6
      Orléans West Limburg 1683 b : 19,47,72,113,127 5/14
27/07 Bourges Nat Zone C1 2671 b : 1,33,81,...5/5
      Bourges Nat Zone C1 2904 b : 9,94,...
03/08 Chateauroux Nat 4757 b : 22,65,... 3/3
      Chateauroux Nat 6005 b : 20,37 2/3
      Pithiviers 387 b : 14,16,...3/3
      Pithiviers 378 b : 3,19,33,...5/8
      Pithiviers 669 b: 5,18,20,37,38,40,...9/14
10/08 Argenton II Nat 5941b : 5,77,78 3/4
      Argenton II Nat 6801 b : 65,379 2/4
      Pithiviers 181 b : 1,7, 2/2
      Pithiviers 664 b : 11,... 2/2
































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