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Verdonck Camiel

International Winner Perpignan 16,921 Old Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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Winning Bird

Winner's Head

Winner's wing

In the widower's loft


Nazareth: With international Perpignan, the last international race of the season 2012 has been raced. For this last international race there has been 16,921 old birds basketted and Camiel Verdonck from little town Nazareth (south from better known Ghent) won. Personally we find it very nice that fanciers as Camiel can battle against the top fanciers on international level. This result is the proof that even with a small number of pigeons you can win an international race. What can pigeon sport be beautiful.


Camiel starts his story “I was born a few village further away and my neighbor was a pigeon fancier. Without knowing it I became infected with the “pigeon virus”. . Life goes on and in 1978 I build my house here in Nazareth. It was a new start as a pigeon fancier and I concentrated myself on the middle distance races. I could not complain about my results and in 1990 I won Derby Orleans…in those days a true top race.

But more and more I liked the very long distance races. Very long distance asks very long distance birds and I found these by Robert Buysse (Ertvelde), Eddy and Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem), Colpaert Danny (Kruishoutem), John Meurysse (Oeselgem) and Walter De Ruyck (Nazareth)


I have a very little race team namely 10 old and 15 year bird widowers. I have also 6 breeding couples and around 30 young birds. The old birds are basketted for the very long distance races and the year birds go till 800km. The young birds are only good trained. When the young birds have flown some middle distance races, it is this certainly enough.

As caring system you will not note a lot of special things. As feeding I mix the mixtures of two brands and most of the time I feed a racing mixture.

On medical level I visit before the start of the racing season the specialized vet and he decides what I need to do. His professional advice is followed strictly. During the racing season I cure after each two races against trichomoniose with a product based on ronidazole. When I cure against ornithose I cure with Soludox (based on doxycycline)


Camiel “ I was very lucky to see my international winner coming home. I just came outside and saw a bird coming closer and closer to my loft. I could not believe my eyes…it was one of my Perpignan racers.”

The international winner is named “Lennie” (B10-4007974). He is average build but has a very clever look. Following Camiel “Lennie” is a very calm bird. On the day of basketting “Lennie” received during three hours his hen. This was not the normal way of motivation and maybe this was his motivation to beat all Perpignan birds.

Camiel once again congratulations and enjoy this international victory.


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