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Nicolas Bascourt - Braine Le Comte

National Winner Limoges 14,263 Old Birds

by Stefan Mertens


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Already the second season, that Limoges replaced the race from Brive, it’s the opening of the long distance season. It’s here that the long distance racers can prove their qualities for the first time this season. Those that hade a good race from Limoges can sleep easily because they know that their birds have the right condition. The fanciers that didn’t do that well, must work on the condition of their racers because from now on, the long distance races will follow quickly

Limoges was raced with a strong North Western wind and for sure that the 14.263 old birds didn’t have an easy job to do. The National winner was the beautiful blue cock of Nicolas Bascourt from Braine-Le-Comte. “My dream has come true” Nicolas starts his story. “Since I was 18 years old, I race the pigeons. My father had some pigeons in the garden but he didn’t race because he didn’t know a lot about racing the pigeons. But all I wanted was to race the pigeons and as good as possible. The pigeons of my father disappeared and they were replaced by pigeons of Robert Morrier from Haccourt. Every week again, I played the short distances and the Morrier pigeons did very well; several times within the top of the result. My best bird was the “Rambo”; 1 provincial ace-pigeon and 9 national ace-pigeon KBDB Short Distance.

Nevertheless, I always wanted to race the further distances and about 6 years ago, I started to race the national races. Of course, my short distance racers had to be reinforced and so I went to look for eggs with Etienne Devos (Deerlijk) and with Marc Verschelde (Zulte). I didn’t only receive eggs but they both gave me good advice too. Later on, I also got some pigeons from Guy Baerts (Thoné pigeons) – Erik Limbourg (Brussegem) – Deno-Herbots (Leefdaal) – Carteus Georges (Ronse) and Batenburg-VD Merwe (Klaaswaal). The birds of Guy Baerts did very well and so they still can be found in half of my colony.


After his victory, the national winner from Limoges, was baptised as “Super Limoges” (B11-9041267). He received him as an egg from Deno-Herbots and before his national victory he won:

2011: 3 La Ferté 296p.
24 Soissons 220p.
55 Nevers 380p.

2012: 3 Jarnac 2.190p.
10 Châteauroux 3.002p.
99 Montluçon 821p.

2013: 16 Pithiviers 741p.
944 Nevers 4.335p.
1 Limoges 14.263p.

On his fathers side, he’s grandson of “Beckham” (B03-2251134) and on mothers side, grandson of “Brother Beckham”

Beckham” was a super breeder with Deno-Herbots.

Beckham” is father of:

“Gina”: 1 National ace-pigeon MD KBDB 2008

1 Montlucon 3.814p.
1 Toury 1.889p. – fastest against 4.787p.
1 Le Mans 990p.
2 Argenton 1.318p.
7 National Argenton 6.177p.


2 Nevers 383p
6 Montluçon 1.895p.
16 La Ferte 187p.
29 Bourges 1.379p.
96 Bourges 1.358p.
102 Argenton 1.363p.

Ginette” (Gommaire Verbruggen)

7 Montluçon 5.068p.
8 National Bourges 10.037p.
63 Argenton 3.696p.

“B06-2094198” – Herbots Brothers

3 provincial ace-pigeon KBDB Brabant
2 Issoudun 1,392p.
6 Melun 564p.
10 Gueret 517p.
13 Bourges 1,732p.
17 Argenton 763p.

“Beckham” is grandfather of:

“Kimberley” (Gommaire Verbruggen): 1 provincial ace-pigeon KBDB

4 Montluçon 4.424p. (23-06-2012)
6 Blois 2.077p. (16.07.2012)
7 Blois 258p. (06-08-2011)
23 Chateauroux 8.624p.
26 Momignies 310p.
66 National Montluçon 22.875p. (17-06-2012)
97 Bourges 4.381p.
108 Pithiviers 2.155p.
263 Nevers 6.058p.
422 Argenton 5.912p.

“Super Limoges” : 1 National Limoges 2013 against 14.263 old birds

“Beckham” is grandson of the famous “Bliksem” (Gaby Vandenabeele)

Mother of the “Super Limoges” is “Iris” (B09-2100501) – original Deno-Herbots

Iris” won 1 provincial ace-pigeon KBDB MD
1 Vervins 117p.
1 Chateauroux 3.811p.
5 Moulins 1.356p.
10 Nanteuil 852p.
11 Chateauroux 9.026p.
33 Chateauroux 2.198p.
48 Bourges 17.138p.

Was the “Super Limoges” especially motivated? Nicolas answered: “Because of the bad weather, I lighted the heating plates that are on the grates. Here the “Super Limoges” was the boss and he didn’t let any other come onto this heating plate.

The “Super Limoges” was clocked at 16h22min52 sec at a distance of 607km and at a speed of 1.139 m/m. His arrival was one never to forget because Nicolas didn’t hear about any return from Limoges when his blue cock suddenly fell on the shelf.

Nicolas is a fanatic fancier and it shows in the care taking of his birds too. He has a team of 32 old cocks (classical widowhood), 22 yearling cocks and 28 yearling hens that all are played by the system of the sliding door.

At the beginning of March, they all were paired for the first time and after a breed of 5 days, the game started. Before the season, he cures them for 10 days against cancer and against ornithose. He prefers the by-products of Herbots. Optimix, Zell Oxygen, sheep fat etc.. are regularly used on the food every week.

Nicolas and family, congratulations!

Stefan Mertens


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