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Cedric Delbushaye

National Winner Cahors 8,562 Old Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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The Loft

Winning Bird

Eye of Winner

Winning Wing

Petit-Rechain: It’s a village in the neighbourhood of Verviers, where we visited the national winner from Cahors. The nicest part of the story is that this fancier is completely “new” in our pigeon sport. It’s because of his grandfather that Cédric started to race the pigeons.  It’s only since 2012 that he really started to race the birds after he build a beautiful loft in the garden. Because he wanted to do the long distance, it was necessary to get the perfect pigeons, which he found with Widow Caro (Lambermont), Victor Andot (Visé), Marc Olivier (Dison) and Thierry Jacquemotte (Lambermont). Hereby, Cédric wants to thank all these fanciers to have helped him with pigeons of great quality.

“La Cahors” B11-1040100 is the national winning hen that left all 8.562 Cahors racers behind. “La Cahors” is the perfect long distance type; not too big, strong muscles and a strong character. Being released at 7h45, she was clocked at 16h03min31sec at a distance of 753km and a speed of 1511,63 m/m. She beats the birds of Delhez Didier (Soumagne – 1509,05m/m) and Nijns Frans and Son (Geetbets – 1498.47 m/m).

“La Cahors” is part of a team of 20 hens. At the beginning of February, the hens got their cocks and they could raise a couple of youngsters.  Once the cocks started to chase the hens, they moved to the open aviary. When the hens had a big youngster, their first training flights started. Via short distance and middle distance, they left for  Cahors. We also want to mention that there’s never a second short pairing.

Besides his team of hens, Cédric also races 15 cocks on classical widowhood and about 60 youngsters. To take good care of the pigeons, Cédric always can count on the help of his father. They both have to work every day and so it’s much easier when you can divide the tasks.
The hens have to train once a day and once a day they get their food in their boxes, in which they’re locked inside during the week. There’s nothing special to mention about the care-taking.  As many other fanciers, also here they feed lightly at the beginning of the week and the days before basketing, the food becomes richer. On regular times, Cédric gives garlic oil with beer yeast on the food and by arrival from a race, there are always electrolytes in the drinking water. On Monday, he uses apple vinegar and once a week also vitamins.

He tries to use a less medication as possible. To Cédric, hygiene is very important and it makes sure that many diseases don’t attack that quickly. Before the season, the birds all were cured against cancer with ¼ Flagyl. This treatment will be repeated during the season every 6 weeks. Till now, they didn’t give anything against ornithose. As long as the results are good, we won’t treat them. If a problem appears, they won’t wait to do something about it.

To Cédric there are two very important aspects for selection: the natural health and the results.  The rest is all theory.

Cédric, congratulations and surely this national victory is a motivation to continue !

Stefan Mertens



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