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Mispelaere Jacques and Gino

National Winners Poitiers 13,814 Old Birds
Fastest agains 26,948 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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The Loft

Winning Bird

Winning Wing

Eye of the Winner

Moorsele: Everybody already announced before, the national winner from Poitiers surely would be clocked in the province of the Western Flanders. The place of release is situated more to the West as all other release places and with the strong North Eastern wind they announced, it just had to be a fancier of the Western Flanders. Some hours later, this theory became true.  The Western Flanders was all over the result. The national race from Poitiers wasn’t tough but very tough, surely when we know that the top-racers hardly reached 1.100 m/m …more than hard work.

When we talk about top-racers, the fastest of all Poitiers racers, was to be found in  Moorsele, at the West of Kortrijk. In the Secretaris Vanmarckelaan, with father and son, Jacques and Gino Mispelaere, the electronic system sounded at 14h44min01sec. Their dark chequered cock, the B11-3003150 was clocked at a speed of 1112,39 m/m.

Those that follow the pigeon sport carefully, surely know the name of Mispelaere Jacques and Gino because in 2010, their name already appeared at the top of the national result with the 1st National Libourne against 6.757 yearlings. The speed of the Libourne winner was 1196 m/m and now they win the national victory at a speed of 1112,39 m/m or in other words, the Mispelaere pigeons are made for the hard work.

For generations, the Mispelaere family is fond of the pigeon sport.  Since the age of 8, father Jacques already was to be found on the loft and already his son Gino is obsessed by the pigeons since he was very young. In 1996, father and son decided to go in combination and with success.

Gino starts to tell: “Which is the base of our colony? Well, in 1996, we bought a coupon of Godfried Vanderstichele from Pittem on the provincial champions day. This hen, the B96-3075651, became the basic hen of the colony. She became mother of  the 5th national Brive (2002), 5th national Dax (2004), 23rd national Cahors (2005), 39th national Guerret (2000) and 44th national Limoges (1999). We also were successful with the pigeons of Lernout Marc (out of his  “Dax”), Sioen Luc (Moortsele), Platteeuw Didier (Zillebeke – the pigeons of Michel Stevelinck), Latruwe Gerard (Ruddervoorde), Stefan Van Moerbeke and at the auction of summer youngsters of Norbert Ally, we bought a cock, the father of our winner from Poitiers.

They started the season 2013 with 32 widowers among which 10 yearlings and 22 old cocks. Besides these, they also have 11 breeding pairs and about 60 youngsters.
For years now, they use the same system when it comes down to the preparation for the following season.  The widowers never breed early in winter. They always wait till the beginning of March to pair them. They can breed for some days and then the widowhood starts.  In fact, the widowers never breed, not even after the season.
About the care taking, there’s nothing special to mention. For years, they have a simple system, which they follow strictly. The medical guidance is always reduced to the minimum.  The food is always a mixture of three different firms: Beyers, Vanrobaeys and Versele-Laga and as by-products they prefer Sedochol, Zell-Oxygen, beer yeast and Energy-Corn.  May be you won’t believe but simplicity in the pigeon sport can also lead to success.

The national winner, the B11-3003150, was only trained in his year of birth. As a 2-year old, he was tested on Limoges (97 local against 572p.) and Tulle (985 National against 10.251 p). This season, he immediately scored very well on the race from Fontenay (3 against 198 old birds) and then finally he was very successful on the national race from Poitiers.
If he was specially motivated? Gino: “Before the basketing for Poitiers, the widowers got their hens for the first time in their boxes. May be this was his stimulation to go as far as possible.

Jacques and Gino, congratulations and till the next national victory !

Stefan Mertens


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