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Voss - Jennes

National Winner Bourges Against 33,461 Young Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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Diest: Bourges…the most famous race for the young birds….was this year again a big success. In total more than 33,000 young birds were basketted . For the fanciers who like figures…in 2010 there were 30,719 young birds basketted, in 2011 there were 31,719 young birds and in 2012 33,461 went to Bourges national. Once again the prove that the interest of the Belgium fanciers is great for these races.

National winner by the young birds is a blue hen of the combination Vos-Jennes from Diest. These champions are certainly not unknown in Belgium because before they won already 1st national ace Great Middle Distance KBDB 1992 – 1st national Argenton 27.499 birds (1991) – 1st national Argenton 2.304 year birds (1993) – 2nd national La Souterraine 16.297 birds (2004) – 2nd S-national Chateauroux 10.925 birds (2000) and so on… Really an unique list of top performances on national and semi-national races.


Jean Vos “Every year we wean around 100 young birds for our own use. We have 25 breeding couples. We couple our breeders very early and we put the eggs of the breeders directly under other birds. In that way we have very quick 2 rounds of our breeders. The base of our colony is still our own “white strain” (via De Rijck Evrard) which was successful crossed with birds from Gommaire Verbruggen (Scherpenheuvel), Herbots brothers (Halle-Booienhoven) – Haesevoets-Haesevoets (Diest) – Vandenabeele via Marc Van Daele and recently Gaston Van De Wouwer (via Vanhout Benny) and Wollfs Maarten.

When the young birds are weaned they are, and this following the age, split into two groups. After one month they all come together. At the moment that they are weaned they receive a Spartrix and 14 days later they get an Appertex. In the begin period they receive a very heavy mixture. Young birds still need to grow out. Afterwards the mixture becomes lighter so that they are not too fat to train. I toss the young birds as soon as possible this from the moment that they train for an hour and are out of sight for minimum 30 minutes. After some tosses I separated the sexes because young birds which are separated train much better then when the sexes are still together. When we toss the young birds we realease cocks and hens together. So when they come home they stay during some time together. By doing this they don’t forget each other and stay motivated to fly quickly home. In the begin period I toss a lot the young birds, once they are on the middle distance races I stop tossing them during the week.

During the racing season I follow a fix caring system. As feeding I feed the mixtures of Beyers. Protein poor in the beginning of the week and feeding up with a racing mixture. As by-products I give a lot the products of Herbots Animal Products. Vitamins, Amino Acids, Zell-Oxygen , Brewer’s Yeast…I give them all once a week.

On medical level I visit 4 times a year vet Raf Herbots. During the racing season I cure on very regular base 2 till 3 days. Against ornithose I cure only when it is really necessary.

The young birds are darked from begin of Mai till middle of June. Once the longest day of the year has been passed I light my young birds till the end of the racing season.

Normally seen my young birds are basketted every week, but now the week for Bourges I left them home. The reason was that they had been in so many races with rain that I thought t would be good that they had one week rest.


It is very super to win national Bourges and when you do this with your 1st nominated young bird then this is really top. Jean “as already said…I follow the system of the sliding door and when cocks and hens come together I’m always between the pigeons. As a fancier I want to see how the birds react. Who is in love, who is not and so on. When I see that one or other young bird is very motivated then I nominate him or her as my first bird.

Total result list of national Bourges winner

1 National Bourges 33.461 birds 473km
1 Soissons 180 birds 216km
27 Soissons 552 birds
29 Momignies 425 birds 123km
38 Nanteuil 263 birds 250km
71 Pithiveirs 274 birds 370km


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