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Michel Vanlint

National Winner Nevers Old Birds
Fastest Against 14,497 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Zoutleeuw: We can easily call him “the magician of Zoutleeuw” because Michel and his wife Yu-Chin scored with a new stunt. Exactly 2 weeks ago, we had to congratulate them with their national victory from Argenton against 5.942 old pigeons and now we had to go back again for their national victory from Nevers. Their old hen, “Leona” (B11-2007381) wasn’t just the fastest in her own category but she showed her tail to all 14.497 Nevers racers !  No doubt, this is pure class! 


We already mentioned in the article two weeks ago that Michel is able to get more from a pigeon than anybody else. And this is proved one more time when we hear the story behind this national victory.

Michel: “After our national victory from Argenton there was no more pressure. We reached our purpose but it didn’t mean, we wouldn’t do any more efforts to put some beautiful results on paper. Especially the national race from Nevers was marked in colour on the race calendar.  First of all, Nevers is well situated to our environment and secondly the wind was in our favour. We believed in our team of 60 old and 36 young pigeons, which we put in the basket. To be honest, we had a lot of faith in our team but we never thought of winning another national victory.

It was the 2-year old hen; “Leona” (B11-2007381) that won the first prize on national level and behind her victory, there’s a certain “motivation story”… Let me explain. Just like the previous national winning hen “Lily”, “Leona” also flew several time without having a partner. The week before Issoudun, she moved to a separate loft where she was paired to an old cock of 2006. The meaning of this was to make her leave for Issoudun super motivated but she only won a little prize. In the evening we knew the reason; she dropped an egg in her nest bowl. No problem and we let her breed on this separate loft. But then…. All other old and yearling birds had big youngsters and because the cocks already started to chase again and on Thursday morning, we took all hens of the loft and we moved them to the separate loft with  “Leona”. You can imagine that “Leona” wasn’t very happy with her staying together with 12 more hens. In the evening before basketing, I took away all cocks and all old hens could see their youngsters one more time. When we noticed that a hen wanted to feed her youngster, she was put in the basket. At first, I thought that this would be a limit to the motivation of “Leona” because she had spend several hours calmly on the loft but it seems that I was wrong.

Her arrival was completely unexpected…as a flash, she dived towards the shelve…a moment I’ll never forget !”


When you want to find out more about the care taking and the system they use on the Vanlint loft, you can consult his Blog. An interesting Blog for everybody!

“LEONA” 2007381/11
2013 : 9 Nat. Races ( 4 times 1/100)

    1     NEVERS        102 p    451 km
    1        Prov.
    1        NAT. C1
    1        NAT.    2918 p
    1        Fastest    14487 p
    13    BOURGES        1776 p    460 km
    22        NAT. C1    4063 p
    48        NAT.    19655 p
    20    GUERET        3213 p    571 km
    35        NAT. C1    2910 p
    120        NAT.    12592 p
    32    ORLEANS  I.Prov.1600 p    398 km   
    92    MONTLUCON    4995 p    532 km
    159    NAT.        18568 p
    336    CHATEAUROUX    4751 p    513 km
    989    NAT.        22254 p
    157    CHATEAUROUX    1757 p    513 km
    361    NAT.        4757 p
    193    BOURGES    2671 p    460 km   
    216    LA SOUTERRAINE    2569 p    577 km
    167    NAT. C1        2201 p

Parents, grandparents won 3 National Races on MVL loft
Sire :    BORIS :    1 NAT. Gueret (C)  1310 p
Gr.S. :  ADONIS :  1 NAT. La Souterraine’04
Gr.M. :  ANITA  :   1 NAT. Vichy’04 & Olympic Ace Pigeon

Michel and Yu-Chin, congratulations!

Stefan Mertens


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