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Matthias Coel

National Winner Argenton Youngsters
Fastest Against 32,044 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Rotselaar: The youth is in power!  With Matthias Coel, a 26 year old teacher has won the national victory. Matthias is someone who takes it all rather fanatic. He perfectly knows what he wants and he does all to succeed within the pigeon sport. Matthias is a fan of the championships ace-pigeons of the Brabant Union. Every year, he wants to score as high as possible and the youngsters that score well in this championship, are the favourites of the colony.

At the age of 12, he walked into the pigeon sport.  Nobody in his family knew anything about pigeons but he got a lot of advice of Frederik Sterckx, who’s always present to help Matthias out. At that time, he played it all; short distance, middle- and long distance. But in 2009, he decided to specialise in the game of the youngsters on the national races. To succeed, he can always count on the help and support of his mother Pascale. Another fancier, who gives him a lot of advise is Albert Derwa (Herent), with whom he can talk about the pigeons for hours. If Matthias isn’t sure, he asks for the advise of Albert.

Basic hen; “NIKE” 2021899/2004

From 2004 till 2007, she only raced from Momignies with 41x top 10.  She became 1 national ace-pigeon youngsters short distance Ave Regina. On her prize list we find 12 x 1st - 4 x 2nd  - 8 x 3rd  and 4 x 4th. But she also seemed to be a super breeding hen: 
Mother 2002469/2008: 1st ace-pigeon heavy short distance Heverlee and several 1st prizes
Mother 2027447/2009: 1st ace-pigeon heavy middle distance Brabant Union ’09 and won 39 nat Argenton 23.900p, 90 prov Salbris 1.614p, 91 int.prov Vierzon 2.278p, 155 nat Bourges 37.357p. He’s grandfather 1st ace-pigeon heavy middle distance Brabant Union ’11 + ‘12

Grandmother 2090511/2011: which won 34 nat Argenton 20.383p and 96 nat Gueret 14.362p.

Till the 3rd generation “Nike” gave ace-pigeons:
2090536/2011: 1st ace-pig heavy middle distance Brabant Union ’11, also 2 prov Blois 2.156p, 5 prov Nevers 955p, 10 nat La Souterraine 16.665p
2080544/2012: 2nd prov ace-pig heavy middle distance Flemish Brabant ’12, also 18 Momignies 328p, 60 nat Bourges 33.524p, 299 nat Argenton 25.949p  
2080534/2012: won 23 nat Gueret 16.988p, 36 Soissons 1.024p, 59 Pithiviers 1.706p, 176 nat Bourges 33.524p

The system wit the youngsters

Matthias has 28 breeding pairs and 11 pairs to raise the youngsters. The breeders are always paired by the eye-theory of Bob Berendsen. Every year, he breeds about 80 youngsters; he keeps the first roung to himself and the second round moves to Frederik Motton.

The youngsters are all together on one compartment and they are darkened from half of March till June 30th.  The darkening happens totally different as with other fanciers. 24h/24h, the loft is completely closed and the light goes on with a timer from 7 in the morning till 17.00 hours in the evening. The pigeons almost never see some sunlight but this has no negative influence on their results. From June 21st, he holds on to the longest day and further on in Summer, the days become even longer to get a second boost.

Till the end of June, the pigeons come outside only once a day. From July 1st, it changes and they have to train hard. Every day, they drive the pigeons at a distance of +- 45km, this in combination with their daily training of +- 30 minutes.

On July 1st, the youngsters are separated and from that moment on, they are played by the system of the sliding door. Normally the door stays closed during the week but sometimes, he opens the door to break the rhythm and to look for another kind of motivation. When they arrive from their training on Wednesday, they can spend some time together, for about 1 hour. It all depends on the race, how long they can stay together after they arrived home. When they arrived well, they are separated when Matthias comes back from the club. If it was a hard race, they can stay together till the day after.

Throughout the year, he uses the same mixture; the moulting mixture of Beyers.  He feeds them once a day and the last few days before basketing, the moulting mixture gets mixed with an energy mixture. As by-products, he prefers his home made tea, Provit Forte Herbots, Avipharm, Mumm, Multivitamin T13, Avidress+ and K+K Eiwit of Röhnfried. Of DHP Cultura, he gives Energy Booster, Omega Oil and Top Energy Oil.

The medical guidance is in the hands of Raf Herbots. He regularly visits his vet for a check up and he only treats them if something’s wrong. Before the season, all pigeons were vaccinated against paramyxo and pocks. During the season, they have been treated with Belgamagix of De Weerd against cancer, they don’t treat them for the heads.

The national winning hen

It’s a small blue hen, the B13-2111134 that already won before:
4    Momignies            123p.
6    Momignies            167p.
13    Salbris Provincial        629p.
34    Chateauroux Provincial    1.209p.
199    Bourges Provincial        2.781p.
352    Blois Provincial        1.164p.

Matthias: “I was lucky to see her arriving. For the first time in his life, my father in law was watching the pigeons too and I was just explaining from which direction the pigeons should arrive. I looked to the South and I saw a little point becoming bigger and bigger. Being a fancier, you immediately know if it’s an early bird or not. “

The future of this hen will continue in the Far East, thanks to the professional help of  Jo Herbots.

Matthias, congratulations !


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