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Stefan Mantels

1st National Champion KBDB Short Distance 2012

by Stefan Mertens


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Young Birds



Blauwe Turbo

Mister Laon


Lummen: To congratulate the national champion on the short distance 2012 we had to go to the province Limburg and more specific to the little town Lummen. In that town live several fanciers and one of them is Stefan Mantels, who had in 2012 one of his best seasons ever.

Stefan wins not only the national championship KBDB short distance, but is also 6th national champion KBDB year birds and 1st general champion KBDB provincial Limburg. This means that Stefan has not only birds who can compete on the short distance but also on 500km till 600km races.

The win of the national championship was the result of the top performances of two super old birds namely “Blauwe Turbo 042-09” and “Genopte 231/08”.


Stefan tells “My old base breeder comes from the loft Leon Lambrechts (Heist Op Den Berg). Begin year 2000 a young bird of August Mertens entered my loft and I could keep this “lost bird”. I kept the lost Mertens bird between my youngsters and it won several top results. I was impressed by results of this bird and I visited August Mertens. When I went home I had 4 pigeons in my basket. All 4 were bred out of Jos Van Der Veken birds.

One of those Mertens birds was the “958-02” , coupled with the base bird of Lambrechts she became mother of a lot of good birds. I was also successful with birds from my late uncle Pros Roosen, Louis Beutels (Lummen), Timmers Daniel (Hechtel), Gaston Surkeijn (Lummen), Romain Van Rompaey (Lummen), Rene Gladi (Stokrooie) en Pierre Matthijs (Hechtel). The last successful investments came from Vandersmissen Maurice and Ivan.

My breeding loft contains 12 couples. The first eggs from my breeders go under the widowers who are coupled at the same time. I have a team of 24 widowers and they are housed on 3 lofts. Two from the three lofts were coupled at the same time of the breeders. The third loft was coupled on new year’s day. They may also breed a couple of youngsters. Every year I breed around 60 babies for my own use.

System old birds

After the winter breed the widowhood is a fact. In the winter period they do not train a lot around the loft because we have a problem of bird of prey. Once we are in the last weeks of February we start the trainings around the loft and hope that the bird of prey will stop attacking my widowers and young birds.

The widowers are not coupled anymore before the start of the racing season.

The widowers train once a day, most of the time this is around 4pm. Only in full summer, when it is early sun, then I can let them train also early in the morning, which is much better for the condition of my widowers.

As a motivation the widowers receive always their hen on basketing day. In the begin of the season this is only for 5 minutes and later on in the season it is longer time.

1st National champion KBDB short distance old birds 2012

To win the national championship you have to take the best 6 results on the short distance with the 1st and 2nd nominated old bird. Stefan won with following results:

Chimay 1118 birds : 9 - 13

Chimay 1372 birds : 40 - 3

Chimay 827 birds : 12 - 24

Chimay 734 birds : 4 - 5

Chimay 838 birds : 1 - 2

Vervins 630 birds: 6 – 64

Always top widower “Blauwe Turbo 042/09” was 1st nominated and “Genopte 231/08” as 2nd nominated old bird.

5013042/2009 “Blauwe Turbo” : 2nd provincial ace KBDB Limburg short distance old birds

Topresults 2009-2012: 4x 1ste and 37x 1/10

1 Chimay local 101b

1 Chimay local 91b

1 " " gewest 838b

1 Chimay local 94b

1 " " gewest 1350b

1 Chimay local 63b

17 " " gewest 668b

2 Chimay local 54b

4 " " gewest 734b

2 Vervins local 280b

2 Villers local 186b

3 Chimay local 104b

11 " " gewest 1236b

3 Chimay local 53b

9 " " gewest 1118b

3 Chimay local 277b

4 Vervins local 255b

24 " " gewest 1524b

4 Chimay local 112b

10 " " gewest 995b

5 Chimay local 94b

12 " " gewest 827b

5 Chimay local 112b

16 " " gewest 911b

5 Chimay local 104b

6 Vervins gewest 630b

5 Chimay local 76b

26 " " gewest 652b

6 Chimay local 146b

6 Chimay local 113b

57 " " gewest 1108b

6 Chimay local 104b

6 " " gewest 734b

6 Chimay local 104b

36 " " gewest 997b

7 Villers local 81b

7 Chimay local 81b

20 " " gewest 781b

7 Chimay local 109b

9 Chimay local 338b

9 Chimay local 281b

9 Laon local 207b

18 "" gewest 2055b

9 Chimay local 157b

34 " " gewest 975b

9 Vervins local 92b

10 Chimay local 249b

10 Chimay local 124b

10 Chimay local 101b

40 " " gewest 1372b

12 Vervins 321b

13 Villers 407b

15 Chimay 299b

87 " " gewest 898b

18 Chimay 390b

23 Vervins gewest 879b

Father 5154599/1999 Base breeder from Leon Lambrechts Super breeder and father of “Blauwe Turbo” and “Mister Laon 228/08”. Grandfather of “Genopte 231/08”

Mother 6154958/2002 “De 58 duivin”. Pure Jos Van Der Veken via August Mertens. Base breeder, mother of several top birds.

5041231/2008 Genopte

Topresults 2008-2012

1 Chimay local 101b

3 " " gewest 1372b

1 Chimay local 189b

2 Chimay local 91b

2 " " gewest 838b

2 Chimay gewest 570b

3 Gien local 116b

15 "" gewest 1058b

59 "" prov 5950b

3 Chimay local 54b

5 " " gewest 734b

4 Chimay local 109b

4 Chimay local 277b

4 Chimay local 53b

5 Gien local 152b

21 "" gewest 851b

84 "" prov 4295b

5 Chimay local 129b

5 Chimay local 75b

5 Chimay local 66b

6 Chimay local 81b

7 Vervins local 247b

23 " " gewest 1976b

10 Chimay 328b

13 " " gewest 1118b

15 Chimay gewest 913b

42 Nantieul gewest 1170b

Father 5115429/2003 Son Bourgesman Pros Roosen. Grandson Computer II

Mother 5105931/2005 Daughter of the base couple “599/99” x “958/02”. Sister of “Blauwe Turbo 042/09” and “Mister Laon 227/08”

The young birds

The young birds of the 1st and 2nd round are housed on separate lofts. Only the young birds of the second round are darked, this because they will be raced on the national races. They young birds of the 1st round are not separated. They can build a nest when and where they want and if they are still good in the feathers they are also raced on the national races.

The birds of the second round are raced on the sliding door system. A few hours before basketing the door goes open and after the race the sexes stay together till the day after. The young birds of the different breeding rounds train once a day and never together.


The race birds get till the week before the start of the racing season 100% depuratif on the menu. They are always fed separately in their box. Stefan founds this very important, this to keep a good contact between the pigeons and the fancier.

During the racing season the widowers are fed in the beginning of the week depurative and the last 4 meals before basketing they receive a racing mixture. On basketing day they get a supplement of peanuts and sneaky mixture.

As feeding supplements Stefan gives a lot of Sedochol, certainly during the moulting period. The product Naturaline is also a lot given, this together with some garlic. During the racing season the race birds get electrolytes by arrival and twice a week garlic oil and brewer’s yeast on the mixture. Also a lot of Zell Oxygen is given.

On medical level Stefan visits the vet just before the start of the racing season. End of October all the birds are cured for 8 days against trichomoniose. In February he treats again for 5 days . During the racing season he treats all his race birds individual with 1/4 of Flagyl or 1 tablet of Spartrix, this each four weeks. When Stefan gives the tablet he closes the birds up in their box so that they cannot drink immediately.

In march the birds are vaccinated against paramyxo and a 8-days cure against parathyfus is given. The parathyfus cure is given through the water, there is no vaccination afterwards

Against ornithose, the race birds are not cured just before the start of the racing season but are cured begin of June. This to give an extra boost at the condition.

Stefan… the Siegel company congratulates you once again with your national title and whishes you a superb racing season in 2013.


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