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Jacques Verschuere

National Winner La Souterraine 11237 Yearlings
Fastest Against 20773 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Beveren-Leie: On the new national race programme we find 7 national races in a row for old and yearling birds between 450km and 550km (distance from Brussels). First on the programme was the national race from Bourges and it finished last weekend with La Souterraine. This last race was a very difficult one with temperatures of almost 30°C and a North Eastern wind and this combination didn’t make it easy to our feathered friends. The national winner with the yearlings and also fastest of all La Souterraine racers, was the chequered cock (B12-3098842) of Jacques Verschuere from Beveren-Leie (Western Flanders). He was clocked at 14h 10min55sec at a distance of 534km, he raced at a speed of 1158.99 m/m. Hereby, he beat the pigeons of Hans D’Hondt (Semmerzake – 1146.51 m/m) and Ally Norbert (Aarsele – 1144.26 m/m).

From the age of 13, Jacques has been surrounded with pigeons. He got his first lessons from his uncle Van Hautte Maurice from Deerlijk. In 1981, he moved to his present address and that same winter he filled in his first own list of his loft. He started with the pigeons of his uncle Maurice, which were reinforced by pigeons of Dujardin and Christiaens Wilfried. Very soon, he succeeded because in 1986, he won 3 National Montauban. In 1998, 2 National Ace-pigeon KBDB LD and in 1997,  Jacques won provincial Bourges youngsters. All super results !

In 2002, he formed a duo with Bert Vanden Berghe (who plays at the moment on his own name in Wortegem Petegem) and together they won the Interprovincial race from Chateauroux (2002) and provincial Angoulème (2005). Via Bert, the Vandenabeele pigeons arrived on the loft in Beveren-Leie and at this moment, the descendants of these Vandenabeele pigeons are the shortest way to success. Also the birds of Ameye (Deerlijk), have passed the selection on the breeding loft of  Jacques.

Jacques: “I prefer the widowhood with cocks. The races with the youngsters don’t interest me that much (they only have to do some short distance races) and I don’t know anything about the game with the hens, so I stay away from it. I started the season 2013 with a team of 17 yearlings and 30 old birds. They’ve been paired three days before New Year, they raised a youngster and after this was weaned, the widowhood started. They didn’t get re-paired a second time before the season.

The widowers are divided over 6 compartments and he always tries to race them per compartment. This works rather well at the beginning of the season but further on, it all becomes more difficult. Normally, the pigeons have to race every two weeks, except for those that did a long distance race, they sometimes get an extra week of rest.

He uses the mixtures of Versele-Laga: Pan 1 and Pan 2. A system, in which they get a light mixture in the morning and much richer in the evening. He regularly uses by-products like: Energy-Corn and sometimes vitamins in the drinking water.  Peanuts and other products like it, are never used.

Before the season, he visited his vet Lannoo (Moen) and he follows his advice. He only cures against cancer, not for the heads. He uses the drops Lysocure for his widowers.

La Souterraine was won by a very bright chequered cock (B12-3098842). As a youngster of the second round, he only raced some short distances in his year of birth. This season, in preparation, he did Arras (78km) – 2 x Clermont (178km) and Fontenay (307km) and then he could show his qualities on the national race from Poitiers, where he won 73 National against 13.135 yearlings. After Poitiers, he went to Montluçon, where he failed before his super result on La Souterraine with the national victory. If he was special motivated? No, totally not…nothing special has been done. He never shows a hen before basketing…widowers that have to race can better be put in calmly.

Jacques, congratulations!


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