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Ferry and Francine Lambrecht

Our European correspondent Stefan Mertens checks in with a profile of Ferry and Francine Lambrecht, whose loft was recently named 12th overall in Center East of Belgium, which covers almost half of Belgium's lofts. The Lambrechts have climbed to the top dozen of some 30,000 lofts in just a little over ten years, when Ferry returned from a teaching stint in America and started from scratch to rebuild his loft of racers.

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Maurice and Gregory Casaert

Stefan Mertens gives us an inside look on the phenomenally successful loft of Belgian fanciers Maurice and Gregory Casaert, which has compiled a tremendous record of success in numerous races.

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Dr. Wim Boddaert
on Pigeon Health

Dr. Wim Boddaert, a Belgian veterinarian, is known across the globe as an expert on racing pigeons. In this interview, he brings us up to date on the latest news. He talks about new strains of disease that threaten pigeons today...and what we can do about them.

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Dr. Charles Walcott
on Homing Instincts

Dr. Charles Walcott’s research on homing pigeons began at Cornell in 1962. During the high point of the studies in the 1970s and early 1980s, there were from 1,200 to 2,000 homing pigeons in the test group. In addition to the large group, they conducted many experiments on individual birds. We recently had the opporunity to attend his fascinating lecture on what that research has revealed, and have a full report.

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