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Jules Lens

1st National Champion KBDB Long Birds 2012
on National Race

by Stefan Mertens


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Jules with Son Ronny and wife Julia

Jules in the Loft

Loft for Racing

Loft for More Racing

Inside the Widowers Loft

Inside the 2nd Widowers Loft

Parents of The Magnificent



Putte: This little town in the province Antwerp is known for his top fanciers and then we think about Jos and Julles Engels, Van Hove-Uytterhoeven and Van Eynde-Goovaerts. The last year a new name can be note on the list and this new name is Jules Lens. Jules became in 2012 national champion KBDB young birds on the national races. Jules, who has a lot of help of his son Ronny, is already since years top in the province Antwerp. In 2008 he became 2nd national champion KBDB young birds national races and several provincial victories and even provincial ace birds are noted on the result list. Small name in pigeon sport but impressive performances !


The breeding loft contains 15 breeding couples. All couples are coupled end of November and the first eggs from the 3 or 4 best couples are put under other couples so that the top breeders can start directly a second round. Jules “I have been lucky that I had a very good breeding couple on my loft. The cock of the base couple was “607-93” (strain Engels Leo x Engels Jos en Jules) the hen was “896-04” (strain Flor Vervoort). I bred two provincial winners out of this couple and also breeder “24” is a son of the base couple. To give you an impression of the breeding qualities of “24”. Two grandchildren of “24” won the national championship and 2 children of him won 1st provincial Argenton and 1st provincial La Souterraine. These birds were crossed with pigeons from Flor Vervoort, Laenen-Mariën and a granddaughter “Olympiade” from Leo Heremans.


The race team contains 27 widowers. They are housed on 2 different lofts. The widowers from one loft are basketed on the short- and middle distance races and the widowers of the second loft are basketed on the middle and great middle distance races.

Also the widowers are coupled end of November and may breed a couple of youngsters. When the babies are old enough to wean, then there is a “winter system” on the widowers loft. On 15th of March the widowers are coupled again and may brood 5 days. During that period the widowers are tossed and basketted for their first short distance races. When they are brooding for 5 days then they are basketed for their first short distance race. When they come home from that race eggs and hens are away and the widowhood is a fact.

The widowers who are raced on the great middle distance and long distance races are basketted every two weeks. Their season ends middle of august but Jules looks at the moult of the wing feathers. When the 4th wing feather is moult, the widowers are not basketed anymore.

Since already some seasons the hens are not showed any more on basketting day. They only receive the nest bowls for about 15 minutes and that is all. When they arrive from the race, the hen is waiting half box. The widowers who have flown a short distance race stay only for 15 minutes by their hen. The widowers who had flown a great middle distance or a long distance race stay between 1 hours and 2 hours by their hen.

The best widower is without any doubt “Special one” - 6183851/2009. “Special One” is a grandson of the base couple “607/93” Engels x “896/94 Flor Vervoort

1 Moulins prov 946b

3 Montlucon prov 1630b

3 Bourges prov 688b

6 Chateauroux prov 1936b

9 Pithiviers 666b

18 Montlucon prov 1483b

23 Orléans prov 2402b

68 Argenton nat zone B 1495b

81 Montlucon nat 17865b

103 Bourges nat '12 10035b

149 Bourges nat '09 37357b

205 Argenton nat '09 23900b


Every year Jules breeds 80 young birds. Also the young birds are housed on two lofts. They youngsters are darked till 21st of June. Normally after the darking period the youngsters are also lightened but in 2012 they were not lightened .

The younsters are raced following the system of the sliding door. Two hours before basketing the door goes open and cocks and hens come together. When they arrive home the sexes stay together till the morning after the races. It is very important to motivate the young birds and to do this Jules creates some dark places . Important to know is that during the week the hens are on a loft with only perches, while the cocks are housed on a loft with boxes.


All race birds are fed in the same way. They receive from Sunday till Tuesday Super Diet. Afterwards the birds receive 100% racing mixture (a mix of three different brands). As a supplement Jules gives peanuts and hempseed. By arrival there are always electrolytes in the drinker.

All the other days Jules puts always garlic in the drinking water. This winter and summer time.

On medical level Jules goes 3 times in a year by a specialized pigeon vet. Jules “this year we had a top season and typically for a top season is that you do not need to cure that lot. Against tricho I administer ¼ of a tablet Flagyl. During winter time I mix on the mixture once a week pink minerals and once a week condition powder. Those products are both very good to support the natural conditions.


Belgium counts 4 national races namely Bourges – Argenton – La Souterraine and Gueret. To become national champion KBDB young birds on the national races you have to take the best 3 results with 1st and 2nd nominated young bird on those 4 national races. The fancier can choose for the best result on provincial, zonal or national level.

Two young birds won for Jules and Ronny the national championship and that are cock “The Magnificent” and hen “Rising Star”. Nice thing about this is that those two young birds were paired with each other.

This two top birds won with following results the national championship

1st nominated 2nd nominated participants

Bourges 476 81 33,524 b. – National result

Argenton 89 136 8,624 b. – Zonal result

Gueret 181 372 16?988 b. – National result

Let’s have a closer look at the performances and pedigrees of those two cracks !

6115741/2012 “The Magnificent”

Results 2012

7 Momignies 114b

18 Soissons 420b

39 Marne 905b

52 Pithiviers 1176b

61 Laon 509b

73 Marne 779b

111 La Souterraine Nat 19155b

136 Argenton Nat zone B 8624b

169 Gueret Nat zone B 5726b

215 Bourges Nat zone B 12532b

372 Gueret Nat 16988b

476 Bourges Nat 33524b

524 Argenton Nat 25949b

Father 6033999/2009 Top breeder - strain Laenen Mariën – father of “206/11” : 1st provincial Nevers 1,141b

G.F. 6105541/2007 Half-brother “Kleine Donkere 402/07”. Son of “324/00” (5th provincial Chateauroux) x “272/06” strain Dierckx - Visschers

G.M. 6040014/2006 Top racing hen with 4 x 1st prize and mother of “600/07” and “637/08”.Strain: Jos Van Der Veken x Breugelmans

Mother 6406887/2004 Daughter top breeder "24". Mother of “206/11” and sister of 1st provincial Argenton and 1st provincial La Souterraine

G.F. 6152524/1998 Den "24" – Top breeder - Father of 1st provincial La Souterraine and 1st provincial Argenton. Brother of 1st provincial Bourges and 1st provincial Gueret. Son of base couple “607/93” (L Engels x J&J Engels) x “896/94” (Flor Vervoort).

G.M. 6312258/2000 breeding hen Flor Vervoort - Mother of 1st provincial Argenton - 1st provincial La Souterraine and 7th provincial Bourges

6115724/2012 “Rising Star”

Resultats 2012

2 Momignies 114b

19 Pitivhiers 779b

21 Momignies 636b

46 Bourges Nat Zone B 12532b

58 Laon 531b

81 Bourges Nat 33524b

87 Gueret Nat zone B 5726b

89 Argenton Nat Zone B 8624b

181 Gueret Nat 16988b

392 Argenton Nat 25949b

1447 La Souterraine Nat 19155b

Her nestbrother is “6115723/2012”, that cock won 1st ace on the middle distance in Hafo Zuiderkempen with 10 prizes on the middle distance.

1 Pithiviers 199b

5 Pithiviers 470b

24 Marne 493b

28 Pithiviers 325b

31 Orléans 423b

605 Orléans prov 10163b

Father 6349588/2007 Son Top breeder "24" x Super breeding hen Heremans - Ceusters “423/06”

G.F. 6152524/1998 Den "24" – Top breeder - Father of 1st provincial La Souterraine and 1st provincial Argenton. Brother of 1st provincial Bourges and 1st provincial Gueret. Son of base couple “607/93” (L Engels x J&J Engels) x “896/94” (Flor Vervoort).

G.M. 6140423/2006 Granddaughter “Olympiade” Heremans - Ceusters – Super breeding hen – Mother of “78/07”(won 3x 1 Soissons) - “156/10” (won 2x 1 Soissons and 2x 2nd Soissons). Daughter of “260/02” 2nd national Ace Ave Regina x “810/04” Daughter Olympiade “003/01” x “Goudklompje” 098/96

Mother “6384336/2005” Sister Car winner “402/06”. Top breeding hen and mother of “438/06” who performed super with 11th national Gueret 2,608b, 15th national Argenton 5,208b and 40th national Bourges 11,756b.

G.V. 6152550/1998 “Den 550” – Father of car winner “402/06” - father of “914/01”: 1st ace middle distance.

G.M. 6055174/2003 “Mother Car winner” 402/06 - strain Frans Vervloesem - Daughter of “844/00” x “847/00”

Jules, Ronny…once again congratulations with this great win !


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