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Albert Derwa

National Winner Issoudun 16,587 Youngsters
Fastest Against 22,295 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Herent: How beautiful our pigeon sport can be!  Last week, Albert was very proud that the national winning hen from Matthias Coel was a original Derwa.  Now, one week later, Albert himself is the national winner from Issoudun with the young birds ! Many fanciers that know Albert, saw him as their favourite because they noticed that his youngsters had top condition. These fanciers also saw that he had waited to put in his youngsters for the first time on a national race. A tactical move but he knew what he did…

The Base

It all began with the old base; the “Gerry “ 1st national La Souterraine 1993. The Dreamteam in those days: the “2005144/1999”, grandson Gerry x “5112210/1998” “Kristy” of Paul Huls. These are the parents of the super breeding hen “Valeska”.

“Valeska” 2180106/2004 is mother of:

2090034/2006 “Paulo” with 9 s.nat Chateauroux 8216p, 38 nat La Souterraine 13965p and 48 int.prov Issoudun 4627p
2090133/2006 “Portia” with 15 nat Argenton 5927p, 17 int.prov Issoudun 4627p and 11 prov Blois 2836p
2061133/2007 “Paulette” 1st prov ace-pig Heavy MD '08 but also 1 s.nat Montlucon 8619p, 15 int.prov Issoudun 5815p and 99 nat Bourges 16771p. Paulette is mother of 003/11 which won 76 nat La Souterraine 16665p and 99 nat Gueret 14362p
2090127/2011 “Vidhi” 1 zone B La Souterraine 6005p and 2 nat 16665p
2007128/2010 “Vallari” won 2 Pithiviers 440p, 4 Pithiviers 837p, 6 Pithiviers 1200p 11 nat La Souterraine 3562p, 39 s.nat Chateauroux 8092p, 50 nat Argenton 19782p, 64 nat Argenton , 123 nat Bourges 12607p and 210 nat Bourges 30748p.

This super hen; “Vallari” is mother of 2090073/2011 that won 2 Nanteuil 853p, 2 Pithiviers 784p, 3 Momignies 823p, 6 prov Blois 2156p, 6 prov Salbris 1038p and 154 nat Argenton 22384p

Best daughter of  “Valeska” is 2090139/2006 “Paulien”, a super hen that won 1 s.nat Chateauroux 8216p, 1 prov Gueret 1298p, 2 prov Blois 2836p, 10 s.nat Argenton 7353p and 1 Sens 195p. This miracle is even bettre to breed with than on the races and together with her partner, “Valentino” 2182096/2003, they were parents of:

2061097/2007 “Pellina” 8 nat. ace-pig Heavy MD KBDB '08. She won prizes like 11 nat Argenton 20844p, 13 s.nat Montlucon 8619p, 14 nat Argenton 6177p, 33 nat zone B Bourges 6504p. Pellina is mother of 101/11 2 prov Blois 1721p, 17 prov Blois 2156p and 57 nat Argenton 20383p
2061098/2007 “Paolini” won 15 int.prov Argenton 5871p, 24 prov Salbris 1234p, 61 int.prov Argenton 5883p, 82 int.prov Montlucon 5052p
2027029/2009” Primo” 3 nat. ace-pig All Round Europa Cup 2011

2227240/2009 with Mattias Coel, she’s mother of 536/11 1st ace-pig Heavy MD Youngsters Brabantse Unie 2011 and 544/12 60 nat Bourges 33524p
2007030/2010 “The Zoon”: 1st nat. ace-pig All Round Europa Cup 2011 - 1st ace-pig LCB yrl 2011 - 1st ace-pig LCB Heavy MD 2011 - 1st ace-pig LCB Ace of Aces 2011 - 3 OLYMPIC PIGEON CAT.D NITRA 2013
2007200/2010 with Mattias Coel mother of 502/12 1st ace-pig Heavy MD Youngsters Brabantse Unie 2012
2090030/2011 5 Nanteuil 239p, 35 prov Blois 1721p, 40 nat Gueret 1362p
2080130/2012 won 33 nat Gueret 16988p

Brothers and sisters of “Paulien” already proved that they pass their qualities on to their sons and daughters. Top-pigeons that score at the top on the national results against thousands of pigeons of 100 till 550km. Also with the reinforcement of the Paul Huls pigeons succeeded very well. Also the pigeons of Gommaire Verbruggen, Gaby Vandenabeele and Koen Minderhoud are doing very well. Albert is always looking for new reinforcements to remain at the top.

The System with the Youngsters

From the first day the youngsters are weaned, they get Röhnfried Avidress in the drinking water every day. Once the youngsters train well around the loft, they get a cure of 7 days against cancer. Every they get a full trough of breeding mixture and later on he makes it lighter by mixing it with some barley or Beyers Vandenabeele.

To Albert, the training of the youngsters is very important. Sometimes he drives them 20 times before they first leave for Momignies. Albert: “I start at 3km, 5km, 10km ( 4 or 5 times ), 20km and then Ittre. I don’t go further until they arrive at home before me. Once the youngsters are on the middle distance and they have the rhythm, I don’t drive in between two races.“

The youngsters get darkened from the beginning of March till half of June and this from 17.00 till 7.30 in the mornings. Half July, the sexes are separated and the system of the sliding door is used.  The door doesn’t open long at the short distances. Only before basketing of a national race, they can stay together for about 4 till 5 hours. After the race, they stay together till the evening or the day after. Albert: “On the day of basketing before a national race, I always use the same schedule: in the morning I feed 100% Beyers Super Widowhood – at 14.00 h, 100% Beyers Briljant, for as much as they want  - at 15.00 h, the youngsters come together   - at 17.30 I throw some tobacco stems on the loft to stimulate the atmosphere – at 18.30 they get some sunflower grains.

The Open Aviary is Very Important

Albert: “Before, my aviary was completely open and in spring of 2011, I changed it. Now the front is open and all other sides are covered and the bottom is steady too, no rosters. The pigeons really have to enjoy staying there and they only stay there when I’m at home, so I can let them inside when the weather changes. If it’s really cold, as it was in spring this year, I also close the front so only 10 cm remains open. Also the aeration is closed on the loft when the aviary is open.

The Food 

Albert: “The old and the young birds are fed by the same system. At their arrival, they always get Super Widowhood from Beyers. Sunday and Monday are two days of recover and they get 100% purification on the short distance and on the middle distance or further, they get Beyers Vandenabeele. From Wednesday morning on, the widowers get 100% Super Widowhood, the racing hens get it in the evening. On Thursday morning, I start to give them Beyers Super Widowhood and in the afternoon; Beyers Brilliant. Half an hour before I put them in the basket, they get some sunflower grains. It’s also important that they get fresh grit every day. “

The Medical Guidance
Albert: “One time I visit Raf Herbots and the other time I go to Vincent Schroeder. After the racing season of 2012, all birds got a cure of 10 days against paratyhus. Before the start of 2013, they had a cure of 7 days against cancer at the beginning of March; next 7 days Soludox and then 10 days against Paratyphus but with another product than I used in autumn.
Also the youngsters got these three products just before the season, so they would be free from all diseases.
During the season, they regularly get Sedochol and the products of Röhnfried: Mumm, Avisal and Avipharm at their arrival. On Tuesday, they always get Blitz liquid. During the season, every month a cure of 3 or 4 days against cancer. “

The National Winner “INVICTUS”

It was a beautiful blue cock that won the national victory from Issoudun; “Invictus” (B13-2110100) was born out of the very best strings of the Derwa colony. You can take a look at the pedigree.
For his first national race, “Invictus” went into the besket very motivated. Albert: “I have 31 youngsters; 17 cocks and 14 hens. Because I have less hens, I put two old cocks on the loft. One of these old cocks always wanted to be in the box of the future national winner and so, “Invinctus” was furious. It seems he didn’t forget his rival because no one expected the pigeons from Issoudun when he fell on the shelve !

Albert and Francine, congratulations!

Stefan Mertens


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