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Marcel Wouters

1st National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB

1st Olympiad Bird NITRA Cat.B

by Stefan Mertens


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Den Ad

Westmalle: Just before the start of the new middle distance season, we went to visit Marcel Wouters from Westmalle. Marcel, 59 years old and a postman on retirement, has with his pigeon “Ad” a real super bird on his loft. “Ad” B10-6251541 didn’t only became 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance, but he also won the title of 1st Olympiad bird category B in Nitra. A very good result from a beautiful cock , that has been born in a family of winners, because his father “ De Leeuw “, became in 2004 , 8th National Ace bird middle distance KBDB , or to say it with the words of our English friends “ it runs in the family “


Who talks to Marcel, can feel that Marcel has the pigeon sport in his fingers. Marcel belongs to the category of fanciers, who can bring out that little something more in a pigeon, besides the average fancier. Just like many other fanciers from his area, Marcel has chosen for the system of total widowhood. For this, he has 20 hens and 20 cocks available. The system is very simple. All the pigeons are normally going to the heavy middle distance races, whereby the hens are basketed weekly and the cocks every 14 days. The target of Marcel was good, but this it was counted without the performance of “Ad”. He flow so good on the middle distance races, that in a way of speaking, he was the only pigeon that was basketed for these races. Because of “Ad” being in the system of the heavy middle distance, he got to see his hen on Thursday evening. This same hen, was the same evening basketed for a heavy middle distance race and “Ad” may stay alone or with some birds who rested a weekend, on the loft. On Friday evening, “Ad” was taken of the loft, and went to the middle distance. When “Ad” came home from his races, the loft was always empty, and he had to wait for some hours, before his hen came home from her heavy middle distance race, before he could see her. Also with the feeding, all theories are whipped of the table. “Ad”, just like his other loft members, has been fed up, for being basketted on Thursday evening, with the result that “Ad” was not hungry anymore on Friday (the day of basketing for the middle distance). The only thing that Marcel could feed him were peanuts, and so this has been given on Friday generously. Lucky, there are not many or none strict rules in the pigeon sport. Again this has been proven by this great story behind the results from this national ace pigeon.

Results national ace bird “Ad”


2 Angerville 1,482b. -384km
6 Angerville 2,198b.
10 Angerville 2,545b.
68 Angerville 1,038b.


1 Angerville 1,678b.
1 Marne 276b. - 313 km
2 Melun 1,221b. - 327km
11 Quievrain 761b.
12 Noyon 791b.
23 Angerville 2,216b.
23 Angerville 605b.
27 Dourdan 1,596b.
30 Noyon 880b.
90 Dourdan 2.974b.
168 Orleans 1,985b.


1 Angerville 833b.
1 Angerville 466b.
2 Angerville 1,332b.
3 Angerville 1,059b.
4 Angerville 528b.
10 Angerville 808b.
24 Angerville 765b.
96 Melun 1,693b.


As told “Ad”has been born in a family of winners. He is the son of “De Leeuw” x “NL08-1628683”.

Let us start with some information about “De Leeuw”. “De Leeuw” B03-6277418 –proved immediately that he was carved out of the best wood, and the art of flying in the top of the result list was his favorite hobby ! He impressed with the next top results :

8e national ace middle distance KBDB 2004
st Ace Union Antwerpen

1 Dourdan 530b.
1 Dourdan 1,376b.
1 Dourdan 712b.
1 Toury 319b.
1 Toury 466b.
2 Orleans 1,289b. (27
th provincial against 12,961b.)
5 Toury 975b.
6 Dourdan 1,052b.

But very impressive is the breeding talent of this beautiful cock:

De Leeuw” became father of :

“Ad”: 1se national ace KBDB 2012 middle distance

“De Leeuw is grandfather of:

1st National Bourges ’09 – 37,090b. (by Hok Vercammen)
st National Bourges ’10 - 24,076b. (by Rik Hermans)
st Provincial Argenton 971b. (by Geerinckx)
nd National Bourges ’11 – 20,544b. (by Wouters Marcel)
nd Olympiad bird year birds Poznan ’11 (by Rik Hermans)
rd National Argenton 6,033b. (by Geerinckx)
rd Provincial Chateauroux 1,605b. (by Geerinckx)
th National Zone Gueret 5,080b. (by Maegh-As)
th National Bourges ’11 - 20,544b. (by Wouters Marcel)
th National Bourges ’12 – 12,390b. (by Wouters Marcel)
st National Bourges ’11 - 20,544b. (by Wouters Marcel)
th National Bourges ’11 - 20,544b. (by Wouters Marcel)
th National Bourges ’11 – 24,676b. (by Wouters Marcel)

Mother of “Ad” is NL08-1626683 – original Ad Schaerlaeckens

She is a full sister of “NL08-1626682” which had won the next results on the middle distance :

2nd against 952b.
rd against 1,023b.
th against 911b.
th against 1,092b.
She is a granddaugther of the World famous “Ace Four”


Marcel hasn’t been born in a family of pigeon fanciers, but came in contact with the pigeon sport, when he felt in love with his Gerda. His future father in law, was a short distance racer, and though Gerda had to work on Sunday, Marcel had the time to take care of the pigeons of his father in law.

In 1975 Gerda and Marcel got married, and in 1980 they moved to their actual address. It did not take long before the first pigeon loft has been erected in the garden. Of course, the first pigeons came from father in law Gust, and also pigeons from the neighbor Jef Van Dooren came on the loft. In the beginning of the 1990s, Marcel decided to spent some saving money into the pigeon sport, and he went to Dirk Van Dyck (Zandhoven), Rene Michielsen (’S Gravenwezel – de famous “Brutte strain”) and Cop-Gijsbrechts. By this last fancier, Marcel may choose from a round of youngsters, but he got the serious message, to take that one hen. That hen became the mother of “De Leeuw”. The last years, our Olympiad member looked out for strengthening and he found it with by Rik Hermans (Pulle) – Danny Van Dyck (Pulle) – Ad Schaerlaeckens (Baarle-Nassau), Eddy Janssens (Zandhoven), Linda Baertsoen (Brasschaat), Jef Hermans, Jos Vercammen (Vremde) and Geerinckx (Wommelgem).

At this moment we can say that from the 25 couples of breeders, for 60% has blood of “De Leeuw” .

The 20 pairs that are raced on total widowhood are paired on 26th of November. They may bring up 2 youngsters, and for Marcel it is not a problem when some hens lay for a second time. The eggs of the best widowers are then put under other pairs and so there will be an extra pair of babies of the best racers in Westmalle. Because they have for a second time eggs, it has no influence on the moulting of the wing feathers, because every year he can basket without any moulting problems for Bourges II which is raced end of July. After the early winter breeding , the winter period starts. A second coupling happens in April…the pairs stay together for 3 days and then the widowhood is a fact.

During the season, the cocks and the hens get the same feeding. When they come home on Saturday, a full box of Super Dieet will be fed. The same on Sunday morning. On Sunday evening it is 50% Super Dieet and 50% Sport mixture. On Monday and Thursday they get 75% Sport and 25% Super Dieet in their eating boxes. Wednesday and Thursday (basketing) it is 100% sport mixture.

Concerning the medical guidance of his birds, Marcel acts as follow. Before the start of the racing season, he visits a specialized pigeon vet and his advices are 100% followed. In 2012 he treated against trichomoniose with Flagyl. He did not cure against ornithose . Halfway the season, a second cure against trichomoniose was given again with tablet Flagyl per pigeon.

For the rest 5 days on 7 Apple vinegar in the drinking water, every day fresh grit and 1 x a week vitamins.

As you can see, it is a very simple system…the top condition of the birds is still the most important factor to get the top results.

Marcel, thank you very much for the great welcome and from the whole Siegel team…a very good season 2013.


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