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Rudy De Saer

1st National Souillac 7,756 Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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Soon after arrival

Winner's wing

In the widower's loft


Ruiselede: When we visited Rudy De Saer a few weeks ago because he won with his “New Jens” 1st national Limoges we said to him at the end of our visit “you have won now your 1st national victory…well it will not take long before you win your second one. “ To be honest I never thought the second national victory would follow that quickly. One thing is sure…Rudy De Saer has the top condition on his loft and a loft on which the top condition is present can do miracles. Well one of those miracles is winning two national races in a few weeks’ time.

Souillac was liberated with one day of delay and with an east wind, it was more than logic that the fanciers of West-Flanders were ideal situated. When we look now at the race result we see that in the top 100, 80 fanciers of West-Flanders were classified.


The national winner was clocked at 4pm41min for a distance of 698km, which is good for a velocity of 1203.48 m/m. The superb cock who won the national race has written his own history. As a young bird he was just trained. As a year bird he came home with an injured eye from his first provincial race. It took some time to cure and afterwards he did not perform any more. The reason why he survived the selection was because he was the brother of the best widower in the loft. And see…a season later “Antonio” performs extremely well and wins a national race.

If “Antonio” was especially motivated? Well…you know that year- and old birds are sitting on the same loft. The year birds who had flown national Limoges came home on Monday. They received their hen and the old widowers, housed on the same loft, became crazy. I could not hold the situation any more. The widowers were always busy and refused to eat. Therefore I gave on Tuesday afternoon every widower his hen and afterwards they could take a bath. After doing that the were again calm and the started to eat again.


I never thought that I would come so quickly back after the auction I had in 2009 “starts Rudy his story “in that year my father died and I sold all the race birds. Only the breeders and the young birds were kept. A lot of top birds were sold and then it is not always that simple to breed new ones. But the new racers impress me…and that is nice to notice.

For the racing season 2012 I have 60 widowers. I only race with cocks…no hens. My base is 95% the strain of Gaby Vandenabeele. De other 5% are pigeons from Gino Clicque, Rik Cools and some friends.

The widowers were coupled 15th of December. They bred a couple of babies and before the hen had again eggs the cocks were on widowhood. Before the season started the hens came during 3 days on the loft and during that period the first tosses were made. Afterwards it went with the club to the short distance and middle distance races.

For Limoges I had 13 widowers in the basket. “New Jens” was clocked at 3pm21. We had to wait a little bit but then they followed very good: 3pm43 (18th national !) – 3pm53 – 3pm 59 – 4pm05 – 4pm13 – 4pm 34 – 4pm 37 – 4pm51

The week before Limoges the widowers trained very well. Without any problems they stayed more than 1 hour in the air and when I called them in they entered the loft within 20 seconds. They fight to enter the loft !


Since years I have full trust in vet. Piet Blancke. Once I did not follow his advice and I had a very bad result. Since then I do everything what he says. Every month I let him control the pigeons. Before the season started the widowers were during 5 days cured against ornithosis. This with an individual treatment. Between Chateauroux provincial and Limoges national vet Blancke did everything to keep them in top condition and he succeeded.

As feeding I use the mixtures of Beyers. Protein poor in the beginning of the week and racing mixture the last 3 days before basketting."



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