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Albert Poels - Herk-De-Stad

National Winner Montlucon Old Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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The Lofts

Winning Bird

Eye of Winner

Winning Wing

Herk-De-Stad: The last national races all were very hard because of the wind at the head.  But this weekend it all was a bit “easier” for tour birds to get back home. A strong South West till Western wind blew them home and hereby the pigeons on the middle distances flew at a speed of more than 2000m/m in some parts of the country. Every fancier that had put in his birds for the national race from Montluçon knew they had to start watching them in time because they also had the advantage of the wind which was proved by the speed of the national top-birds; above 1650 m/m. The fastest of all 40.358 Montluçon racers was the beautiful blue cock B11-5038354 of Albert and Johan Poels from Herk-de Stad. He was clocked at 12h29 at a distance of 546km he flew at a speed of 1659.97 m/m and so he won against Geebelen Leo (Bree – 1652.48 m/m) and Schepmans Erwin (Grazen – 1638.97 m/m).

On the result we notice the name of Albert Poels but in fact we also have to mention his son Johan and his grandson Kennith. Johan is the man, who makes the programme, father Albert is the perfect care-taker and grandson Kennith helps out when it’s necessary. When we visited these national winners, we found Johan resting in his chair with his leg in plaster. On Monday he had an accident on his work and he hurt his Achilles tendon and on Wednesday he had an operation and since Thursday he’s home to recover. But we think that when you win a national victory on Saturday, it makes it all much easier to forget the pain of the last week.

The colony Poels is certainly not unknown in the pigeon sport because they already won 8 provincial and 2 interprovincial victories.  Johan: “For several years, we play the heavy middle distance and we have a lot of trust in the Clerinx pigeons. Sometimes, when we go and get some pigeons elsewhere, we almost always go to another fancier who also succeeds with the Clerinx pigeons. We’ve always been impressed by the qualities of these birds, they can always do something more…or should I say they’re “special”.

They started the season 2013 with 40 widowers, 4 racing hens, 100 youngsters and 12 breeding pairs. We can say they’re pure widowhood racers because the races with the hens and the youngsters aren’t that important.
The widowers have to race the races between 400km and 600km. They’re divided over 4 compartments and they’re certainly not played by compartment. On Christmas day the widowers got together with their hens and they raised one youngster. Afterwards there was a short resting period and on April 1st, they were paired again to breed for 5 days and then the widowhood started.

Johan: “To be honest, we didn’t have a good start this year. I was afraid to put in the pigeons with bad weather and this spring was very bad and so I kept on hesitating to put them in. This was the reason why the widowers didn’t get the good condition and the results weren’t very good. May be I was too careful but with the weather becoming warmer, I noticed our birds getting a better condition and so I don’t regret being so careful in spring."
The Caretaking
"They don’t do anything special here. At the beginning of the week, the widowers are fed lightly and towards basketing, the food becomes richer. They always use different kinds of mixtures and they buy their by-products in the pharmacy of the Late Jos Herbots; vitamins, beer yeast, etc… . Till now, they didn’t give any medication; nothing against cancer, nor ornithose. They visited their vet Marien and he said the birds were in good condition and it wasn’t necessary to cure. "

The Winner
So now we arrive with the national winner; a beautiful blue cock with a smart head and an athletic body. He certainly wasn’t specially motivated because Johan didn’t get on the loft because of his accident. As usual, Albert just turned the nest bowls and then the Montluçon racers got into the basket.

Johan: ”I was sitting in my chair thinking I still had time enough to watch the birds from Montluçon arrive and suddenly I noticed something around the loft. I hopped outside but I didn’t see anything. I looked into the sky and I noticed a birds flying around. I kept on looking and soon I saw it was one from Montluçon. I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story !”

Albert, Johan and Kennith…Congratulations !

Stefan Mertens


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