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Dirk Moens - Grimbergen

1st National Bourges 13,570 Year Birds

Fastest of 33,229 Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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The Lofts


Wing of Winner

Eye of Winner

Grimbergen: Bourges I has been raced…Bourges I knows his winners. Conclusion: this first national race of the season was certainly not an easy race. They started with headwind blowing North east and during the race the wind changed to North west. No problem for the birds who have the top condition but those who are not yet in top condition suffered. We heard that on several lofts birds were still missing on day of liberation.
National winner against 13,570 year birds and also the fastest against all 33,229 Bourges racers was “Miro” from the flying vet Dirk Moens from Grimbergen. Dirk (44 years old) has since 1995 a practice for small animals such as dogs and cats but the last year’s most of his clients are pigeon fanciers. Dirk is born in a pigeon family. Grandfather was a very good short distance racer and father Jean is a famous marathon racer. Did you know that father Jean won in 2007 the 1st national Pau !

Begin nineties Dirk started at the place where he is still living. The first racing seasons that Dirk raced on his own name he specialized himself on  the game with the young birds this on the short- and middle distance races. At the end of each racing season the best birds went to the breeding loft and in this way Dirk created a strong base. But Dirk wanted more and want to be top on the long distance races. For that reason he invested in birds from Gaby Vandenabeele (via Anton Ruitenberg), Louis Van den Eynde (strain of Marcel Aelbrecht), Paul Delmotte (strain Erik Limbourg) and then a mix of several birds bought by Benny Steveninck, Koen Van Roy and Vervloesem Patrick.

The season 2013 was started with a group of 32 couples which are raced following the system of total widowhood. They were coupled 1st of January and could breed a couple of babies. Once the babies were weaned the sexes were separated and a kind of winter period was a fact. During this period the locker of the medicines stayed closed and a lot of tea was daily fresh made for the birds.

The second coupling was made end of March. The hens and cocks stayed together for about 4 days and during those days they made their first tosses. The first weekend of April they flow their first short distance race. As a preparation they flew 4 x short distance, 1 x middle distance and 1 x great middle distance (Vierzon). After that race the group was split into two groups. One group went to Bourges and the other group was basketted for a middle distance race.

Dirk “As a feeding I follow for 100% the system of Matador and I combine this with the by-products of Backx.
On medical level I treated as follow. After their last race in 2012, this was national Gueret, I let the birds moult in a stress less situation. They were as a young bird darked and lightened and therefore they needed more time to moult. I gave a lot of by-products to support the moulting process. I did not give any medication during this period.  Begin of December I gave all the birds a 8-days cure with the product Dicural. When they were coupled, begin of January, I controlled the droppings of the birds and at the same time the most common diseases. Everything was ok.

When the race team was coupled for the 2nd time I treated them with a combination product against tricho + ornithose and the eyes and nose were daily dropped with the yellow drops of Videx.

As a vet I have of course the possibility to examine my birds as much as I want and I can treat my birds when it is necessary. To be honest I did not treat my race team against ornithosis till the week before Bourges. Then I treated during two days with Erytrocine in the drinking water.

As a fancier you must pray that the top condition comes on the loft and I was lucky that the top condition is on my loft. From the start of the racing season my birds win 1st prizes, even on the short distance.

Bourges I was won by blue cock, named “Miro”. “Miro” B12-2124186 won at a velocity of 1153.37 m/m. “It is a pity that I did not saw him coming home” starts Dirk this story “I just let enter the last home coming bird of a middle distance race when suddenly a heard the clocking sound of my ECT. I know that it has to be a Bourges bird and when I looked I saw “Miro” already on his loft.
Dirk…once again congratulations with this national win from the whole Herbots team !

Stefan Mertens


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