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Karel and Stijn De Rouck

National Winner Gueret 11,926 Youngsters
Fastest Against 14,552 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Winner's Wing


Oosterzele: For several years now, the national race from Gueret is the traditional closure of the national programme. Being released at 9 o’clock, the first pigeons had a speed of more than 1400 m/m, thanks to the South-South Western wind. The national winner with the youngsters and also the fastest against all 14.552 Gueret racers, was the young hen of the father-son combination; De Rouck Karel and Stijn from Oosterzele (Eastern Flanders). The bird was clocked at 15h25min47sec at a distance of 551km, this national winning hen, “Nina” (B13-4124430), raced at a speed of 1430.25 m/m. Hereby, she beats the pigeons of Vandenheede Freddy and Jacques (Zingem – 1427.40 m/m) and of Roziers Paul and Jelle (Bevel – 1423.60 m/m).

SINCE 2009

Karel (serviceman of windows) and Stijn (teacher in history), only started with the pigeons in 2009. Stijn tells his story: “Before 2009, I never took a pigeon in my hands. We noticed our neighbours, Karel and Koen Leus, to be enthusiastic fanciers and this threw our attention. When our neighbours wanted to announce their birds on the internet, they always asked me to do it and this is how I got more and more interested in this fabulous hobby. The Leus family also noticed this and they gave us some breeders. We build a second hand loft in our garden and in 2009, we breed our first 60 youngsters. Don’t ask me why but already the first year, we couldn’t complain about the results of our Leus pigeons. In 2011, we even won 1st Provincial Blois against 3.946 youngsters with our hen “Amy” (B11-4142899). At the moment, the Leus pigeons form about 95% of our colony, the other 5% are pigeons of Raf Den Haese, Eric Hofman and Raf Van Temsche. The tasks are very well divided between my father and me. I do the guiding and my father does most of the work.”


Stijn continues: “The season of 2013 has been started with 8 pairs of old and yearling birds (played by the system of total widowhood) and 72 young birds. The sexes stayed together till the end of June. Then they did their first race from Noyon and after they arrived home, the cocks and the hens were separated. The youngsters have to race all season by the system of the sliding door. This year, we had more young cocks than hens and so we put some old birds on the loft, the day of basketing.

The youngsters have been darkened from March 10th till June 20th but no lightening afterwards.

We prefer to use the Plus mixtures of Versele-Laga and the by-products of  Oropharma. During the season, we mostly use “Boost X5” (energy powder) and “Hemolyt” (recuperation powder).

For the medical guidance, we trust our vet Johan Van der Cruyssen (Oosterzele). Three weeks ago, we visited him and only a few hens had light cancer and so they were treated.


The national winning hen; “Nina” (B13-4124430) seriously missed at the beginning of her career.  She didn’t return home from her first race from Noyon and she returned 20 days later. Stijn watched her carefully but he didn’t have any remarks.  She trained well with the others and she got 2 weeks of rest.  On July 31st, she got into the basket for a another race from Noyon. One week later, Stijn noticed “Nina” to fall in love with a cock and suddenly, this inexperienced hen started to win prizes per 10 like: 53 Orleans 618p. – 44 Angerville 450p. and 81 Angerville 244p.!

If “Nina” was special motivated for the race of Gueret? Stijn: “ We didn’t use anything special but we noticed that she was very much attached to her box and her cock. Normally, we never give our youngsters an extra training during the week but now we did this on Wednesday with all our racers for Gueret at a distance of 25km. At their arrival, they could spend about half an hour with their partners and on Thursday, the day of basketing, they got together for about 2 hours. To give them extra stimulation, I put some straw on the loft and I created some dark corners. The atmosphere was very good!“

Karel and Stijn, congratulations!

Stefan Mertens


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