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Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede

Two National Victories at the Same Time

by Stefan Mertens


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Yearling Winner

Old Bird Winner

Yearling Head

Yearling Wing

Old Bird Wing

Zingem: No need to introduce them…Jacques and Freddy Vandenheede from Zingem. The prize-list that this Eastern Flemish colony can present is unbelievable. Since 2007, Freddy and Jacques form a combination; the breeders stay with Jacques and the racers with Freddy. Together strong… they must have thought and the competition know all about it because they already won 1 National Bourges 27.506 old birds – 1 National Bourges 22.499 yrl – 1 National Argenton – 1 National Tulle, 1 International Narbonne hens and last year they became general champion KBDB. When we visited them in winter, we asked these two brothers about their challenge for the season 2013 and Freddy answered: “Winning a national with a cock”…and now they did… after the national race from Libourne, the Vandenheede brothers already reached their purpose…as well the victory with the old birds as with the yearlings was won by a cock!

Libourne was not only a result to put in a frame but also one to put above their bed because according to the first prognoses, the long distance team of Vandenheede scored following results: 6.646 old: 1-8-10-11 national and 6128 yrl: 1 national.. ! There are no words…more than great class!

Libourne, 723km and raced in a North Eastern wind, was a very difficult race.  The long distance team of Vandenheede must have a super condition because they won on local level in Gent; 17 prizes of 22 they put in. Freddy: “Like almost everybody else, we follow the arrivals in the internet… nothing was known yet when we suddenly saw two pigeons fall on the shelve. Because all our La Souterraine racers were at home, this only could be two of Libourne. The yearling, The Fantast (B12-4186321) was clocked at 18h20min09sec. Exactly 11 seconds later, the “Grauzone” (B11-4244118 – last season 3 nat. Tulle 10.251 yrl) was clocked. An arrival never to forget!  At 18h38min, the 3rd one arrived and number 4 and 5 were clocked at 18h39 and 18h41!

Besides a team of 70 hens, there’s also a team of 70 cocks in the Heulestraat. No total widowhood but pure widowhood (the partners stay at home). The last flight of last year for the widowers was Tulle. The hens remained on the loft where they could raise a couple of youngsters. The specialty about their system is that the future widowers spend all winter with their hens, till February. The weather in February decides when the pigeons get separated. Of course, they sometimes find an egg but they just take it away.  During that period, the birds are free to get outside or stay inside every day.  In February, the widowers are shortly separated to be repaired at the beginning of April.  After a breeding period of 10 days, the widowhood starts.

The widowers have to do their long distance programme and till now, the old widowers had to do Noyon, Dourdan, Vierzon, Limoges, Cahors and Libourne.  The yearling widowers did Noyon, Dourdan, Vierzon, Chateauroux , Gueret and Libourne.

After they reached their aim for the season 2013, we asked the brothers about their next aim and Jacques replied: “We still have some aims in our mind but we won’t tell yet.”

The fact is that this colony is very well classified for several national championships.

Freddy and Jacques, congratulations!

Stefan Mertens


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