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Kitano Masao - Zoutleeuw

1st National Chateauroux 22,295 Old Birds
Fastest Against 41,912 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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The Loft

Inside the Loft


Wing of Chateauroux

Zoutleeuw:  Chateauroux was the second national race on the calendar. This national race, organised by the KBDB, counted a lot participators;  41.912 Chateauroux racers got into the basket. Already at 7.15, all baskets got opened on Saturday and just like the previous national race, the participants had to race with a strong NW wind. The top pigeons raced at a speed of a little over 1200m/m, the prove that it wasn’t an easy job for our feathered friends.

The fastest of all and the national winner against 22.295 old pigeons was a beautiful blue hen of the Japanese fancier Kitano Masao from Zoutleeuw. The national winning hen, the B10-2015544 was clocked at 14h16m14s on a distance of 515km and so at a speed of 1222.74 m/m.

Many among you will probably ask themselves: “Who is this Kitano Masao?” Well, Mr. Kitano is a Japanese fancier who follows the Belgian pigeon sport from day to day. He has a great passion for the Belgian pigeons and so he decided some years ago to start his own colony in Belgium, the place to be when it comes down to the pigeon sport. Mr. Kitano bought a house in Zoutleeuw, where he build a wonderful loft in the garden that he filled with many pigeons of great quality and a Japanese fancier came to live here, to take care of these pigeons. This was a fabulous plan but as often, he couldn’t realise what he wanted. Bit by bit, Mr. Kitano had to give up his dream, to win in the Belgian pigeon sport. He had a good talk with his friend Jo Herbots and he said to Jo: “Jo, I’m going to stop the cooperation with my Japanese care taker but I noticed his neighbour Clement Matterne, who plays very well with the pigeons. Do you think he would take care of my pigeons. Jo Herbots thought this to be a good idea and asked Clement (he already helped out on Sunday and on Monday with the Herbots family) if he wasn’t interested to take care of the pigeons of Mr. Kitano. Clement agreed but he couldn’t do this on two places at the same time. “No problem” M. Kitano replied, “I will take over your pigeons, you can take care of them and I’ll pay all cost. And so they did and now, 3 years later, they won a national victory. Who knows what will be next !

In the Ossenwegstraat 113 in Zoutleeuw, they follow the complete programme from Momignies till and with Barcelona. When they organise a race, Clement puts in his birds. When you want to play the complete programme, you can only do this when you have a big team and with 50 pairs, played on total widowhood, you can participate to all races. Besides the team of old birds and yearlings, Clement also takes care of +-200 youngsters.

The racing team are staying in two lofts. The team that has to do the large middle distance are divided over 4 compartments. Those for the long distance and heavy long distance are staying on 5 compartments.
The pigeons for the heavy middle distance, were paired early and they all could raise a couple of youngsters. Once the youngsters got weaned, the sexes got separated and they all moved to their own compartment. The cocks moved to the loft where they breed and the hens into the open aviaries behind the loft.

Clement: “My system of total widowhood isn’t complicated. During the week, the cocks stay on their loft but their boxes are closed, they can stay on the little shelves to rest. On the day of basketing, the boxes get open and the hens come onto the loft through a little hatch. Once the cocks and hens are cosy in their boxes, I start to put them into the basket.  One week I start at the left, the other week at the right. Let’s say this takes me about 10 minutes to put them all into the basket. In my system, it’s important that the same race is played at the same loft.

Clement: “Every day, I start at 6.30 to take care of my birds. All pigeons can train twice a day and while they’re training, I clean the lofts.
Concerning the food, I prefer the mixtures of Beyers. The mixture of Vandenabeele (with little proteins) is the base and from Wednesday evening, I start to feed them up with a widowhood mixture. When it comes down to the by-products, I always use those of Herbots.
On medical level, I changed it all this year. Before I started the season without a cure of antibiotics and only when it didn’t work out as I wanted, I gave some medication.   At the beginning of the season of 2013, I immediately cured them against ornithose. The pigeons started to train much better and since then, no more medication. In March, I also cured them against cancer. Of course, it’s needed to visit the vet on regular time and a few days ago, I went to Raf Herbots and he was sure that they were ready for the battle.

The national victory was won by a beautiful blue hen, the B10-2015544. Clement: “To me this hen already scored well before and on Bourges, she was my second pigeon. I saw her arriving, completely out of the South, as if the devil was chasing her, she fell on the shelf and immediately went inside. If she was specially motivated…I don’t know but may be something happened that I didn’t notice.”

Prize list of B10-2015544
In 2012
34 Vierzon 403 p
40 Bourges 810 p
1 Chateauroux 307 p
188 Montluçon 874 p
189 Argenton 732 p
14 Jarnac 319 d
21 Bourges 407 p
40 Bourges 810 p
21 Bourges East 489 p
In 2011
248 Orléans 2452 p
9 Toury 1879 p
10 Toury Petit Club 3399 p
221 Toury 1670 p
8 Nanteuil 172 p
25 Soissons 256 p
114 Châteauroux Obrafo 928 p
53 Châteauroux loc. 490 p
73 Châteauroux East 532 p
183 La Chatre 594 p
97 Montluçon East 537 p
98 Montluçon loc. 412 p
172 Montluçon Obrafo 924 p
16 Argenton loc. 637 p
28 Argenton Obrafo 1168 p
18 Argenton East 664 p
10 Moulin loc. 254 p
16 Moulin Obrafo 485 p
7 Moulin East 253 p
123 Bourges 489 p
92 Argenton Obrafo 355 p
69 Argenton East 248 p

Mr. Kitano and Clement, congratulations!
Stefan Mertens


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